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Crime Inspirational Thriller


S Girish Kumar

Crime Inspirational Thriller

Lakshmi Kheli

Lakshmi Kheli

14 mins

It is a story that involves a girl, a boy who loves her, an unsuccessful vakeel, and an M. L. A and his son. The main part is that they all will meet in a situation and what next happens in their life. 

A girl named Lakshmi, who was born in Uttar Pradesh. And Then a boy named Mahesh who loves Lakshmi. Mahesh was not too brilliant but he had enough knowledge to fight against any situation in his life. Next one Chandu, who was 

M. L. A's First son and Sattwik, who was 

M. L. A's second son. Sattwik and Mahesh are school mates. The story starts at the age of 10 years. 

At the age of 10 - 11, there was a pooja festival in U. P for which Mahesh went to collect money along with Sattwik. At that time Sattwik's father was not an M. L. A he was just a member of a political party. They all went to different houses and collected money. Then they went to Lakshmi's house. For the first time when Mahesh saw her, he was mesmerized and fallen in love. Lakshmi herself gave the money to Mahesh. He was running through the streets since Lakshmi's finger touched his fingers. He was very much happy and wanted to live all his life with Lakshmi. Then he went home and touched his parent's feet. 

Now, Sattwik's father touched the feet of the minister. Took his blessings and told that Sahab this time is there a chance for me to get M. L. A seat. Minister was staring at him and told Let's see. His father did all the works for the minister like preparing food, doing car arrangements, solving political issues in fact cleaning his toilet too. Just for a 

M. L. seat. Then he found a pen and asked whose is this?  

Then a Loud shouting of a female voice comes and says that what would you do in our life. You are an unsuccessful man and knows nothing. You know only to be true but you cannot sign with a green pen. The lady was the wife of the unsuccessful vakeel. She was shouting at his husband because he again lost a case. He had never won a single case and each and everyone call him loser uncle. He was very much frustrated and saw a book lying on the table. 

Now, Mahesh asked Sattwik what's the book on our hand. He says it's a new storybook where I took from the library to study. Mahesh was happy and told that he didn't need any storybooks and all. Now he just needs love and only love. He wants to conquer that which he wants. 

I want the thing which I deserve. I want it for and I am waiting for 5 years till now I didn't get it. What I asked just an M. L. A seat nothing else. I am waiting for so long did all the work for the party and served him too. What else I need to do know. Wait for more than 5 years everything will be fine. 

In these 5 years, due to lack of money Chandu, Sattwik's brother discontinued his studies since he was not good in studies and he went for the searching job and he was working in a place as a mechanic. He earned money and funded his brother's education. Lakshmi attained her age. She secured good marks in class 10 and wanted to study more. Then our hero Mahesh was in love with her and did well in the exams of class 10 too. They all went to class 11. 

In these 5 years, Sattwik's father did each and everything for the party. He arranged each and everything. Did works for the minister even sometimes arrange girls for the minister's satisfaction? He all did it just for an M. L. A seat. Vakeel was till unsuccessful he filled many cases in these 5 years but he couldn't win one of those. He was very much saddened and his wife too was kidnapped by someone and till now he doesn't know who has kidnapped her. 

Now at present, vakeel is coming out from the court with a sadden face since again he lost another case. He comes to the tea shop to drink tea. He had a little conversation with the tea shop owner about modern politics and the power of money. Then he sees the newspaper. 

By seeing the newspaper he was happy and now was ready to do everything for his minister. He was none other than Sattwik's father. And it was news of by-election as the M. L. A on their constituency died due to cardiac arrest. He thought this is the time for me and I must get an M. L. A seat. So he urged to the Minister and surprisingly minister told now you are going to content in the by-election and gave a piece of rose to him. 

With a rose in his hand, he was following in the streets to express his love. He was nonother than Mahesh. He was following Lakshmi to express his love for her. So he decided to propose her in the temple and informed Lakshmi to come tomorrow to the temple. He with a rose in his hand was waiting for her to come. She came like an angel and he was mesmerized by seeing her and words were not Pondering from his mouth. Did she ask him why are you with a rose? Then he told me that I never saw you with a rose on your head so I brought it and I thought it's ur favorite color too then she told me that no I love white. By hearing this Mahesh was shocked and told that I hate white. She told me one day you will love white and would wear a white shirt. And then she asked, "This was the reason you called me to temple." Then he said no I wanted to came to pray with you that we could study well and do well in the exams. She with a smile told ok and Thanks for the rose. They went to pray. 

