Finding Love - Chapter 1

Finding Love - Chapter 1

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That day there were few people sitting on the café shop and out side was full of haziness and lightning thunder storm with heavy rain falls was glittering the hole town. On that time a man entering the café shop..I just pull the café shop door my three-inch heels slipped and fall in to the floor , I quickly stand up and gather my wallets and mobile the man approached me, and picked up the mobile before i had a chance to. Can I help you? The man asked. He had a long face, his tie was knotted loosely and the top two button of his shirt were undone. I was recalling that somewhere i also met that person but i can’t recollect him. And I am confused what I do now. That guy who say his name at the book shop. Thank you i said with mix of hesitation, he moved his hand I am Tushar do you remember?

Oh, yes, he smiled and said I think you are little bit injured can sit inside in the café..I agreed because my leg was already start paining.. He said I am photographer he reply. I asked Professionally or… Yes am working at times news photographer. Nice. And what about you? Nothing as such I am a chartered accountant. Oh that’s great,. I saw my wrist watch. Ok now I am leave I said ,barely controlling my shaking voice. Why? He asked very sneered. Actually I have a class .’at 4.30 so …then I could feel everybody’s eyes on me . my ears were becoming warm. No problem, If you don’t mind can I drop you. No Thanks I take a bus. I nodded rushed away of the café. Then I met many times in many different places now we are turning a friend to a good friends. Tushar was a nice photographer.. He asked me many times why are you not take a photo shoot? I said I didn’t like. I don’t know why One night my mobile was buzzed a text massage showing my mobile screen. Tushar txt me ‘Met at CCD (Café Coffee Day) tomorrow. After my college join at CCD Tushar already wait, how was your day going? Umm good yours? Today my week off . oh Ema I need I help from you. ‘Ya sure what kind of help you want? Listen I am writing a story. Oh that great I was getting excited so what was the name ? Umm not decided yet. Okeh tell me the fact of your story? Tushar taken deep breath this story is about love. Wait wait you writing about love..ha-ha I laugh little bit loudly the hole café people watching on me . Sorry’ I said to Tushar , Its ok . Ok did you know that many big author already write about your topic. I knew. Then why should are trying to write this. I am writing not about love I am writing who finding the love in life. I can’t understand. See, every human being want his/her love whatever the relation is father, mother, sister, lover or friends but somehow he/she can’t find or get the love which was really need to his/him maybe breakup, cheating or blackmail. I am right or wrong. Few minutes i get silence I can’t understand what I say? This is my main massage to give my readers Tushar stop his conversation. Well at least we have to start write. Yes but I can’t found a story to write can help me to find it yes why not, give me a few day I hope I will find a story for you.

Next day she share the topic with her friends everyone appreciate this. I arranged a contest at office that everybody write their story and give to me, and one winner story was based on the story and published. I can’t expect that a huge response and stories was submitted. I call Tushar that I get huge of stories to help to write. we met at CCD in evening and they are sitting in same table ..i said very happily you know my all college students are submitted their stories and last night I read some stories that was get out of my tears in my eyes here some few stories I was chosen now your choices I speared few bunch of stories papers on the table. Tushar smiled and pick one of the bunch . Ah this is nice after few minutes later Tushar said after reading this story. Who write this? Tushar asked she said See on the last page. Yes I get it. Its Kriti Sen . Maybe she said. Well let me read the stories then I decided


Juhu, 2013 (Mumbai)

The sound of the sea, sound of the people, sound of the vehicles was hurt of the Mumbai . Mumbai, the air is saltier ,the sea is Collier ,the traffic is snarlier the pinks are pinker the ostentation is crazier but I had not a time to appreciate the scene. Today my first interview day at ICICI Bank .I recheck my folder all documents in were in order. I wear a formal white shirt with black blazer and trouser with high heels ..after three year i survive and trying to update myself. I open my mail and check the interview time at 11.30 I can’t nervous but not happy not for job somehow somewhere i missing very much. The door bell was ringing I open the door..Abhipsha was wait are ready? she asked excitedly . Yes..let’s go..when I cross the breach candy road talking with mobile and right a man cross the road opposite side slipped out of my hand and fell to the hard road. I’m so sorry! I totally didn’t see you there, he apologised. Another few minutes of public passed and watching the incidence. I pick up my mobile ;the screen had little bit shattered and it refused to turn on. Idiot, I muttered under my breath. I looked my wrist watch its twenty minutes already waist for this we need to rushed out here. Now fourteen minutes they we to reached there ..Abhipsha get her folder and bag and both we are running after five minutes late we are reached there..few candidates are still waiting beside the glass door. Thank god interview are still running I taking a deep breath. Ms. Estella is the hr & admin of this company. I was sixth number candidate to give interview. I was little nervous I fell that my check was warmed and heartbeat was little bit fast After five minutes I take a call . Please sit. Mrs. Estella was notice to sit. Okay so, After my interview she was call the second round which was written exam. Now we have free time ,Abhipsha going to wash room and I go to visit the office Many employees are gathering there..Excuse me hello Ma’am, somebody calling me too far away but where the calling are came I cant recognize then I saw a that man coming within the gathering ..he came in front of me I am so sorry for the accident ..I will pay for your mobile if u don’t mind, I apologies No No. its ok, it’s a minor damage my temper glass broken I will repair..he asked with smile so.. are doing job here? No i will come to give a interview and now I am waiting for second round. Oh that which post you apply? CA i said. Ok ah my name is Varun I also job here and good to see you. All the best..he could escape .. finally I get the job , At night I sat of my bed, my hands draped over my knees as my mind raced thought to another thought .

