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Careen Ndoke

Tragedy Classics


Careen Ndoke

Tragedy Classics

Innocent Death

Innocent Death

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A wet leaf fell on her shoulder, making her leap in fear. Startled, she shifted from her hiding place behind the bush tree and took a deep breath_ 

"Oh, it was just a leaf".

She continued walking through the bush parth that lead deep into the forest. Scared by the strange noises and whisper she heard, Alice slowly walked; looking all around in fear, holding her dress so tight_

"I will get home, I will find my way home. Oh god of the forest, please direct my path"

She grumbled as she leaped again due to the noise caused by the dry stick she stepped upon. A wild breeze blew, followed by rain. This weather made the forest darker and more frightful than before. Shivering in cold and fear, Alice got shelter under a big old tree.

After the heavy rain, she continued walking, and Suddenly, a warm smile brightens up her tense mood_ a smile accompanied by satisfaction. Seeing a bright light shining from the north part of the forest, Alice walked with boldness thinking she has arrived at the end of the forest but this joy suddenly waxed cold with disappointment, when she discovered it was but a lonely house in the middle of a forest_

"Who leaves here? Maybe a wicked witch, troll, or a mischievous elf. Should I knock? Should I get in? What if I am killed and eaten? No, no, Alice be positive"

Alice shook her head hastily to wipe off the awful thought and with boldness, she walked into the old house. The house was frightful with carved woods everywhere, heads of animals hunted on the wall, and bones packed at an angle.

In a trembling voice, she called_

"Hello, anyone here? Anyone home? Hello!!!!"

She felt uncomfortable since she got no reply but as she slowly walked in, she was perplexed seeing a well-arranged table with appetizing ready-to-eat food and fruits of all kinds. Immediately, her belly grumbled and she realized wandering in the forest for three days now, she's had nothing to eat.

Alice sat and began eating, enjoying the meal. For once, she forgot her present problem but as she went on, she suddenly felt a cold rough hand on her shoulder. The poor girl panicking, slowly turned and gave out a loud shout due to the frightful figure. It was an old lady with a long but crooked nose, large red eyes, gray long hairs, and a disfigured twisted face. Her sharp little voice got Alice more scared_

"Lady, what are you doing in my abode?"

Her twisted face made it unknown if she is frowning, or angry. Before Alice could alter a word, the frightful lady turned to her large boiling pot of soup_ as she stared it, Alice saw her lips shaking but couldn't hear a word of what she was saying.

Alice forgot about her and thought of a way to get herself out of the cage which she has landed herself into. And idea stroke her mind_ since the frightful old woman was busy, and the door wide open, she saw it as an opportunity to escape. As she tip-toed to exit, the door mysteriously closed and without turning, the witch said_

"Do you think you can escape? You lie!"

The old witch made of Alice her slave. And every day when she was about going out on a mission or meeting, she locked Alice up. Poor Alice worked miserably for the witch for two good years; though these years were the worst, she still hopes she will one day return home to her family, perhaps a miracle will occur. 

Years went by and by and the young lady slowly lost hope. When the witch saw that she had clocked 30 and matured enough, she cast a sleeping spell on Alice after which, she got rid of her clothes, place her to lay on the table, brought out a sharp sword, and butchered Alice part by part_ after cutting off her legs and hands, she used her long fingernails to tear open her abdomen and thorax so as to get rid of all the organs, which she put inside her large boiling pot.

The "cour de grace" was her head; about to butcher it off and throw in her pot, she suddenly stopped and said_

"I will not eat you, but hang you like the best ornament and investment_ yes, you shall beautify my wall and bring me in remembrance of a great achievement (this day).

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