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Poonam Vaze

Drama Romance Thriller


Poonam Vaze

Drama Romance Thriller

Histories Of Sheryl Varghese

Histories Of Sheryl Varghese

10 mins 331 10 mins 331


What could be that feeling between joy and agony? This very moment, Charu was experiencing the same feeling, as she wrote in her diary:

12th January, 2021

Dear Diary,

Today the man I loved the most deserted me.

Fragrance of her freshly blossomed love for Abhay fused with withering miseries of his betrayal. Charu had discreetly seen Abhay holding the 'Khopesh Sword' and the visuals of the scene made Charu scream, "No, No..". There was something in that scream. It was the pain of her broken heart which moaned with the languor of that stormy night. Not only did Abhay scatter her heart into pieces but he also created a barrier between Charu and Yuvaan, a friendship which Charu had cherished for so long. Apparently the images of Abhay's character was turning out manipulative and certainly vindictive.

How desperately Charu wanted to do the underwater expedition to unravel the secret activities inside the den, but , now her heart was sinking in agony and she was anticipating imprisonment of Abhay's obsession.

Charu wanted to escape from the clutches of Fort Kochi , a town which tested her patience till core and presented her hopeless agony of desolation. Charu glanced at the air tickets to Cairo laid on the side table of her bed. Whoever , this anonymous VK was, this moment it appeared the only silver lining for Charu.

"Abhay......It's the end of our new beginning...." She said, sprang up, stuffed her passport and Cairo tickets in her bag and jam-packed her suitcase with clothing and hurried towards the airport.

Abhay allowed a small shiver run through his spine as he held the Khopesh in his hand.

"What a sword it is!!!! Exquisite , exclusive.... By itself, it's a mystery with history. " He said in a hushed tone laughing away with the use of his poetic syllables. The wrinkles of his laughter faded with gradual germination of guilt, a guilt for hurting Charu. It was weighing Mr. Hercules Abhay completely down. Seldom Abhay got trapped in the wires of emotions but with Charu he felt trapped in whirlpool of enigmatic sensations.

Abhay's mind was intoxicated by the virus of unknown revenge but the antidote seemed inside his gentle heart. Yet, the devil inside Abhay's mind won every time. Under the pretext of investigating Charu's case, Abhay had taken the custody of the sword as forensic evidence from the curator of the museum. The curator had warned about possibility of the sword not being the original one , still Abhay endangered his police job and took possession of sword. This was the first time Abhay was backstabbing his police department and forming alliance with the Mafia boss.

Abhay and Mafia boss had a deal wherein Abhay had to hand over Khopesh to him. The lethal sting of jealousy towards Yuvaan and the most phenomenal hatred towards Charu persuaded Abhay to confirm the deal.

"Why is this strong emotion of aversion for Charu? If it's enmity then why am I feeling jealous of Yuvaan." This fight inside Abhay's mind was from his New York days as the love- hate sensation for Charu originated the day he saw her for first time in New York. Whenever Abhay saw her , he got a strong vibe to hurt her and the reason behind this absurd behavior was never understood by Abhay himself. His mind got triggered unconsciously to distress Charu in all possible ways. But, probably, it was the etiquette and good culture of his family, thanks to his parents, that always made the angel side of his mind win over the devil.

Abhay was never able to fathom the real feelings for Charu as both the emotions were so powerful yet paradoxical. When Abhay left New York to complete his police training in Fort Kochi , he was unaware that Fort Kochi was Charu's hometown. Abhay was actually relieved from the emotional turmoil he faced in New York, but gee, at that moment, when he saw Charu in Fort Kochi, Abhay's mindset returned more ferociously. Nothing soothed his mind than a vulnerable Charu. Last night, when Abhay shooed her away from the police station, her face, so full of remorse, died a hundred deaths. She was torn apart and her eyes openly exhibited it vividly. That day, his black heart got colored with the shades of love. That day, Abhay desperately wanted to see her again and say sorry for his wickedness. That day, he planned something towards his path of salvation.

Nonetheless, Abhay stood silently near the lake waiting for Mafia boss to come. A mild pat on Abhay's back jerked him as he caught the collar of his shirt.

"I am brimming over rage as I am unable to carry this burden of guilt." Said Abhay to the Mafia boss. Abhay sounded like a volcano about to explode.

"Tell me why do you want this Khopesh sword?" Abhay continued.

"Sir my boss wants the sword. I am just the medium of transport . You see Sir, I will just give this sword to him." He said typically in Tamil accent emphasizing the word 'Sir'.

" Who's your boss? You jerk!!! Tell fast otherwise you land up in jail again." Abhay was loud and thunderous.

"Please go ahead Sir as I was better in jail, I suppose." Wordplay suggested that the Mafia boss didn't want to answer Abhay's question and Abhay most definitely knew he won't.

"Take the sword and go away before I chop you in thousand pieces. " Abhay handed the sword to him and swallowing his frustration down watched the timid Mafia boss running away from him. Abhay was not worried where the Mafia boss went as he had installed a small tracking chip in one of the gem of Khopesh sword. It was necessary to trail the links of this mystical Khopesh sword and more necessary to see exactly where the Khopesh landed.

Abhay stood in void mindlessly staring at the lake.

'Everything is buried inside this lake and Charu choose Yuvaan over me last time. ' He murmured.

'This time I will go on a solo expedition. ' Abhay had already decided to do the adventure alone and so he was ready with his diving suit.

