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Life At Par!

Life At Par!

5 mins

Not all stories of togetherness revolve around the abstract and this proved to be true in case of Ayaan and Shikha. Shikha always felt that the intangible has been given plenty to be carried on its tender shoulders. Ayaan, on the exact contrary, believed that magic has its origin from the intangibles thus mandating the weight. And this was one of those differences that they never spoke about.

It was just another day in their lives when they met each other, neither did they experience a spark nor did the butterflies lose their way to the human tummies. They conversed and found similarities in their likes and dislikes, which naturally led to them conversing on a daily basis. I guess its human tendency to keep people of similar interests in their circle rather than people of varied interests. *If I was given a choice, I would pick a person who was completely opposite to me, clearly not interested in meeting a duplicate of mine.

Their conversations but naturally spoke about their similar interests, beginning from their tastes in coffee to their choice of humans. Upon duplicating each other for over a period of 6 months, there came a time when they realised that they had completely forgotten to discuss topics that didn't get their similarities. But they hardly cared, because they were with each other not to win debates or prove themselves. 

The multitude believes that one XX chromosome and one XY chromosome can be together either for sexual attraction *simply objectifying their cause* or abstract reasons. But, Ayaan and Shikha were of the opinion that they could give each other life-saving suggestions at the time of need. 

Elaborating one such life decision; 

Humans have always been an intimidating fascination for Shikha. The more she was into understanding each personality, the more it messed with her mental state. She liked to believe that she had answers for everything under the sun but not a single solution when it came to her humans. Ayaan would simplify, pacify and solvify (I know that's not a word, but its rhymes) the whole race of humans for Shikha and in turn, Shikha ensured that Ayaan's status of being alive never turned into now DEAD. Basically, it was Shikha's responsibility to make sure that Ayaan lives.

November 8th

“I'm on my way, just 2 minutes away from the terrace that you feel like jumping from, even if you jump, you’ll fall on me and that would kill the both of us. So, WAIT!!” said Shikha almost screamingly.

“I called you up, not so that you could stop me but so that you could inform my parents that I loved them.” said Ayaan in one breath.

“Dumbo, even if you wouldn’t have asked me to tell them, I would’ve pacified them with these words once you were dead.”

“Also, delete the call records from our cell phones so that the cops don’t suspect you.”

“Still dumbo, will you please get down and do it yourself?”

Upon disconnecting the call, 

“Now that you are here, give me a hug and send me to where I belong.”

“Come here, don’t jump off this building. I’ll stab you instead and call it murder for torturing me.”

“Now, I know you’ll not let me die. How are you within a radius of 1 km when I want to end my life?”

“I keep track of Yamraj's activities, my boy!”

January 10th

After it was two months since Ayaan had given up on his chances of meeting Yamraj, he walks upto Shikha and confesses.

"I'm in love Shikha, I guess now you can resign from your post of being my life saviour." said Ayaan jovially.

Since he believed in the magic of the abstract, it was difficult rather impossible for Shikha to make him understand the magic that existed in living for oneself. There was this time when he had started believing in that theory but again that belief didn't last long.

"Finally, I can stop babysitting you." taunted Shikha coldly in her own persona.

Ayaan's routine changed to conversing with this fairy of his whom he was head over heels in love with. He was this one XY chromosome who accepted that he was needy, he wanted to experience magic in its raw form. Shikha's routine was just a word - words. Be it in the form of thoughts, stories or novellas. Without, human intervention, she couldn’t have handled humans, so she stuck to her daily dose of solitude dipped in coffee.

And yes, they didn't feel the need to talk daily, honestly, even if they did feel like talking, their routines stopped them from doing so. The two souls who knew each other for over a year, had the best memories and were the go-to person for each other for every mosquito bite, now knew nothing about each other’s present anymore or should I say, they easily became each other’s past. 

How many of us are trying and keeping relationships alive because:

“C’mon, we’ve been together for such a long time, can we not sort this?”

Not all relationships are eternal. Just like most of these products mention, BEST BEFORE, relationships taste best before their expiry dates, once that’s done, they start tasting bitter. If you are meant to be with that person, there will be a day for you in the future but for now, let it pass. 

*I ain't implying that you start doubting all your relationships, a few healthy arguments make the relationship worth it but you should know exactly when that relationship is destroying you beyond repair

After another 10 months,

November 8th

“Shikha, please tell my girlfriend that I loved her.” 

“I’m on my way with Mr. Yamraj today,” said Shikha with a pinch of happiness and a tear in her eye.

*The motive behind this piece of writing:

1. We need to know the value of our lives, committing suicide might end the pain for you but it also means you lost against life and its challenges.

2. They say, the more the number of people we meet in life, the more we know life at par. Explore life at its terms, don’t limit yourself with definitions.

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