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Careen Ndoke

Drama Tragedy


Careen Ndoke

Drama Tragedy

Virus of Sorrow

Virus of Sorrow

3 mins 225 3 mins 225

Social isolation has forced an eerie silence upon them, while fear haunted their existence. One question that yielded to many was at the forefront_ "when will this end? When will this torment end? All the deaths, pain and sorrow?"

My heart bleeds knowing my soulmate is gone. Why me? We had to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary today but here I am mourning the the best husband ever. Oh life, why? What have I done to deserve such bitter gift? 

Oh it hurts, mum my heart is shattered, I couldn't see my husband's lifeless body, I couldn't say my final good bye. All of our dreams, our plans, all is gone!

"Calm down dear, I know it hurts but you must be strong and move on, you're still young"

"Young? What for? Life is bitter now _ it is meaningless without Mike"

Everyone tells me one thing over and over again; I am tired of their opinions, yes, tired of their condolences because they don't know the pain I'm going through. My heart is wounded, a wound I can't see and threat, one I can't monitor to see if it's improving or not. 

No mum, no! Please don't say a word anymore, I know you wanna tell me that _ *time heals all wounds*

But no! That statement is so false, there's no truth in it; time doesn't heal all wounds, especially the wounds within_ it simply teaches us how to leave and deal with the pains caused by the wound. Mum please I want to be alone, let me be please.

Taking hold of Mike's picture_ "why Mike? I told you not to go on that trip, not to travel to Italy with other doctors but you insisted on going; you promised you will be back but for the very first time you didn't keep to your word"

I cried myself to sleep hoping to wake up the next morning to see that all of this was but a dream.

Alas! It wasn't, I woke up still with Mike's picture and swollen wet eyes. Days went by and by, it was difficult to let go. I spent five years mourning my dear husband but one day something happened.

Going through his documents, I came across a project we both had planned to accomplish. I began working on this project_ to build an orphanage. This became my new passion and a reason to live. I needed to fulfill this dream so I worked hard all day long to make it a successful.

Twelve years later, this dream was getting to reality; it was almost done and finally after two years it was accomplished. People were surprised, many who thought I had gone crazy_ they were shocked to see I made it for my husband.

I named the orphanage after me and Mike_ "MIKEJANE CENTER OF HOPE"

The news was all over the place, in the media and news papers. I couldn't celebrate alone, I felt so lonely so I went to Mike's grave side which I made just with his picture_

"My love I did it, I made our dream come true. Here are the keys and legal documents; I wish you were here to celebrate this joyous and accomplishments with me because it's not just mine but ours. I love and miss you so much! oh God knows is so, but I know you want me to be strong and that I shall do. See you!!!

I was fulfilled seeing children brought up with hope, giving them a chance to be loved.

I resigned from my office as an accountant and devoted my life working in the orphanage.

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