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Alzheimer's Is Good Disease???

Alzheimer's Is Good Disease???

3 mins

Dusk was turning into a chilly evening as the darkness was encroaching upon the reddish-orange horizon as the chief security officer of the enormous park was patrolling the entire park whistling continuously to indicate to the people that it was time to vacate the premises.

He located an old man sitting alone on the pond-side bench, lost in his own thoughts, quite oblivious to his surroundings and the blaring whistle.

The security officer went near him to check whether he had dozed off. But he found him gazing vacantly into the nothingness. The officer asked him to leave or whether he needed any assistance, but he failed to get any reply.

Then did he notice a card dangling from his neck with the information written on it that he was an Alzheimer's patient, with his phone number and address mentioned on it, with an earnest request to anybody who found him wandering cluelessly somewhere, to help him reach home.


The security officer took him to his address after closing the park. He overheard high pitched shouting and sounds of throwing and breaking of things from the upper floor. He asked Mrs.Das ( his wife) whether everything was alright. She assured him that everything was quite fine.

After giving food and medicines to old Mr Das, his Mrs drifted away into a chain of thoughts...," 'everything is alright' must be the maximum used lie in this world while everything is actually topsy and turvy in everyone's life. "

Their son and daughter-in-law were having a nasty fight upstairs because the month had already ended and their second son hadn't arrived yet to take them to his house for the next six months. Adding to the issue was the financial strain they were facing without renting the ground floor.

Mrs Das heaved a sigh of resignation and went to bed. It seemed like sleep had also abandoned her for good.

Then she heard the faint sound of her adolescent granddaughter entering the house stealthily through the backdoor, totally sloshed with alcohol, with a very meshed up appearance and waving goodbye to a man who must be almost double her age.

Mrs Das couldn't stop herself from asking her whether she had faced any trouble or whether she needed food or something. She stammered back haughtily," Hey old woman!! Mind your own business yaar!"

Mrs Das returned to her bedroom with tearful eyes to find her husband in deep peaceful slumber, with the hint of a smile on his face.

She thought," He can remain so peaceful and contented because his mind doesn't allow him to witness all this drama daily. He has simply forgotten all the painful memories, sorrows and struggles of the past. He is a stranger to everyone and everyone is a stranger to him. Nothing has the capability to perturb him at all!! Maybe Alzheimer's is a good disease!!!"

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