The Darkened Face

The Darkened Face

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Praying to God as I raised my hands I blinked twice to believe what I saw. The oil from the lamp spilled upon the cotton and caught fire. Hurriedly I grabbed a metal plate and covered it to douse the fire.

Meanwhile the smoke and the soot-covered my face. I rubbed it with my hands only to spread it more. I had blackened my face so I looked up at the mirror and laughed at myself and began to walk to the washroom to wash my face.

Suddenly I retreated, look again. There was a woman hiding behind the darkened face. Did I know her? Who was she? I questioned myself.

Suddenly the smile faded. The lips pursed. I smirked scornfully. My temples frowned.

Now, this is the familiar face which was visible, pressed against the net, the black strainer, which was struggling to come out through the strainer but the soot and smoke pressed it back.

So I saw a face on the mirror that smiled ear to ear, eyes twinkling, temples strainless and lips as if ready to smack. And I laughed again. I caught my own self red handed with full of lies and being pretentious.

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