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I Hope This Story Never Ends

I Hope This Story Never Ends

2 mins

(Please Read it's First Part..."I LOST TO JUST A GIRL", if you haven't read it yet)

That day, I lost a game, but what I got in return was above all, A friend I was looking for...

She didn't tell me much or actually nothing about her that day, but after that, it was a different game.

I found a new friend in my new world and she added one more story in her mysterious World.

As the time passed, I discovered a lot about her, but she always kept hiding some secrets including her diary and her words.

Even She didn't speak much about herself, or on the things we share, but her silence around me, and her pauses always said a lot without even a single word.

And then one day, Sun rises from the west, The girl who rarely utter words, wanted to tell a tale....

I was surprised, shocked and confused but above all, All I said to her, to start, without any pause.

And here She goes...

Somewhere In the Parallel Universe, hearts and Mind has their different worlds. A place only and only ruled by hearts and Mind in two different sphere. They don't conflict with each other, on being broken and shattered. They don't argue over thoughts and things which doesn't matter.

Two different hearts seeks chemistry and Minds look for same ideologies in each other, So that they never neglect each other and move apart on the basis of the things which are understood by the one and not by the other.

But this is about Heart to Heart and Mind to Mind stories, But some special stories rises above all the boundaries, Crossing lines of two different sphere, One Heart and Mind falls for the things, about which we are still unaware.

Thus, Heart to Heart and Mind to Mind is so common and it comes and goes...

But When your Heart and Mind signs towards only One thing, You should know, that is the only thing, Which you really Want.

"What do you think, Am I sounding stupid, or does it made any sense to you?" - She ended her story and asked Me, looking staright into my eyes...

But Honestly, I didn't understand what she really talked about. I don't know how to tell her, that all I was looking, how she was moving from one place to another and the way her hands playing with her words....

My eyes were only staring at her face and moving lips,

And My Mind and Heart both uttering the same Words...


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