'Fort Kochi can't ruin us. It's a town for lovers to unite and not divide. Charu..... It's the beginning for evil to end.' Abhay's babbling vibrated in silence of lake as he ventured inside.

Abhay looked inside the den plus lab and saw that the activity was temporarily halted. The zombies like supervisors were put for charging on high voltage charger so that they could resume the activity the next day.

"O so they are robots. They are using Artificial intelligence (AI) for underwater mining and I guess this is the automotive wire harness technology. The control of these zombies robot is certainly with some human creature ashore." Abhay said to himself. He was actually stunned to look at the marvelous utilization of Hi Tech technology used for underwater extraction.

"But what exactly are they extracting?" Abhay questioned himself as he was unable to find the final product of the extraction. Abhay saw at corner of the den there were stacks of carpets kept rolled one over the other. He quickly went and started unfolding them and intense purple gems pattered royally on the floor just like raindrops fall dancing over the melodies of its downpour.

"O my gosh !!! These are amnesty stones. Such gemstones are used by crystal healers and supposed to enhance the spiritual vision. " Abhay stared at all glamorous pieces lying on the floor illuminating violet lights. There was a big shelf besides the stack and without wasting a single moment, Abhay opened it. Intriguing spread of amnesty stones occupied the entire shelf in a bounteous manner. On the back of the shelf was an array of historical records, one vintage album named 'Sheryl's histories' and one rolled papyrus. Sheryl's histories was collection of old photographs with vast chronicles of Varghese family.

"Certainly the records will give deep insights to the mystery." Abhay's vibration from his vocal cord made its way through air bubbles which fizzed in the stillness of the lake. He waited for a moment and then nervously opened the album named 'Sheryl's Histories ' and gawked at the first photo.

"It's the same photo which Charu always mentions. Let's see if Charu is really a lookalike of Sheryl as she always proclaims. Whew!!! Certainly she is." Abhay studied the photo from stem to stern and it was not the veracity of Charu's resemblance with Sheryl which surprised Abhay. Rather, the man with Khopesh sword standing besides Sheryl in the photo puzzled him.

" If I remove his big mustache he is a spit image of me." Said Abhay and for a moment he thought he was looking at his own reflection. A dragging feeling of coldness crept inside him and he felt heavy in his stomach.

"Anthony Delsworth!!!" Abhay's voice roared in the waves of the lake. At once Abhay tried to analyse his distinctive features. Abhay's brandy colored eyes perfectly matching with Anthony and his straight nose impeccably aligning with that of Abhay's. They were same, flawlessly same. Every nerve of his was about to burst with his hard pulsation as his attention turned towards the papyrus. It appeared to be some method which was serially numbered. Abhay's eyes got glued on the step by step procedure inscribed on the papyrus. It was a procedure to dismantle the Khopesh sword. Never did it occur in Abhay's mind that the sword could be dismantled into pieces.

" What's inside the sword? Is it that the Khopesh is a superficial object and the real treasure is hidden within it? "

Abhay completely disoriented with reality surfaced out of the lake. One thing was sure that history of primitive era was repeated in form of Charu and Abhay.


The Mafia boss entered the Citimall as he hurriedly stepped inside the UG4 parking level. Mani Oomen looked unpleasant as he rocked his chair. He appeared a man of different description, contradictory to his nobility and virtue. The Mafia boss handed the Khopesh to him.

Oomen took it, first weighed it and at the second instance placed the sword on his ears as if he wanted to hear the sound of silence inside it. Oomen glared at the Mafia for few seconds and punched his face brutally.

"Had you not been my wife's brother, you would have been buried by now." Said Oomen.

"But Mani why ?? What happened ?" Asked Mafia boss.

"This is not the original sword. The original sword should be hollow. Every molecule makes a fine sound and I can't hear any sound inside the sword. Charu, Charu she is the cactus of my life. "

"Why are you against your daughter?" Asked the Mafia boss , completely contrary to the name 'Mafia boss' as this moment he looked a mousey mouse.

"Daughter???? Charu is not my daughter. " Very calmly replied Mr. Oomen.

"Then who is she?"

"She is a result of the timeless feud of Oomen family and Varghese family."

"And what family does Vincent belong to? " The question just slipped from Mafia 's mouth and his question was answered by Oomen's venomous stare and as Oomen pushed him away he said:

"Now go in our den and do keep a vigilant eye on that over smart Abhay of hers. " Mafia boss walked away scratching his head to fit Vincent, Ruth, Martha in the respective clan of Oomen's and Varghese's.

" . " Thundered Oomen and threw the khopesh on the floor. The gems placed on the sword scattered on the floor sparkling their light directly in the eyes of devilish Oomen.


Cairo was a much aesthetic city than Charu imagined. "This is where I belong." Said her inner voice again.

She checked in a plush room of Hotel Marriott Mena House and on her bed was kept a diary named 'Sheryl's Histories'. Charu opened the diary and her fingers directly , also, subconsciously, turned to the page dated

12th January, 1940.

It was written:

Dear Diary,

Today, the man I loved the most deserted me.

Words executing the same agony as though Sheryl's writing was suffering the very same pain that of Charu's.

"Love can be strange at times, the most profound energy which can be transferred, transformed in any form , having ability to absorb the atmosphere of any era. Love is perpetual. Love is timeless." Charu's voice within resonated again.

Charu stood alone in the battlefield with her only solace being her inner voice, Sheryl and her diary named ' Sheryl's Histories.'

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