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soumya Mishra

Drama Romance Inspirational

Known Stranger (Empty Lanes-2)

Known Stranger (Empty Lanes-2)

3 mins

As the days went by Akshata began to lose interest in everything and went on getting lost deeper and deeper into the abyss of depression up to the level of several suicide attempts...

Ankur took her to the best psychiatrist and started both medications and counseling sessions for her. He tried to behave more supportively towards her by paying attention to her eating, self-care, and medicine schedule.

Though the medicines helped, the counselor's verses seemed absolute trash to Akshata as she suggested to grow orchids or to go on long road trips etc and finally she discontinued the sessions.

One thing she had liked long ago was reading and her husband Ankur introduced her to the vast world of reading on different sites, on the internet. He literally placed a diary and a pen in her hands to write down whatever she felt and to persuaded her to cultivate any activity that she felt herself interested in, rather than fuming at the counceller's absurd suggestions.

And she started reading...and reading and reading...One day, she got a friend request from someone called ' crazy dreamer'. It felt like she laughed heartily after ages at the sheer uniqueness or immaturity of the nomenclature of the follower along with the profile photo of a joker and no adjoining information at all.As inexperienced as she was about the dangers of the digital world, she decided to follow back to quench her inquisitiveness about him!!

Crazy dreamer began to post inspirational thoughts daily which made her look at life from the positive point of view. Then came the verses of appreciation of her qualities, her looks, personality, sensitive and loving nature and then followed the real compliments of people around her about her stong confident version. She began to go out, make friends, attend functions, going for walks, cracking jokes, taking care while getting ready and wearing a perpetual smile which enhanced her beauty the most.

Her husband seemed to feel jealous of the sudden surge of attention she was getting and started to bring flowers and gifts for her, remembering all the important occasions regularly and spending time with her which consisted of extended dates including long drives, cosy dinners and heart felt conversations...

On her birthday, Ankur proposed her, the good old way, " Will you be my best friend? Now that you have anonymous admirers, I feel that I have to compete with them for your affection. So I want to start from the very beginning, that we have never had!!"

Akshata replied, " My affection has always been for you my love, irrespective of all the dark days of our relationship that we have endured.Its your realisation of the mistakes of the past, that make you feel insecured of unknown admirers. It has nothing to do with me!!!But by being my bestfriend you have erased all my nonhealing wounds and given rebirth to a new confident and contented better version of Akshata" and they toasted for a new beginnings.

Late at night, when Akshata submerged into deep, peaceful slumber without being tortured by her usual nightmares, after ages it seemed, her husband hi-fied their daughter Nikita, " Well-done crazy dreamer!!!" and she replied, " Anything for you two, dad!!!"

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