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Lion's Den

Lion's Den

4 mins

Before starting this story, I would like to tell you something about me or actually about all of us...

Everyone loves "Love stories", well at least I love them a lot...Not just love stories with Happy Endings, but all those stories dipped in love, no matter it's Happy or Sad in the end. Ever wonder why you love those stories so much, in my case I love them because we imagine ourself there in the character, and the story seems to revolve around us, And then whatever happens to the character, we feel like we are going through it...we smile, when they smile, we cry, when they cry, And for some reason, we broke into pieces when they die( if they, mostly in the stories with not so good Happy Ending)

Now coming to my very First Story,

A love story for sure(only if you Agree, with what I want to say)...

A Lion's Den is a story about a lost girl in the jungle. She is sweet, innocent, wearing a yellow-colored long skirt, printed flowers all over It, And a dark red sleeveless top, open hair. Silver-colored earrings and colorful bangles in her soft hands...Wearing high heels, which she loves to wears whenever she feels happy and confident. She was happy, away from all sorrows and pain after a long...She wanted to breathe in the fresh air, wanted to fly with winds, and sing with birds and finally, when she gets a chance to come out of her cave she wanted to do all the things she ever imagines or dreamed not only in nights but also in daylight too.

And she took this chance to let her self float freely, wherever the winds could take her...but winds didn't like her happiness for long, And it took her to a Den.

A lion's Den, The word fear was not in her dictionary, and thus she loved the warmth of the Den, a little light of Sun, falling in the darkness of the Den.

It felt like she was looking for this place only for her lifetime, unaware of the story coming towards her in a while...

Days got passed and she became comfortable with the place, or actually falls in love with it. Yes, this is the saddest part of my story, when she falls in Love.

She falls in love with the warmth of the Den, she falls in love with the fragrance of soil beneath her, she falls in Love with the ray of sun in the darkness, she falls in love with the feeling of forever in that den...and moreover She falls in love with the person, she imagined who lives there.

Yes, She falls in love with a shadow, to which all this time, she thought a friend of her, sharing this place with her, with the same intensity of peace and love of her. She never knew that all the time she was talking to a shadow, listening to a deep breath of a shadow, And falls in love with the innocent look of that shadow.

And then all of a sudden, the lion wakes up, opened his claws, roared aloud and the innocent shadow turned into harsh reality, peace changed in chaos, but still love failed to change into hate...

A reality that she never dreamed in her dreams, the peace changed into haunting fear and Yess, for the first time she saw fear standing in front of her, And it was no one else but her own Love.

She couldn't do anything, she wanted to run away, she wants to run away again in her old empty cave, She takes out she heals, she throws away her bangles, she started hating the beautiful dress she is wearing but again failed to hate the reality she is facing, now she doesn't want to be in the fresh air, she doesn't want to fly with winds anymore, she doesn't want to sing like birds, she doesn't want to be herself anymore...

But this is not what about which I am concern Because whatever she is now is not going to change unless we would find the answer to the questions arising within her every second...

My concern is about "Her Love.."

Was her love not true?

Was her love no more love now?

Would the reality always dominant her dream?

Will she live in her dreams only or choose to die in reality?

And a lottttttt questions still to ask but no one can answer It,

Can you?????

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