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Asmita Bhattacharya

Abstract Drama Children

I Will Return

I Will Return

6 mins

"Brother and Sister " a one-word they cannot be taken individually or nor can they be separated. 

Be it how much you fight with your brother or sister at the end of the day you are gonna know there's no one else who can understand you better. 

So be it whatever and without counting on whose fault it is we know to forgive each other. 

Above all these brothers and sisters are secret keepers. We all know whatever mistakes we make whatever is worrying us there is a helping hand always reaching to help us out. So we can't deny the fact we love them even if we are angry with them we know we are gonna end up together. And of course, they will have the worst nicknames for you but at the end of the day you will end up like that too.

Apart from all these, I would like to portray the cons of being separated from your brother or sister.

"They are sending me off to Bangalore .. I leave tomorrow at early dawn "Rishav broke the news to Samera

"Hmmm" exclaimed Sameera.

"So you are gonna leave me alone in this house without even thinking how I will manage all these? I must have known you are gonna leave me alone someday. You know I have no one except you since our parents passed away. I am gonna be all alone Rishav. " Sameera sat on the sofa, covered her face with both her hands and started sobbing.  

Rishav thought for a moment how to make her understood everything. He laid a hand on Sameera's shoulder. Samera felt a rush of tears gushing out of her eyes and went to the washroom. Her brother chased her but she slammed the door on his face. Now the washroom door is serving as a veil between them. "Sameera you need to understand my job 

I cannot stay here always with you. But I promise to be back whenever you need me ."

The reply made Rishav still for few minutes " I need you always and you know that I don't know how to cook food how to tie my hair, how to oil them, and who will run after me with breakfast in hand when I will get late for college. "

There was a silence after this as if the silence explaining millions of feelings without uttering a word. It was as if the wind collecting gossip, words failed in the way.

After a moment the washroom door slightly opened the beam of light fell on the floor, Rishav looked up, he was surprised as if something in there has changed.  

Sameera took Rishav's hand in her hand and continued " Have you tried talking to your Boss and asked him if there's any way you could stay here ?"

Rishav slightly nodded his head "yes I tried the only way he told is that I leave the job. You know how my job is ." 

"But please sis I want you to be strong, now you are grown up enough you need to learn how to do things in your own way. You need to learn to be self-dependent. I am not gonna be there for you always. And I will keep a 24 /7 maid to look after you I promise sis. But I have to go this is important. " 

Sameera gave a smile from the corner of her lips " You tell me to be self-dependent and then you talk you hiring a maid for 24 / 7 is that how u wanna teach me how to do things own way? "

Rishav looked away and tried not to meet her eyes again.

Sameera continued " You must go to Bangalore, your job is important but I cannot take any of your support or help like your maid, your money, or this house." 

Rishav got shocked as if his own legs felt weak to stand upon. He, almost in a broken voice said " All this is yours as much as it is mine. Do you even realize Sameera what are you telling? Have you any idea how I am feeling right now.

But Sameera seemed to be firm in her own decisions " what's told is told I don't want any debate over my decision brother. I believe you have packing to fo and I will be grateful if you leave me alone for some time I need to figure out where I am gonna stay and see if I can get some source of earnings. " 

Sameera left and as if she took the strength of Rishav as well with her.

He somehow got up and went to his room he couldn't sleep all night just about thinking how his sister made such a harsh decision as if it was not her as if someone disguised as her.


The sunlight started peeking from the horizon. Rishav realized he has got a flight to catch. He dressed up and got ready when he got down he saw his sister was ready as well to leave the house. He asked her " have you decided where you are gonna stay? " After few seconds Sameera replied "not yet but brother I request you all these years please do not try to contact me and if you wanna meet me please come back after five years in the same place, same time, and the date we will meet in front of this house. 

It was as if Rishav's heartache as if Sameera has done everything to break all ties.

Rishav's office car arrived his colleagues were already there. Rishav gave a last hug to Sameera kissed her on the head and turned around as if never to look back to hide his tears. He sat beside the driver's seat in front while the car started he could see Sameera's image gradually getting smaller in the rearview mirror and then it vanished. It was as if he lost something a sudden heaviness overtook him he cannot think of anything else except his sister. His mind went blank and the only thought of how his sister will be dealing with this surrounded him. He told the driver to stop the car in midway. He needs to get down and see Sameera he was feeling like a fool to think about leaving his sister and going so far. He ran fast there was no car. He had no other option he ran as fast as he could he tried calling Sameera but she didn't pick up. He looked around their locality he thought how far can Sameera go within this time but Sameera was nowhere to be seen he tried calling Sameera's friends but none could give him any information. At last, he thought to head home leave his luggage there and change. When he reached home he heard the sound of television coming from the living room. He thought he has checked everything before leaving then how come this is happening. When he went to the drawing-room he found Sameera there chilling without any worry on her face and having a packet of chips. Her legs crossed and placed smartly on the tea table. She noticed her brother standing on the doorstep " 

Sameera looked at him and said " ooh! You came early I thought it will take you sometime" 

Rishav was surprised how is she chilled so much like was it all ger mischievous plan again.

Rishav came and slowly sat on the sofa.

Sameera asked so "what happened? Why you came back? Aren't you gonna be fired for this? " 

Rishav looked at her and said " yes probably they will fire me and I will get another job sooner or later but I will not get another sister if she fires me from her life. "

Sameera looked at him tears filled up her eyes she put a smile on her face and said: "I have made some noodles for us will you like to have it, its burnt,"

Rishav looked at her put a smile and asked " were you so sure that I will return ." 

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