Ashriya Bhardwaj

Tragedy Drama


Ashriya Bhardwaj

Tragedy Drama

Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye

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"You never realise how important one is,

Until you loose them.

Then it becomes impossible,

To say Goodbye."

Maria was tired of this heartache. This soul ripping feeling. It has a been a year since Henry's untimely death, yet she couldn't get over him. He died of cancer, a slow painful path to oblivion. She was grateful that he left before the pain became worse and unbearable. But now, a year after his death, she couldn't seem to let him go.

It was three months ago when her sister-in-law, Mary, suggested her to start dating again. She thought that maybe, with time, it would be easier for her to accept it, but dating just made it worse. She'd meet this really nice man, but would end up finding herself rejecting their proposal of dating. She would feel guilty and disgusted that she was trying to replace Henry.

But here she is again, in her bedroom in a black dress, getting ready to try dating once again. As she was putting on her makeup, she saw the photo that Henry and she took five months before they came to know of his brain tumor. She had her black hair down and her green eyes were sparkling brightly. Henry had his arm around here, blue eyes shining and blond hair tousled by the wind. They both looked so peaceful and happy in the photo.

Without thinking Maria went downstairs and opened a draw she never thought she'd open. Sitting in a corner, with dust accumulating it was an album. An album containing pictures of the two of them through the years.

She sat on the couch and opened the album. The first photo was of their first date together. Henry and she sat in a booth opposite to each other, sipping on a chocolate milkshake. They had asked the lady at the counter to take their picture, blushing at her cooing of how adorable they both looked. The next was of them studying for their upcoming finals. She was explaining a concept to him, and he kept looking at her eyes. After that came their graduation picture, their first day at the same college, their first apartment together, and finally their wedding photo.

She was in a white gown cut off shoulder, and he was in a suit. Both had tears in their eyes. A beautiful moment to capture.

Their wedding photo was the last picture of this album, their honeymoon pictures were in another album labeled 'New life together'.

In her wedding photo, her mom had snapped it when they both were saying I do. Her mom had told her that she, after seeing them both saying their vows, had removed all doubts and fears that she had of their wedding.

"Looking at Henry and you, I realized I actually never knew love before", she had said.

She couldn't agree more.

It was after they returned from their honeymoon in Greece when they came to know of his cancer. It was small at first, something that the doctors could remove. But slowly, it spread and became malignant and.....and.......

Maria didn't realize she was crying until she felt tears on her cheek. 'Life is so unfair', she thought bitterly.

She looked up at the clock, not wanting to go at all. But she had to. She promised her family she'd try. So she went to the bathroom, wiped her tears and got ready. She tried for a smile but winced at how pathetic it seemed and left it. Then she sat on the sofa and waited for Marcus to arrive.

The thing about dating that Maria hated was the happiness that the men radiated. She hated it because she didn't feel happy at all. She felt worn and tired. But then again, most of them didn't face the pain she did. So it was a surprise when Marcus arrived, having an expression that seemed so familiar. It was the look that greeted her in the mirror all the time.

He introduced himself, handed her a bouquet of flowers, and did the things that men did on a date, but he sounded tired and completely opposite to how he should have sounded. 

So when they arrived at the restaurant to eat, she had to ask him what the matter was. He ran a hand through his raven black hair, his black eyes appearing sad and full of melancholy.

"My wife died three months ago. She had lung tumor. We were married for five years and were expecting a child when she had to go for therapy and our child died. Pretty soon she too left me alone. I just feel so guilty to be here trying to replace her. But I promised my brother Fredrick that I'd try. So here I am."

Maria gasped, not believing what she just heard. "Are you serious?" she asked surprised.


"My husband died a year ago due to brain tumor. I have been feeling the same way for the past ten dates I've been to. I promised my sister-in-law that I'd try and date to feel better, but I feel so guilty all the time, that I reject the proposals for dating."

Marcus looked shocked too. Here were two people, suffering from the same pain that came from the departure of a loved one. This was so serendipitous, neither could believe it.

"Would you like a drink?", Marcus asked after a moment of silence.

Maria finally felt that she could move on. She said yes.

A year later, Maria could be seen with her child, Kiara Henry Peterson, and husband Marcus Peterson. No one was prouder of this change than her. She was very glad she went on the date. It certainly did change her life.

'We must let go of the life we have planned,

So as to accept the one that is waiting for us.'

- Joseph Campbell

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