Mouna M

Drama Tragedy


Mouna M

Drama Tragedy

Loyalty.....thy name is Snowy!

Loyalty.....thy name is Snowy!

7 mins

The actor was so lively and energetic that nobody even dreamt that he would be committing suicide, that too without any note as such. His family was devastated. They did not know what to do. They were in deep shock, devastated by his death, especially the mother, who was the whole and soul of his life. Her tears were unstoppable because he was very close to her, she was the one who had motivated him to reach thus far in his life. All the rituals had to take place and his mother just wanted to see his face one last time. She lifted the spotlessly clean white bed sheet, but could not bear the sight and closed it. His body was taken to the graveyard through a mortuary van. Snowy, the beloved dog of the actor came to her running and started licking her feet, luring her to take him along with her to the graveyard.

As soon as the mortuary van reached the graveyard, Snowy started barking from the car and jumped out of the car window, running towards the actor's dead body. It was hushed away by the security personnel. Snowy came back to the actor's mom who held it tightly so that he would not disturb others. Mother was consoled by few of them, while others just walked away. Snowy was just an onlooker for all this. He was helpless. He just loved the actor like anything else as he would spend most of his time with him during his free time, feeding him his favorite dog food. Now, the actor lay breathless in the ground, Snowy just could not bear the sight and hid its face in the actor's mother's lap.

The actor's mother returned to the house only to be welcomed by the vacant room of his son. She just looked at the paintings done by him, which was his favorite time pass. Snowy came in too and started roaming around the room, sniffing at almost everything as though he was in search of something. Gotcha! Snowy held something in its mouth and ran towards his dog house. The servant came in at the same time and served the actor's mother tea, which she was about to sip, but Snowy came back with the same speed, and the tea spilled all over. The servant scolded Snowy, but the actor's mother took Snowy in her arms and told him to prepare another cup of tea. Murmuring in his mind, the servant left the room after cleaning up the mess.

The police had came in to their house to take the actor's mother's statement. So, the tea was served to him as well. After taking the mother's statement, the police expressed his sorrow and told the actor's mother that he would investigate the case and would get back to her soon. Police was about to leave, when Snowy came running and pulled the officer's pant towards the actor's room. The officer was a little surprised at Snowy's behavior, but then went along with Snowy to the actor's room. Snowy dragged him towards the corner of the room where lay the dead ants. The officer was shocked to see that. He picked up his handkerchief and mopped the floor off the ants and its contents and transferred it to a polythene bag. Before he could leave, Snowy also gave him, something very crucial to the case, which only he and the officer knew, from his dog house.

The next day, when the officer entered the actor's house, the sight was ghastly. Snowy was buried in the garden by the gardener and an incense stick was lighted on top of it with few flowers. The officer, inquired about its death with the actor's mother, who told him that after having its evening snack, Snowy was taken for a walk by the household help and that after coming back from there, he just slept and was found dead in its dog house in the morning. The officer felt numb and goose bumps all over his body. He requested the actor's mother to leave the house immediately and not to consume any edibles till further notice. When he was about to leave, he felt that he was being observed by someone from the terrace, the police that he was, he acted as though he wanted to tie his shoelace and took the selfie from his cell phone. He just came back and told the actor's mother to pack her things and told her to stay with him until further notice. The mother was unwilling to go with him, but since the police officer's voice was firm, she had to abide by that and left the house with him.

In the wee hours of the day, the police officer arrested the entire staff of the actor's house and imprisoned them in the jail. The police officer had chosen this time so that no one could get to know about the same, especially the main culprit. He, along with his staff, hid in the garden, as though he was waiting for someone to arrive at the actor's house. Soon, came a red-colored Porsche, which was parked silently few yards away from the actor's house. As it was dark, they could not see the faces of people who got down, but there were 4 of them. The police officer signaled one of his staff to go near the car while other police staff plunged on them and arrested them. This was unexpected for the 4 of them. The officer, just dragged them literally into the police van which hid behind the tree and put them behind bars. No publicity stunt, no TV cameras, it was only action. The officer was satisfied, but could not contain it for long as he saw his phone ringing, he put it in silent, and that was it.

The next day, headlines of newspaper "The actor's name, and the culprits who were found dead in the lockup after they had consumed the poison capsule." The police officer was interviewed by one of the channels wherein he conveyed the message that though he could arrest them successfully, he could not extract the truth from them as he had never thought that the culprits would consume poison in the jail, in the fear of life imprisonment. The TV reporters were happy with the outcome and telecasted the same.

The actor's mother was watching this all live on TV when the officer came to his house. She offered him breakfast, which he had in peace. She held his hands in his and told that she could now die in peace as her son's culprits were put to death. The officer just nodded his head in agreement with that and lay on bed to catch up with his sleep. He just wanted to thank Snowy for it was the detective behind the actor's death. Snowy had proved to the mankind that, loyalty thy name is dog....was indeed true. It was Snowy who had taken the officer to the actor's bedroom and shown him the place where the tea was spilled, which of course, lead to the poisoned juice, which the actor had spilled while drinking, and upon drinking the traces of which, were found dead ants near the bed. Snowy had also handed over a shirt button of a servant which was found near the bed, to the police officer. The missing button of the servant's shirt when he had served tea to the police officer raised questions about the actor's death. Well, the police officer was now a hundred percent sure about the actor's murder when Snowy was killed too by the same servant in the pretext of taking him for a walk, he had fed the dog the same poison which he had fed the actor too. The selfie taken by the police officer showed the servant peeping from the terrace confirming the suspicion of murder. 

The police officer took immediate action by shifting the actor's mother to his house and he had traced all the call details leading to strong evidence towards the murder of the actor. He planned well in advance than the culprits could think and had arrested all the household staff after seizing their mobiles, which lead the culprits to again visit the actor's house during which time, they were arrested by the policemen and put behind bars. This was the hardest time of his life where he had got a call from the highest authority of police, which he guessed would be asking for the release of the culprits. It was at that time, that he had told his staff to catch up with their sleep and told them that he also would also leave the police station soon. Before that, he had made sure that they all drank the water served by him and had washed off the glasses before leaving the station.

He was woken up by his phone ringing! The same number...this time, he picked it, and answered with full confidence "Good Morning Sir." only to get a feeble reply from the other side "Well done my boy!" to which the officer repeated in his mind, "Well done! Snowy!"


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