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Life Is Fantastic

Life Is Fantastic

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Today through a story I will tell you that how 'Life is Fantastic'. Two friends were there Divit and Rachit and in school students call them Best Brothers of the school. But the thing is that Divit is not that much happy with what he has and Rachit is always happy with what he has. Divit and Rachit both are rich and their life style is also luxurious but the way Divit and Rachit lives is totally different.

On the Divit's 18th birthday his father gifted him Bullet bike and Divit became very happy because he likes bullet bike so he became very excited. One day Rachit came to school with his cycle and Divit came with Bullet bike but one of his classmate came with BMW and Divit saw that people are looking his car not mine bike so Divit decided to come with Jaguar in 2 to 3 days because he thinks that if people give certificates to us in each and everything then only those things are valuable this way Rachit thinks about Divit. And Rachit thinking is totally different because he used to think that Life is short and Whatever we have is good he always live with a quote that 'LIFE IS FANTASTIC'.

Divit always like to live in luxury and he is not comfortable with everything and he wants easy life. Rachit is very comfortable.

In each and every condition Rachit smiles because he knows that 'LIFE IS FANTASTIC' and we will get second life or not that no one knows. He never think negative because every successful person has said that "What we think that we become".

After some days Divit died and his friend Rachit got very much hurt and his heart was pumping in a very sad moments. Now Rachit went to doctor where Divit always used to go. Rachit asked that doctor what happened to Divit that he died. Doctor replied only Divit knows from his family that he is suffering from Lung cancer now what happened he said that to me that doctor please don't tell to anyone that I am having this Lung cancer because he wants to see your and his family's face happy unitl he died. That's why he wants easy life because he knows that he will die in few years. At that Rachit realizes that originally the Divit has lived the life like "LIFE IS FANTASTIC".

So friends remember one thing in life that never waste your life because only one life you have got so live life like "LIFE IS FANTASTIC".

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