He was praying with God and asked to fulfill his one and only wish. Suddenly we see that it is a home. And he was nonother than our unsuccessful vakeel. He was praying to God. And was very much worried about his future life. He suddenly saw the news and saw that within 2 weeks there will be a by-election. So every party started their campaigns. And expressed their future planning towards this Constituency for votes. 

Now, it was the last day of campaigning. Both the parties were campaigning. In this campaign, Mahesh was there since Sattwik's father was contesting. Suddenly he saw that there was Lakshmi and a sound came it was a sound of a bomb. Mahesh urged towards Lakshmi to save her. During that time he got hurt in his hand but he was happy since he saved Lakshmi. By this Lakshmi was impressed and he understood the love of Mahesh but she wants to express his love towards her by himself only. 

After 2 days, there was a by-election. She was coming to buy a note and her father came to cast vote. Mahesh was following her to express her love. He followed till the book shop and decided that when she will come out I am going to express my love. But when she came out he couldn't express it. She asked why are you here? He told me to buy a notebook. But she knew that he was following her. She saw the notebook in her hand.

The book was the most important one for India. It was the book of Indian Constitution volume 1. The vakeel was reading it. Then an old lady came to his house to file a case as her vote was cast by someone else. And he told me that nothing can be done by me and I am an unsuccessful vakeel. So I would tell please not to come for a case to me. 

After 2 days, the results of the by-election were released and Sattwik's father became M. L. A. The thing which he wanted for the past 10 years and finally he became an M. L. A. Now the works which he did for minister all didn't get vain. And finally, Sattwik's family was so happy since their father became an M. L. A. There were crackers bursting all around the area. 

Mahesh was following Lakshmi to express her love. That time Chanda, the first son of M. L. A saw that Mahesh was following Lakshmi and asked about the matter. Then he told me that I love Lakshmi from my childhood and can't express it to her. I was sad about it. By hearing this Chanda was mesmerized not by the words but by seeing Lakshmi. Chanda was very much excited and wanted Lakshmi. This way one year passed.


 It was the day when our class 12 results came and Lakshmi topped exams at the state level. Seeing her happy Mahesh was mesmerized and was eager to express his love towards her. He tried it before but couldn't express it. 

Vakeel was the friend of Lakshmi's father. He came to her house and saw that there a photo of 2 girl children. He came to congratulate Lakshmi for her outstanding performance. Then she tells that she will apply for a scholarship in college. Then vakeel suggests studying what her heart says. Then news came that there will be a function in which 

M. L. A has invited her for her performance in boards. 

She went to the meeting and saw all round there were CCTV. The M. L. A told that he would provide scholarships for Lakshmi in whichever college she wants to study. She was so excited and happy. After the meeting, she didn't come to her house. And then they realized that she is missing. They went to the police station and filed a complaint that her elder girl Lakshmi is missing. At last, she attended the meeting where M. L. A came to congratulate all the toppers of class 12 in our constituency.

They went to the police station and filed a complaint that her elder girl Lakshmi is missing. At last, she attended the meeting where M. L. A came to congratulate all the toppers of class 12 in our constituency. They went to the spot of the meeting and told the matter to the management who organized the meeting and to play the CCTV footage which could prove helpful in finding the Girl. 

But all the cameras were malfunctioning and the footages were lost. 

 After 2 days, flock men informed that there is the body of a girl in the forest. Then they came to the spot and saw that it was the body of Lakshmi. She was dead and the body was sent to the hospital for postmortem. But the post-mortem report said that she had many strips on her body which may be the animals. But a nurse came and told the truth that Lakshmi was raped and the postmortem report was changed by M. L. A and gave huge money to the doctor to change the report. Vakeel and Mahesh were so depressed by hearing it and decided to file a case against it. 

They filled a case. They submitted the video proof of the meeting were Lakshmi talked last to Chanda, the M. L. A's son. Mahesh told me that he will only come to the court when I have confidence. The court sent a vakeel notice to M. L. A to come to the court on the next hearing.

There were many clues for proving. The first clue was the CCTV forest footage. Mahesh and vakeel urged to gather evidence. There was a forest officer and we told about us and then he searched the footage on that day. Then around 10.30, we saw that the footage, and literally we all were in tears. The footage can't be shared and played on mobile. So they told me to send a copy of it through the pen drive. On the day of the next hearing, the pen drive came but there was nothing on the pen drive and it showed no videos. Then vakeel realized that officer has cheated him. Vakeel was literally shocked and asks the court to retest the DNA test. The court was adjourned and told the Government hospital to submit the report on the next hearing. 

