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Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All

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It was a sunny morning when Liza sat on the swing in her front porch. She had her headphones on, trying to drown out her parent's shouts with 'Death by Bachelor' from 'Panic! At the Disco'. 

She really hated it. Fourteen of the sixteen years of her life all she heard was her mom shouting profanities at her dad, who would do the same back at her mom. She was really tired. Like, seriously, get a divorce already. But no. Her parents would hear nothing of it. They went for marriage counseling sessions and talked to their respective parents, but to no avail. They were so stubborn, and to make matters worse, they put it all on Liza.

It was always, "Liza is our child. Just because of our incapability to remain together, we aren't going to destroy our child's life." What they did not understand, was that their brown-eyed kid already had a bad childhood. She just wanted all of it to end. Gone were the days when she could be quietened with a lollipop or asked to just 'Shut Up'. So there she was, black hair let loose to fall in ringlets down her lower back, brown eyes droopy from lack of sleep, and heart really tired. All she wished for was a quiet night, with no screaming parents. 

One day, she almost marched to the fridge, on top of which sat the divorce papers her parents had almost signed before she entered, looking all scared. Really, she thought one morning, if she hadn't entered the kitchen then, maybe her parents would have divorced. But now, it all seemed like a dream, never to come true.

With a sigh, Liza stood up and started walking the all too familiar path she took when her parents started their scream fest. She started walking to her best friend Emily's house. Emily had it easy, really. A perfect life with perfect parents and a perfect social status. Liza secretly wondered why Emily was still friends with her. She was a nobody whereas Emily was always noticeable. This made her jealous of Emily, something that she couldn't discuss with anybody. She wished she could replace her life with her diva of a friend. Emily, with her black straight hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and perfect smile, was Liza's dream version of her own self. But dreams don't come true. Real life could never match Disney's version of life. 

She was so lost in her thoughts, that Liza didn't realise that she had bumped into someone. Immediately she apologised saying, "Sorry ma'am. I really wasn't seeing where I was going." The old lady, Liza saw, only smiled a rueful smile and chuckled. When Liza turned to continue on her path, the old lady held her back and spoke, pointing at the children playing in the park in front of them,"Look at those children, so carefree, yet so.......troubled." When Liza observed the children, she could understand the old lady's words. The children played happily, but they gave an aura of sadness like they were hiding an ugly scar in their lives. Their smiles seemed fake, and their eyes sad. Liza understood their demeanor as she too was like them. 

When Liza saw the lady, she noted that the wrinkled face seemed to hold no ill-will or anger. Just peace and contentment. Like she was happy with her life, no matter what sadness or obstacles it brought her. 

The lady waved her hand at the children, and suddenly, Liza was able to look inside the lives of the children. Some were beaten, some were orphans, and finally, some were like her, whose parents were divorcees or not willing to take a divorce for their child. Liza was also able to sense the children's emotions. Anger, frustration, sadness, and depression were the emotions that hit her, slicing through her like sharpened knives. Despite this, they played and talked and shouted like their lives were alright and that nothing had ever happened to scar them for life.

Looking at the lady, Liza asked, "Could you show me Emily Walker's life? I don't mean to pry-"

"It will be done", the old lady answered with a smile.

With a wave of her hand, Liza saw Emily at home. She saw Emily showing her parents a paper graded with an A-minus. Emily's parents were shouting at her, disgusted with the marks their daughter had got. They demanded an A-plus and nothing more. They had already chosen a college for Emily, which she'd have to attend no matter what she wanted, and would have to stop seeing her friends and study. All these obligations made Emily sad and wish she had Liza's life. Liza wished to laugh at the irony of the situation. She then understood the idiom 'The grass looks greener on the other side'.

When Liza blinked, she found herself next to the woman. The woman smiled at her and asked, "Saw what you wanted?" Liza shook her head and said, "No, she has the same level of problems I face. Now I no longer feel like the only troubled person. Everyone faces some troubles in their life. Now I understand."

The old lady smiled, happy with the answer. She waved her hand, yet again, only to produce a pendant with the words 'Love Conquers All' written on it. She gave it to Liza, who thanked the woman. She asked the woman a question she should have asked a very long time ago, "Who are you?" The woman only smiled a rueful smile and said, "You should ask yourself that question child." 

Liza blinked again, only to find front of a construction field? When she looked for the woman, she couldn't find her. But the absence of the woman made her certain about one thing, that being that she had to find her parents. She now understood.

When she did find them, she hugged them and told them that she loved them. When they told her the same, she thanked the old lady.

 Love truly does conquer all   

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