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Jexi cinda

Drama Romance


Jexi cinda

Drama Romance

Give it up 4

Give it up 4

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Jessy woke up with a start.

She had slept well despite last night.

She knew it was mid morning because her room was already warm from the heat of the sun.

She went over and pulled her blind, closing her eyes against the sun beam as she felt it hit her face.

She went to her mirror, to talk to herself, it is like a daily ritual for her.

"Today is looking exceptionally bright" she said smiling at herself in the mirror.

"I guess it's because today is my redemption day." she smiled even the more.

She had decided to take her chance today and leave.

She had no idea where she would go but all she knew was that she was gonna leave.

She felt sad about leaving the house that has been her home since childhood.

The house were she had shared precious moments with her mother and father.

She thought about her father and her eyes watered.

The father she knew from childhood was gone, he was now more like a puppet, stringed and controlled by her step mom.

Her father would hurt her without batting and eyelid if her step mom wishes it.

She knew telling him about her plans was same thing as selling or giving her own self away.

He would waste no time in telling his wife who would waste no time in launching one her evil schemes.

She had to leave when the house was empty and she knew that wouldn't pose as a problem since her dad would go to work leaving her step mom who would definitely go to the next street to visit her gossip mates.

She just had to wait.

She heard voices downstairs and listened.

"The stupid girl is not down yet." her step mom was saying.

"She can stay up there if she likes all i know is that she's gonna marry Mr Michael." her dad replied.

Jessy was surprised he was still at home, he should be at work now she thought or maybe he just wanted to be late today.

"We can't wait for him to fix a wedding, we'll have to take her to him just as we promised." the step mom said with an authoritative tone.

"Yes you're right, Jessica is very stubbon.

If we keep waiting for her to accept the proposal, it might be too late and Mr Michael might get dangerous.

We have to take her to him, maybe he'll make her more co-operative.

"She's gonna be his maid, he has enough women already and she is nothing like the women around him." she said her voice laced with so much venom that Jessy cringed where she was.

"Which ever one works for him, I just want my debts cleared.

Am leaving, see you when I get a break."


Jessy placed her hands to her face.

She has suddenly developed a splitting headache and her heart was beating faster.

They were planning to take her to that ruthlessness man, a man that has no respect for women.

She knew she had made the right decision by deciding to leave.

She had never been more sure of anything in her life.

She wasn't surprised by the things her step mom said, that was so typical of her.

What surprised her was the things her father said. 

"He doesn't care what happens to her, all he wants is to have his debts cleared."

Every emotion she ever felt about leaving her father turned to anger.

He was worst than she thought and she was gonna leave without caring how he feels.

If Mr Michael wants to carry out any action, it should be on those who borrowed from him.

She didn't see any money, neither did she spend any money.

She's gonna go to a faraway city, where finding her will be next to impossible.

It's a good thing she has saved up a lot.

With her mind made up, she brought out a map and started searching for the perfect city...

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