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Ashly Paul



Ashly Paul


My Sweet Little Brother

My Sweet Little Brother

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Once I accidentally messaged a wrong number. I always have a hard time remembering phone numbers. After some time I received a call from a guy.

He: Hello, who is this?

Me: What?

He: I received a message. That's why. Who are you?

Me: Ohh, sorry. It happened by mistake.

He: It's alright.

I ended the call immediately.

Then I again received a call from the same person.

He: Hey, can we talk? Could you please elaborate the message sent by you? I have a lot of free time. You can tell me anything.

Me: It happened by mistake and I am busy.

He: Ok. Tell me when you will be free?

Me: Hello mister. I already apologized for my mistake.

I cut the call and later I received 3 missed calls from that guy.

I was about to block the number. Seeing this my brother came. After knowing the situation, he took the next call from that guy.

Guy: Hey.

Brother: Oh, hello. I came to know that you are having a lot of free time. I was getting bored by killing flies here. I am glad that now I can kill your time!! You can tell me anything dearrrrr. I am having a lot of free time from my birth itself!!!!

Guy: Sorry. It happened by mistake.

Brother: Really!! This is too many mistakes. You . . .

That guy disconnected the call immediately!


When I was a child, mother always insisted to share food but I actually didn't like it.

One day I got 1 litre ice cream and my brother went to his friend's house. He would only return in evening.

I was happy that I got so much ice cream to eat. But after some time I realised that I couldn't even eat half of it.

I felt a void inside me, something that made it less tasty than the earlier ones where we both divide it.

The extra taste came from the happiness of our sharing, I guess!


After getting ready for a marriage function.

Me: Tell me. How am I looking?

Brother: You look beautiful!!

Me: Wow!!

Brother: To say that, I should be blind, which I am not. You look disgusting!! Ewww.. Don't go for the function. Otherwise both bride and groom will run away seeing you!!

Me: I am gonna kill you...


We have even recreated many world wars but the number of peace treaties we have made always outnumber it though I hate history!!

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