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Anu Menon


Global Warming

Global Warming

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Mia walks around the town with her friends. She sees a huge smoke coming from a factory. This stuns her and she wants to reach home as soon as possible. She runs home as she feels something wrong is about to happen.

She shuts the door and checks twice whether it is locked. 

Her dad is sitting in the living room reading newspaper. He asks Mia why did she slam the door shut.

Mia tells her dad all about her walk and the smoke.

Dad smiles lightly and asks her not to be afraid. He explains to her that the smoke from the factory is due to the toxic chemicals. The workers might have a chronic illness. The industrial waste in the form of plastic choke the fishes. And she will learn more about it in school.

Mia can't believe what all is happening in her town. 

“How can we help?” She asked her dad.

“We can help by recycling plastic and stop throwing waste in the water." said her dad.

Mia thanks her dad, opens the door, and step outside her house.

Her friends were calling her to come and play. She runs and shares all the information with them.

Mia knows that she and her friends will never cause pollution around them. They formed a club for people of all ages to learn the importance of Global Warming.

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