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Prince Chhabra

Drama Romance


Prince Chhabra

Drama Romance

Ideology of Ram always wins over Ravna

Ideology of Ram always wins over Ravna

3 mins 139 3 mins 139

Kusum- Kavya met on Twitter. They used to chat daily and became good friends. Now often chat everything. Kusum told him about his parents selected a person for marriage Mr. Aman who is doctor. But she doesn't like him maybe because he was not so handsome as Kavya. Either she was attracted by Kavya his belief in Krishna. It's attracting her. One-day she was asking that what should she do. She doesn't like Aman he is not Prince of her heart. She was also afraid that she has to make physical relation with Aman whom she doesn't like.

Kavya said you believe in Mahadev leave it on Mahadev. She asked do you think if I said no then also Aman will make physical relation with her.

Kavya said of course because u will be married with her. Then he will do so.

Slowly slowly Kusum asks about how to make physical relations because she was not aware of it.in this way they did sex chat to make her understand how to make physical relation and next day Kavya found she blocked him.after 2or 3 days Kavya also forgot it and living as he does.

After 3 months he got a message from unknown number as Hi on what's app. He asked who are you.

She replied I want to apologise from you.

Kavya said why? I don't remember anything we ever met or had any issue.

She said I know I made a mistake.

Kavya said tell me your name I don't remember.

She said I am sorry please don't block me. I am Kusum.

Kavya asked which Kusum I don't remember.

She sends her pics then Kavya got remind it's you. Hi Kusum how's you. (Actually Kavya forgot her and also known to 3 Kusum so confused).

She replied I am good. I hope you forgive me.

Kavya of course I don't even remember what was happened. Why you blocked. So now forget and say what's going on.

Kusum replied soon I am going to marry with Aman.

Kavya said it's great congratulations.

Kusum but I don't want to marry with him.i don't want to spoil my self by him.

Kavya then what to do?

Now both started to talk each other on phone and starting love each other because Kavya's girlfriend was married to someone else as he was alone and Kusum don't want to marry Aman so she wants a partner. So now they plan to meet. They even plan to make physical relations.

So one day Aman came with his father to Kusum's house and gave Kusum and family a surprise. He spend full day with Kusum and family. At that time may be Kusum realized that she is cheating with him.

In the evening as she talked with kavya. As they plan they will meet. Kavya asked can they get a room at Rajiv Nagar where we will meet. Then Kusum replied what is the need of a room? Then Kavya reply can you kiss me on public platform. Then Kusum replies she will not do so. Kavya surprised and said what you planned it with me. She said it will be cheating with Aman which she doesn't want. So as friends we can meet otherwise we cannot. Kavya surprised what Happened to her again and they blocked on what's app too.

Kavya thinks and said Krishna you are awesome. My plans were not appropriate according to you that is why you give her push to think again.

Hahaha Ravna's Ideology can never beat Rama. So Jai Shri Ram..Jai Shri Krishna.

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