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Gautam Prakash

Drama Romance Fantasy


Gautam Prakash

Drama Romance Fantasy

Money can’t buy everything

Money can’t buy everything

2 mins 114 2 mins 114

“Money can’t buy happiness”, she said. 

“That is just a proverb people say around poor people to make them feel good”, I replied. 

We were lying on the bed exhausted. I lit up a cigarette and started taking in a few puffs when she asked for one.

“I don’t agree with you”, she continued. “Money can only buy temporary comfort and you cannot live with that”.

“Nah, It can buy anything. I got you through money”, 

I replied after which I regretted it instantly. She woke up from the bed and started to dress up.

“Wait wait, Sunitha listen to me”.

“What is there to listen to? You bought me with money, right? I gave you the service and you paid me didn’t you? Then why am I still here?”, she said as her veins on the side of her forehead started to pop out.

She stormed out of the room and I managed to be quick enough to stop her before she reached the door. 

“I didn't mean it. I say stupid things at times. I am so sorry Sunitha”.

“I am not ready to buy your bullshit Aayan”.

“Suni please I said I am sorry”.

“So you think that cleans everything you said?”

“I uttered it by mistake Suni”.

“One utters things only what one has in mind”.

“What are you saying Suni? I look at you like….”

“Like what?”

“I look at you like how I look at food, with love, passion and a little bit, a teeny tiny bit of lust”, said Aayan as he held her hand and kissed it.

“Sunitha calmed down and asked him “What would you do if you wanted more happiness? Will you buy it like how you bought me?”

“Suni why are you speaking like this now?”

“It hurts right? This is how I feel each time you bring out my old profession. Now tell me out of all the girls in the world why are you in love with an ex-prostitute”.

“Because you are my life”.

“Exactly Aayan, Money can’t buy everything. You used your money to buy me for a night. But your money couldn’t buy my love, it was your feelings and emotions which made the transaction between our hearts”, said Sunitha as she grabbed the back of his hair tight and pulled him closer. She planted a deep kiss on his lips. The couple closed their eyes while their tongue met each other, teeth bumped into one another other and their breath became warmer by the minute. 

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