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Drama Romance


S.P Strale

Drama Romance

My Flight Instructor

My Flight Instructor

4 mins

"Okay... I am confused..."

"That's a common reaction."


I look up at him just to see a smirk on his lips. I can't see his eyes because of the fact that they are covered by a pair of shades, but then again he can't see mine either due to the same reason.

"You're just nervous, and that is totally normal. Take a deep breath..." He says, and I do just that.

I take in a deep breath before breathing back out.


I nod to his words, "ready..."

"Alright... So we first said flaps, right?" He quizzes me.

"Right..." I reply, nodding to his words, while at the same time, trying to hide my uncertainty. My nerves are getting the best of me.

Though he is wearing shades, I see the way his left eyebrow rises upwards.

"You do realise that the engine is still off?" He questions, and upon my quick realisation, I bite my lip. I'm embarrassed, concurrently dropping my head.

I look back up at him a second or two later just to let out an awkward chuckle. I get surprised when he chuckles too.

Then he turns towards all the instruments that are laid out in front of us. He leans closer before taking off his glasses for a brief second or two, giving me a peek of his beautiful, ocean blue eyes.

"Alright, do you remember how to start up the engine?" He asks, turning towards me. When he does, his eyes immediately land onto mine. A familiar sensation spins in my stomach.

Seconds pass before I realise that I am actually staring at him... So I nod myself out of my stare. I'm thanking myself for wearing sunglasses.

"Yup..." I reply.

"Alright..." He says, before letting out a sigh and leaning back into his seat. "Let me see you start up the engine..." He adds as he, sadly, covers his eyes once again with his shades.

"Of course..." I say, and from here it begins, me concentrating on the aircraft and trying not to let my flight instructor's god-like physique grab my attention.

"Alright, what's first?" He begins.

"Well... First, I have to power up the aircraft, meaning I have to switch on the master switch, turn on the lights, turn on the fuel pump..." I say. I know I am correct, but there is a little piece in me that is causing me to feel doubt.

"Yeah..." He says, "but make life easier for yourself, use a checklist," he adds before handing me a wooden clipboard that would bring me step by step to how to power up this small aircraft.

"Alright..." I mutter under my breath before beginning to do what the list tells me to.

Upon switching on the master switch, the aircraft begins to make noise, slowly everything is starting up. I give it a minute or two for it to do its thing and after that, I go into starting up the engine. I do everything, and right before I turn the key, I quickly open the window by my side.

"Clear!!" I yell.

And with the closing of the window, I turn on the engine. I feel the aircraft jump ever so slightly a few times before the engine powers up to life.

"Good, very good..." He says. From there, quiet descends upon us as we watch the engine spin for a minute or two.

"That wasn't too hard, right?" He asks, breaking the short-lived silence.

"It was challenging, like to get both the mixture and the throttle in place to start up the engine, but other than that..." I reply.

"Alright, very well. But can you now turn the aircraft off?" He questions.

"Well... I can try..." I say, once again, trying to hide my uncertainty.

He doesn't say anything, instead, he takes the checklist from my lap and flicks a page or two.

"Here it is... The checklist for shutting down..." He says before handing me back the checklist.

"Alright..." I say under my breath, and from there, I follow the checklist.

The engine shuts off a minute later and after that, so does the whole plane.

We are back just like when we started not so long ago...

"Very well, Juliette..." He says whilst writing something down on his notepad.

"Thank you very much, sir..." I reply.

"Alright..." He begins before taking off his shades, I, subconsciously, do the same. "You did well, Juliette, you went through how to power up this Cessna 172 and its engine and how to power it off. In our next lesson, we will practice takeoffs," he adds.

"Thank you too, sir..." I reply.

"Please, no need for such formality, Kyle will do just fine..." He says.

"Alright, thank you, Kyle..." I correct myself.

"You are very welcome, Juliette..." He replies, from there, we spend a second or two looking at each other. His blue eyes wake up that ticklish sensation within me.

"I believe you'll be flying in no time..." He adds.

"You really think so?" I ask.

"Yeah, of course..." He replies. "Also, don't forget, you owe me a coffee when we get back into the lounge," He says through a smirk as he opens the door of the aircraft.

"So, I'll take it that I completed this lesson in less than 30 minutes?"

"Spot on..." He replies, gathering his stuff before looking up and smirking at me. "Alright... Let's go. Lock the aircraft when you come out..."

And with that... I can say that my first flying lesson is officially over...

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