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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

I am Devaki!!!!

I am Devaki!!!!

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I am Devaki....!!!

Asha was transferred to Bangalore women's jail as jailer. She was very sincere and performed her duties accurately. She was strict officer who followed rules and regulations. Asha was welcomed by her colleagues and they gave all relevant details about prison, prisoners and the procedures. Asha started observing all jail inmates and their day to day activities. She came across a an elderly lady of about 65 year old, who was very humble, soft , was loved and respected by all women prisoners. Many went to her to get solution for their minor health issues as well. Asha observed for many days, She shared her food, laughed and spent her time with inmates without cry hues about the facilities provided. Asha's colleague Renuka introduced her for the first time to Asha. "Mam,This is our beloved Devaki amma. She has been here from almost 3 years. Very lovable and humble lady, She is always ready to help others. She has been a guiding force to many of us".

"Namaste Devaki amma", Renuka greeted her. Devaki who was busy watering rose plants, saw Renuka and greeted her back with a smile.

Devaki amma this is our new jailer Asha, she was promoted and transferred from Bellary jail. Devaki folded her hands and said ."Namaste, very happy to meet you" . Asha could not stop looking at the eyes of Devaki...they were filled with love and affection. Asha greeted her and walked towards her office. While walking back she was thinking what made Devaki amma to be jailed?? how come a person fake smile and deep inside bury the hatred and be a criminal. She pulled the files in her office and glanced at them. Deep in her mind Devaki and her innocent smile was not allowing her to do her work. She asked Renuka to get Devaki's file.

Asha was horrified to see that Devaki had committed a heinous murder of a youngster. She was shell shocked. 60+ yeaH old murdered a teenager, for what reason. She wanted to know more about her. She checked visitors list of Devaki and found only one lady visited her every month that was shanti, her house maid.

Asha was curious to know why Devaki Killed this teenager, What made her to commit crime. Renuka advised her to check with Shanti about Devaki's past, rather then asking directly Devaki about the crime.

As usual one day Shanti had come to visit Devaki amma at jail, while returning she summoned by Asha to meet her. Shanti was bit tensed, She thought to herself "what trouble did i invite by coming here...hope everything goes smooth". She was asked to sit in office room. Shanti wiped her sweat and sat in corner of the room. Asha who was on a mobile, entered office room and noticed Shanti sitting in corner. She called out Renuka and asked her to send coffee to both.

Shanti was tensed, Asha noticed it and said "Nothing to worry shanti, I just wanted to meet you to know about Devaki amma". 

What is the relation between you and Devaki amma?? Asha Asked her looking straight into her eyes. Shanti quickly replied "I was a maid in their house, i knew her from almost 20 years". Asha nodded her head,"Shanti, i will come straight to the point. what made Devaki amma to kill a teenager?? I have seen many criminals in my term, somehow my mind is not ready to accept that Devaki amma could kill someone. tell me frankly what happened, i assure you will try my best to provide justice to Devaki amma".

Renuka brought 2 cups of coffee and handed over to them, Shanti now felt bit relaxed.She said in soft voice. 

"Devaki Amma is equal to goddess to me, she had helped me many times. She is a very nice person. one of the rarest i have seen in my life".

Devaki Amma was leading a happy life with her husband and only son. She was always ready to help needy people. She built a good relation with everyone whom she met. Things drastically changed when her husband passed away and her son Suresh got married to Netra. Netra gave birth to a Daughter, they named her Swathi. Swathi picked up all qualities of her mother,she never respected anyone neither took advise from elders. Devaki amma tried to explain her son, that their upbringing Swathi and it could invite problems, But they both confronted her and shut her up.

Netra fought with Devaki amma for small issues and blamed her for everything. This made Devaki amma very sad, She was confined to her room. She never came out of her room, most of the times she spent reading books and Bhagavad gita.

Suresh was always busy with official tours and Netra was busy with kitty parties, friends and social gatherings.They both never concentrated on their kid. Swathi started going to high school and was spending most of her time with friends. She partied at home,invited her friends for night stay. Though Devaki amma did not like this culture,she kept quiet.

One day Swathi invited her male friend for a combined study, I went to market and only Devaki amma was at home. Her Friend learnt that no one was at home and tried to take advantage of the situation. He locked Devaki amma room from outside, tried to force upon himself on Swathi. Swathi got to know that he is rogue but it was too late. She cried for help , begged him but that demon did not listen to her. All of a sudden he felt a big blow on his head from an object and fell on floor with blood oozing out. Swathi looked up to see who it was who saved her from that demon. It was... It was her father Suresh. He came back from official trip to give surprise to his daughter. He could not control his anger when he saw his daughter was in trouble. he picked up the flower vase and gave a big blow on the guy's head. That guy died on the spot. Suresh and swathi hugged each other and cried inconsolably. Meanwhile I came back from market and saw both of them soaked in blood. Devaki amma was knocking the door from inside. I opened the door lock, Soon Devaki amma came out and saw that her son had murdered a teenager. She looked at him and her grand daughter and understood the situation, went straight to her son and took the flower vase into her hand and said " Call police, tell them that I killed this demon". She sacrificed her life for her son.

Police came they arrested her and court proceedings happened and since Devaki amma had confessed the crime, the judgement was given in short period of time. My Devaki amma is not a murderer. She is a goddess... please help her. Shanthi cried out and fell on Asha's feet.

Devaki amma was resting in her cell, Asha opened the door and went inside. She held Devaki amma hands and said, " Devaki amma, I got to know the truth that you were hiding for so many years. Don't worry i will not reopen the case, but I don't want you to spend you rest of the life here. So i got a form please sign this".

Devaki corrected her specs to see the form, what is it my child?? She asked.

Asha said "On every Independence day, prisoners with good behavior are given exception and released from jail. so i want to recommend your name. you will be free bird this Independence day".

Devaki smiled and said "I am Devaki...child, . That Devaki was jailed because of her beloved brother's selfishness, This Devaki is jailed because of my son's ignorance". 

She continued " I spent almost 20 years in jail, when i came here I felt i am free. I can talk ,laugh and share with many people here. They all treat me like a family member, whereas I was punished in my own home. I don't wish to go back to that jail again. 

Please allow me to be here till my last breath...... !!!!!! 

Tears rolled from Asha's eyes, She hugged Devaki amma tightly.

P.S: It's Saddening to see many Devaki's around in our society. Respect elders and spend sometime with them, allow your kids to spend time with old generation and teach them to respect them. Remember without them we are nothing. There is no point in cribbing after they are gone...

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