Chanda and his friends went to a government hospital for a DNA test and the results were going to come to court tomorrow.  

Mahesh and Vakeel were speaking about what would happen in tomorrow's hearing. They thought that they can do anything because Money is the ultimate. And they can even change the results. Mahesh told that dont worry if so happens and then say that I have one more proof but I need one day time for it. 

Then the Medical test but it too came in favor of M. L. A ' S son. Then the vakeel said that he has another proof and asked to give some time for the next hearing and the court gave 1 day time and tomorrow will be the judgment of the case. Vakeel told everything to Mahesh and they realized that Money is ultimate. And we common people can't do anything.

The Night before the day of judgment, the vakeel was anxious and curious to know how Or what is the proof so he made a phone call to Mahesh and spoke with him. But at that time some members of Chandu came and beat him very badly. On hearing the sound from the phone he rushed to the place and then he saw that vakeel was almost unconscious but he was fine a bit later. Then they both sat together and talked with each other. Then vakeel said that " You know one thing my wife didn't go to her father's house she went anywhere else with someone. " I was really shocked while reading the letter of her it was something which I can't digest at all but for the world, they would make a shame of me so i wrote a letter that she went to her father's house. But she wrote when I would win a case then she will come to me. She knows that it would never happen. So she wrote like this. By hearing this Mahesh was saddened and went without even speaking a word. 

It was the day of Judgement, vakeel came with empty hands and expecting something to happen. The Judge asks 

"Where is the proof"? Then there was something seen in white color. Then we saw that a man wearing a white shirt and covering his face comes to the court. Then when we remove the cloth then we see that the man was Mahesh. Each and everyone was shocked by seeing Mahesh.

The vakeel says " He is my proof. " The Mahesh closes his eyes and remembered what happened to Lakshmi which he saw on the video. He says to the Judge that I am the eye witness, your honor. We all raped Lakshmi. We gave drugs to her and gang-raped her. But the Judge says "How can I believe? " Then Mahesh says "Sir actually on that day we were going to kidnap your daughter Shruti, class 12 state second. But she went to your brother's house. "Am I right sir? " Then the Judge nodded his head. Then Mahesh says that " We inserted a knife on her vagina and by seeing the blood we were excited and the interest became more. But the Judge asked " Why are you doing so? " Then Mahesh says " Sir what you can do and this court can do? " For criminals like us, there is a system called Bail. From which we would come out and erase all the evidence. And then the case would get dismissed and then again we would rape another girl like this we would move on.  

Mahesh questions the Judge "If you have the guts then can you hang us within 24 hours? " You would say that it has never happened in India. Sir why are you waiting for someone to do. Sir if we want a change then no one would come you have to make it. "Can you do it, sir? "

The Judge discussed with other judges then he says that " According to IPC section 302 of the Indian Penal code 1806 The court announces Death sentence to all the 5 people and they must be hung within 24 hours. The court is adjourned ". 

Then Mahesh has been handcuffed and he talks with the vakeel. Does Vakeel say that " Why did you do this "? Then he says that " I thought my world my dream is Lakshmi. Without her, I cannot live in this world. But when she was raped and murdered I thought to die at that moment itself but I wanted these criminals to be hung legally and to show that still, Justice prevails in India. Also from now onwards you are not an unsuccessful vakeel sir and your wife will surely come to see you." By hearing it vakeel became emotional. And then they went to jail and were ready to hang.  

Sattwik was the only one who knows the truth that Mahesh didn't rape. But he was not in Uttar Pradesh. He went to Uttarakhand. By hearing this news he was shocked. But he was too late. 

Then a policeman asks "what is his last wish? " He simply smiled and told that " I want to see those four criminals hanging and then I would die peacefully. " 

His last wish of seeing those rapist hanging was fulfilled and then he was hanged. Sattwik called for a press conference and confessed all the truth and said that Mahesh sacrificed his life to hang that four rapists. It was telecasted in all the news.  

Everyone went into tears and gathered to see him at the hospital. Everyone was crying and shouting for Mahesh. But before hanging Mahesh he uttered his last words that were 

"Ab se koi bhi kisi bhi ladkhi ko choone ki himmat aathi hai tho uski sazah moath hi hogi ". 

Respect women Treat them equally and every rapist must be hanged. 

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