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Punyasloke Bose

Drama Romance


Punyasloke Bose

Drama Romance

Love In Full Bloom

Love In Full Bloom

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Rohit was a government officer working in the revenue and excise department. His job was to oversee that government earnings are properly collected and accounted for. His was a big team consisting of many other officials from the commissioner to the departmental peon. A lot of secrecy needed to be maintained by all these working officials. Any leakage of information could result in the pilferage of earnings and breakage of law. Also if found guilty, it could result in the loss of job and monetary benefits. Therefore the job was fraught with risk and volatility.

An impeccable moral character was a prerequisite quality of all the incumbents. Every year lot of financial frauds were unearthed by Rohit and his team. The offenders had an inherent tendency to game the system by resorting to bribery and adopt other unethical means to purchase the investigating officials. There have been cases where the officials have fallen prey to the lure of moolah and other soft traps like wine and women. Rohit has been with this department for quite some years now. He has been lauded for his good work and has been rewarded with promotion quite early on in his career. In his personal life, he was still single whereas his parents were keen that now Rohit should settle down in the family life. But the peculiarity of his job demanded that Rohit pick his partner with a lot of caution rather than emotion.

Recently Rohit was made team leader of a group of ten members. They were handed over a case to investigate the entry of contraband items like drugs and indigenous intoxicants entry through the border. A big consignment of five trucks was detained by Rohit and team. It was alleged that a big mafia gang was operating in the region for quite some time. They were hood winking the law and with the help of some unscrupulous law enforcers were taking the system for a ride. So Rohit and team were up for a challenge. The value of the confiscated goods was well beyond seven figure mark. Hence the team was face to face with grave danger. The administration had tightened the security of all the members of the team. Everyone was aware of the lurking danger so they were more cautious in all their activities.

Rohit was given a vehicle by the department for all official work.

One day, while the investigations for this case were still on his office boss, asked Rohit to meet him alone at a predestined location. Rohit innocently followed the orders and went to see his senior Mr. Mohan. There he was introduced to a lady. This lady was loaned from another department to assist Rohit in this investigation. Rohit was surprised at first reaction and mildly objected saying that he and his team were adequate to handle this case. But his senior's decision was final and Rohit had to accede. The lady was called Urvi and was very smart in her appearance. She introduced herself to Rohit confidently and tried to make Rohit feel at ease. As per hierarchy, she would be his junior.

Rohit did not have much to protest for and grudgingly accepted Urvi in his team. Although he felt very uncomfortable because this was the first time he would be working with a woman in the field. Rohit had worked with women before but they had all been confined to desk jobs and had no interference with his day to day work. Because Rohit rarely had a table work. His was a work that was always in real locations far from the comfort and security of the office. Urvi knew her job well. She had done this before and therefore was quite adept at it. She had been implanted by Mr. Mohan to work as a buffer to Rohit and try to undo the work that Rohit and his team were doing. All this had to be kept top secret. Rohit and his team should not get an inkling about Urvi 's work. Mr. Mohan had hired her before and she had done her biding excellently and was well paid.

People like Mr. Mohan work in the government department drawing their salary but their real paycheck comes from elsewhere. This time the consignment of the contraband that was intercepted by Rohit and gang belonged to the gangster who was close to a minister. This minister had fought and won the election from funding received from this mafia Lord. So now this was payback time. At all costs, the consignment should not be stopped. So the charge was on Mr. Mohan to oversee the safe passage of the consignment. Hence the job lay ahead for Urvi. She had to feign love or by other tactics using her sensuality to unnerve Rohit and help him fail in this operation.

Urvi reported for duty under the command of Rohit. She had honey trapped many upright career beurocrat before. So she knew captivating Rohit would be a cake walk for her. She seemed over confident. Rohit was apprehensive. He was facing the challenge of all challenges of his brief career. Day to day progress had to be reported by Rohit and team. Likewise Urvi had to give daily feedback to Mr. Mohan. Urvi was trying her best to captivate Rohit. All the tricks in her books she was now applying. She used to try and stick as close as possible to Rohit and be her best pleasant self as possible towards him. She reported the progress what Rohit and team made day to day but failed to make any headway in finding a place in Rohit 's heart. Rohit first behaved naturally with Urvi but later became suspicious with her over the top attitude. So he became very guarded and cautious. Urvi being the clever woman she was knew that Rohit could not be easily moulded. So she began trying a new game.

One day Urvi confided all to Rohit and let him know what the purpose was for her to be there. Rohit was stunned to hear this and was confused to take the future course. Urvi gave him confidence saying that she would fake a love affair and would report the updates of the case to her superior as Rohit would advise her. So her purpose would be solved and Rohit could guard himself against damage. Rohit knew the dangers lay ahead for having an affair with an office colleague. So he was afraid and clueless. Urvi assured him not to worry as she would not do anything that would harm his career. But to consider her safety and to keep her job safe she requested him to feign a love like a relationship with her to satisfy her seniors.

So began their game of love. Rohit was not too experienced as this being his first such. But for Urvi it was like child's play as she had acted this way many times before and sealed many men's careers.

People took notice of this new change in the behaviour of the two. Everyone loves a scoop and gossip. During their office work both Rohit and Urvi were dead serious. But as soon as work was over they went into their love bird act and people registered this. There was talk of love in the air and Love in full bloom and the rest.

But Rohit was a difficult nut to crack that's what Urvi realised. She failed to make any headway and could not jeopardise the case entrusted on Rohit and team. She knew that she was looking head on with failure and was awaiting with uncertainty to the future ahead. It was over with her job she knew. Because Mr. Mohan would not keep her in his payrolls any more. Rohit was very intelligent. He knew fully what lay ahead for Urvi. He felt bad for her. He knew that it would be over with her job very soon. Because now the case was over. They had completed the investigation. The material was seized and the culprits convicted. Mr. Mohan barely managed to save his job but he ensured that Urvi should face the music. Rohit and team were felicitated with a promotion for him. Urvi knowingly resigned to save herself from humiliation.

But the period that Rohit and Urvi were together a different story had taken shape. Urvi had grown a lot of respect for Rohit as this was the first man who had failed to be trapped in her charm. She loved his dedication to his work and the sincerity in his relationship with Urvi. Rohit, on the other hand, liked the candid nature of Urvi when she had confided with him the purpose of her work. How she had been employed to unseat Rohit. Though this was his first relationship with a woman, Rohit was grateful to Urvi for opening up with her mission and save Rohit from being entrapped. He felt bad for Urvi and found genuineness in her love. So Rohit proposed to Urvi on Valentines day. Urvi accepted with tears in her eyes, the tears of happiness. Now for them, their Love was in full bloom.

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