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Jexi cinda

Drama Romance


Jexi cinda

Drama Romance

Give It Up 2

Give It Up 2

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Jessy had her hand on her cheek as the tears dripped.

She knew arguing with her dad and step mom would only bring her more pain.

Nothing she says will ever count, not when her step mom is there.

She has a way of manipulating and bending her father to her will.

Deep down Jessy knew her father loved her but that love hasn't been expressed for as long as she can remember.

It had gone extinct since the day her dad remarried.

There's has been a happy family when her mother was alive.

Her parents showed her so much care that she had no reason to doubt their love.

She blinked away the tears and looked at her step mom who was glaring at her. She made to hit her again but Jessy turned and ran out to her room, bolting the door against the voice of her step mom who was threatening fire and brimstone.

She sat on her bed and tried to think despite the banging on her door.

"Open up this door you wrench.

You have the nasty attitude of your mother, same attitude that led her to a well deserved death."

Jessy felt her ears burn but she didn't move, she knew what her step mom was trying to do and she isn't going to give in to it.

She has a way of hurting her by mentioning her mother in the most despicable manner.

It has always been her most dangerous weapon.

In the past, Jessy would have opened the door to defend her mom.

But she has decided not to get manipulated anymore.

If only her mom was alive, none of this would have happened.

Yes they weren't rich but they were managing just fine.

The greatest mistake her father has ever made was marrying a jobless woman who has nothing to offer.

A woman with high and expensive taste.

A woman who was never contented with what she has.

It was her lack of contentment that led her father into borrowing in a bid to satisfy her.

She's so manipulative that her dad seldom questioned or refused her anything.

Why did her dad have to get entangled with Michael King?

A man with a fearful reputation.

She could still hear her step mom banging and yelling from the outside.

Her dad was talking, but she couldn't make out what he was saying, he was probably trying to calm his wife.

Jessy laid on her bed and tried to think despite the noise.

She figured she couldn't stay there anymore, not if she wanted to maintain her sanity.

She had to leave and fast too.

She thought about where she'll go without being found out by anybody.

She had some money which she had earned with her acting skills.

It struck her then that if she left the town, she'll miss out on all the offers she has for the month.

She had shows to take part in, shows that can fetch her some money if she participated.

She also knew she couldn't stay back and risk being traded off by her father and step mom.

She decided she has to leave without a trace.

She got up and started packing, she picked the photograph of her mom that was placed on her table, same photograph that her step mom had almost destroyed.

She picked her phone, deciding to text one of the directors just so they can start looking for a replacement.

She hated disappointing people but there was nothing else she could do.

She knew the director might question her on why she was dropping the show.

That was why she opted for a text than a call. 

She sent the text and laid down.

He stomach rumbled but she paid no attention to it.

It didn't bother her because she's used to going to bed without food, thanks to her step mom.

She knew going down to the kitchen would be more like a suicide mission.

She switched off the lights and laid on the bed, closing her eyes as the darkness enveloped the room.

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