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My Beloved 'Nirbhaya'

My Beloved 'Nirbhaya'

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Vani, an ambitious girl, at the age of 18 with many hopes and a dream of cracking UPSC entered a city of wonderland (as per her imaginations) Delhi from her village. It was a breezy morning when she was waiting for a metro to join her classes. Arnav, a medical student abruptly noticed her. They both looked into their beautiful eyes. To break the silence they exchanged their words as "It was love at first sight".

After spending one year together, it was the most awaited day when they decided to celebrate it together as Vani had cleared the UPSC and Arnav completed his medical. Arnav, was vigorously looking at the door every second. Meanwhile, reminiscing all moments with Vani 'and that's how it all began'. The restaurant was going to be closed as it was already 12:30 am. Arnav was totally disheartened and about to leave, then he got a call from the City Hospital. He briskly reached there. That was the day, he was totally broken when he found her love, full of blood.

Someone told him that when she was coming to meet him, four barbarians raped her heinously. Vani anyhow managed to survive. Next morning, she opened her teary eyes and told Arnav to get separated as now she was not the same soul for him. But for Arnav, she was even a more sacrosanct soul than earlier.

Anyhow, nine months of their togetherness were passed and the result of that incident took both of them to the hospital again. But this time, Arnav was in more pain of excitement 'and it was meant to be'..! Now, the tears were rolling down from his face, like a baby, as ''it was him (Arnav), her (Vani) and their'' newly born daughter...!!

Vani was gracias to Arnav for all the support he did when most of the men leave their partners and for embracing the blood of someone else's. Arnav put his finger on her lips and asked her to promise him that never to say so. He said to Vani that ''all it took us'' to share the most euphoric moment of my life that 

''It is our daughter''...!! It is my beloved ''Nirbhaya''...!! 

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