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Love And Scars

Love And Scars

3 mins

After a brief introduction, Ranju Sharma called Nikita to address the crowd while Ashok, with the help of the tea vendor distributed tea and samosa to the crowd which was a little over fifty people.

Nikita hesitated for a while but soon became calm and poised. She began her tale of agony, endurance, pain, deceit and humiliation.

"Namaste. I'm here, alive because of Ma'am Ranju Sharma and Ashok otherwise I would have been rotting in that dungeon or maybe died also."

There was sadness and gloom in her voice.

Shrugging her shoulders she continued, "Exactly four years ago, I bought a second hand mobile phone from my friend, Sunita who worked in the roadside tea stall. She had gone out of the village in the pretext of work but never returned.

One day, I recieved a call that asked where Sunita was. I was astonished as she had been missing and her phone was with me. The voice then spoke softly and asked me to ease. I liked the voice. Next day the voice asked my name, age and then it all started. I passed on all my informations and fell for the sweet voice. This was the beginning to my journey to endless agony.

A week later, he called me to meet at the local market with some clothes and cash as he wanted me to meet his Madam who would keep me as her maid.

I agreed readily and met him at the place decided. I can't explain how happy and excited I was. I was meeting the man whose voice made me crazy and was smart, handsome and tall. I was on cloud nine. Sunam Da, yes that is the name, he held my hands and I shivered till the core with love and coyness. After flirting briefly, he hired an auto-rickshaw and told me we were going to meet Madam.

She heaved and continued 'I didn't ask nor doubted but followed him as if I was possessed by some power. He offered me a cold drink and I don't remember what happened next. It was a brothel.

I opened my eyes to a chaotic noise of blaring cheap songs, flirtatious laughter and bargains in a small, dingy, suffocating one bed room that had a dim light glowing and a tiny window. As I peered out, I understood everything.

Dreams, hopes, faith, trust, wishes all shattered like a glass pane.'

Her voice grew heavy. Ashok gave her a glass of water.

'I was in the dungeon for three years and shifted to five different locations too. I had given up on escaping once when like a ray of hope Ashok came into my life as a customer. He promised to turn the scars in my life into love. I hadn't given up. My hopes still kept me going. It was his endeavour, selfless undying love and contacts with NGO run by Ranju Madam that I am here today.'

Nikita's eyes met Ashok's who was staring at her.

He extended his support, love and trust that made me dream and fly again. After the rescue, I lived for five months in Ranju Madam's rehabilitation home and tomorrow we are getting married."

She was blushing and Ashok was beaming with pride. He came closer and embraced her tightly. Nikita's eyes were brimming with tears . She wiped her tears and bowed before Ranju Sharma in gratitude.

Ranju Sharma concluded, "I thank you all for being compassionate and supportive towards them and accepting them in the mainstream of the society. I need your support for many other girls like Nikita. After all we should make love with all and not scars."

The hall was filled with thunderous clap.

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