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My Inspiration Is My Mentor

My Inspiration Is My Mentor

2 mins

It was like that

When she used to come to class everyday

I could see them

But still in their eyes

Flowers of hatred never seen

Me with that tender heart

Want to say something

But many in my foolish mind

Ideas flourish

She looked a bit kind

Because of their sharp eyebrows

I care

Seems streaky

She never tells me anything

But whenever I meet

She stares at me silently

Stare at

Let me be vulnerable

Has to be applied on the cheeks.

So the caravan continued like this

Sensations thrive

Didn't hurt

But a bit of doubt


All of a sudden, one day

Something in my health

Got hurt

Test of the day

I did not understand anything

When my friend hurts me

Solicited them from madam

She panicked

As soon as I come

Didn't even ask what happened to me?

They measure the extent of fever

The warmth of my head

Started to shake my hands

With some wet handkerchief me

Started caressing the cephalic lines

Holding my hand

Started to hit the cool

There was some touch in that touch

They did not tie up questions

She would see me again and again

Behold, secretly suffering

No wires broken

She was not close

Then how is this contemplation?

To be honest,

I found "Kashmir" in Madam

Like looking at white snow

The mind becomes mad,

Like the greenery there

Inspiring all the nature

As cold air touches

Clearness of eyes

Like a white sheet of ice and

Any crack in the sky

Don't see

Like being lost in those litigants

Feel like

That river in my life

Flow like

Always irrigate my mind

That someone in my life

No less than "beloved"

To be honest,

I found "Kashmir" in my Madam

Which is always an inspiration for my life.

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