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God Of Death - GOT - Part 2

God Of Death - GOT - Part 2

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Restless in his room Jon could not stop thinking about how Danaerys killed Tyrion and did not even flinch. He started to think and rethink over his decision to give up the throne and follow her blindly. More importantly, he knew that Arya was right and that Sansa would never bend her knee after everything that happened. He knew that Danny would not stop there after having destroyed a whole city and that's because 'She can'.

While he was immersed in his thoughts he heard a knock, "Come in ", he said. It was Danny.

She slowly walked up to Jon and asked softly, " Are you not happy? Your queen has won!" 

"I am happy Danny that you finally got what you wanted all your life.", Jon replied looking away from her.

"But ?", she interrupted.

"But... I never thought that you can kill so many innocent people so ruthlessly! You are my queen, but what you did.." 

"What I did was only just!! ", Danny interrupted in a roar, "Cercei killed Missandei just because she could! She hid behind her people in a war and so the people suffered their fate"

"Yes, because the people of the city were a threat to you. They could never love you so fear is what you wanted and now you have a city of ghosts to rule." Jon said with a sigh!

"So Jon, what do you plan to do ?" She looked at him 

"I bent my knee to you, you are my queen but I want to return to Winterfell. I won't stay here"

"Ok. That can be done. But you will not go unless your sisters bend the knee too! You are not a Stark and Stark rules Winterfell, I want Sansa and Arya and Bran to bend their knees as well "

"I gave you my word the North will stand with you..."

"I know", Danny interrupted," But your words don't matter now because your sisters know the truth of who you are now! If they come here and bend their knee I will allow you and your sisters to live peacefully in Winterfell . So make sure that happens"

Danny left the room and Jon was in disbelief of what had just happened. Danaerys had threatened Jon and his sisters and Jon knew what was to happen if they don't bend their knees.

Sansa and Arya were summoned by the queen to come and bend their knee and go home with their brother. Jon had already sent a raven o Sansa pleading to do so for a peaceful conversation. Sansa, on the other hand, had no choice left, she did not have an army to stand against and did not want her poeple to die. So she agreed to visit Kings Landing.

Standing in front of the dragon queen was Sansa. She recalled all those memories of humiliation and torture. She knew what she had to do. She could see her brother standing beside the throne, in silence. 

"I will bend my knee", Sansa said, "But we will never step into the King's Landing again. Winterfell is my home...our home. We will stay there".

"Very well. AS long as you remember who your loyalty lies with. ", Danaerys replied calmly, "Where is Arya ?"

"I don't know ..... my queen", Sansa replied hesitantly, "Perhaps she too did not survive the Last war"

"Please escort our guest to the chambers. She must be tired from her journey", Danny ordered to take Sansa away.

That evening, sitting in her room looking outside at the burnt city Danny felt sad for a moment and then almost immediately she felt accomplished. She had got what she wanted. Her dragon Drogon, her first child named after her deceased husband was alive. She was the breaker of chains and liberator.

She was immersed in her thoughts when she heard a knock, "Come in", she said

A girl walked into the room, hardly 15 years old, " I am your new handmaiden my queen" she said.

"Very well, get my bath ready," Danny said.

"Yes my queen", she said.

When the bath was ready Danny walked into it and the handmaiden was standing in the corner partly scared . 

"Don't be scared, I won't hurt you", Danny said and called her. "What is your name ?"

"My name is friends call me Missa", she replied.

For a moment Danaerys froze and then said, " Its a beautiful name" as she got into the hot water.

Missa started to scrub her back when Danny began telling her that she once had a close friend named Missandei. Missa said, "I am sorry that you lost your friend, I lost too. My father , my mother and my younger brother"

"How ?", Danny asked almost afraid to know the answer.

"They died because they stood up against tyrants like Cercei", Missa said, Danny, sighed in relief. Missa continued, "I was very happy that you will liberate us now from her but then ..." she paused

"...then what ?" , Danny asked.

"Well You are not the rightful queen!", Missa whispered. 

As soon as Danny turned, Arya stabbed her in the gut with her Valyrian steel 'Needle'. Taking off her mask, Arya said to dying Danaerys, "You should not have murdered the innocent, You are no Queen".

With Danaerys died, there was chaos in the people especially her followers. Someone had already spread the word of Jon's reality that he was actually the rightful king and his followers stood by his side like a shield along with whatever and whoever was left in the King's Landing. 

The Dothraki had no purpose to fight with Jon because he was not the murderer and agreed to follow him in unison, Grey Worm decided to guard the city his Queen had captured and extended his support. 

The wars had ended and a new reign, a just reign was restored. And the third eyed raven, Bran, was again lost in the God's wood to be found only in chaos.

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