My phone was vibrate I was strolling down and looked at the sender , I didn’t know the number. Curious, I read text massage congratulation Ma’am, who is this ?I texted back. The Reply was came in a few second I also senior ca Mr Varun in your office…today we met at café shop you remember, so tomorrow your reporting time ten o clock . I was surprised by the fact that it was Varun. I smiled again and type. yes sir, Tuesday morning I turned on the shower and dried myself. I wear a red formal shirt with black blazer after all today my first day. After I reached my office Varun already waiting for the café shop which was in ground floor in the office building. I already reached thirty minutes earlier. Please sit, varun said. So, do you want some coffee or anything, No thanks, I gave my brilliant smile, I crossed my legs and leaned back in my chair. Varun touch his lips in hot cream coffee, so, ms. Ema , how is your experience in yesterday interview?? I looked up and blinked twice..Nice, I said softly..he again smile..okay let go to in..Already time done..i enter in a hall room which was in south face in my left side nice decorated sound proof glass. I will see hole juhu beach and the the buildings of Juhu ..there many new employees are there to first day of introduction..Varun take a introduction class..Share business stats etc etc..after office, I am waiting at vile Parle bus stop for bus the sky was turning dark the wind blow very faster in a few second rain was fall down and I am getting wet but there my bus not still coming. I turn out my mobile from my bag and try book a cab..on that time Varun was call me, I picked up, say hello. Where are you? Varun asked me very loudly..Excuse me? I said, then I feel I getting angry ..his voice coming cracking and I disconnect the line.. Already my bus was came and I get in the bus and take sit at window side the was closed ..Today bus was not a huge crowd..but the rain was still falling .The signal was on and the bus already start running I looking at outside then I saw Varun was came running the bus stop, but my bus already rush there. I thinking what type of happening done? My mobile was vibrate, but I was so tired , I nearly ignored it. I put my hand in my bag and then drew out the mobile and tapped a few buttons. It was from Varun, ‘are you crazy? At least you should inform me that you leaving ..I tapped buttons furiously..’I already inform manger but I can’t found you there..’Moments later, I was on my way to the home.

Winter fog was fully wrap this town, the hole sea was sleeping decided to avoid Varun,for a few day Varun was fully changed, Not a single day had passed without his thinking about me.i observed he care me too much but I can’t say anything anymore..’yes, he have been in love’ when Abhipsha given the news, What? Who say you? Are you sure? I couldn’t stop myself questioning her..Abhipsha take her lotion cream and mixing the cream in her chicks and said ‘Varun was told me. He cried very much yesterday evening in the café shop I asked him what happen. He said that he getting hurt when you refused his ring..He gave that ring? I remember I was found a fully wrapped little box in my office drawer but I can’t take this . Yes I refused. why I take his gift. I don’t love him after all I didn’t have any felling from that way. He is good friends that all..I apologized. I think you should have to talk with Varun.’ Abhipsha said in such a sad voice. I said how I faced him? Lets met him tomorrow Aabhipsha said . I was not sure how to respond and what I say? Many question was shattering in my mind..what are thinking ? Abhipsha smiled at least you have to know more about him. Maybe your mind was changed..lets see. I said. It was midnight when I picked up my phone and sent a message to Varun..’Lets ‘ meet tomorrow. I slept.

Next day we meet at juhu beach..Varun give me a bunch of rose. ‘Happy rose day’..Thank you’ I give my smile. He trying to say something but he can’t say. The sun was going to sleep the water of see was rolling and rolling..a wind blowing my face my long hair again and again cover my face..let go to the café Varun said..Taking a deep breath, I slid into the chair in front of him. So, are you angry for me? Varun question with his smile. Why? Curious I asked. Actually that day I give you a ring that’s why you angry I think..Which ring? When? I try to show that I don’t know anything. He shocked ‘are you kidding me’ Varun said with low voice. So tell me more about you Ruhi.’ There is nothing to say about me’ I declared. Tell me about you I asked without any hesitation because I need know more about him..Abhipsha told me. Well varun taken a deep breath I was born and brought up in Kolkata, Varun started.’ I came a very lower middle class father is a big businessman when I am child..I lost my father in family didn’t love me I can’t find the reason. After my father die my mom doing a job of tailoring..She is hardest women in my life I ever seen..That time any one of my family member cant came to help me to survive. oh’ I said quietly I watched the pain flash in his eyes..when he spoke of his story..Before three year my mom had a brain stroke and she was bedridden my college education was stop and search for a job because my little saving went into her treatment. It was pretty hard to me for managing medical and other expenses , after one year I lost my mom , ‘I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your mother’, I said I found my eyes was started to fill with tears. but I still not survive Varun said very sad in his voice.. ’what survive’? Curiously I asked. Varun keep silence for a few second. ‘ I lost my wife’ I was surprised by his tone.’ who Is she? How? I was confused.

‘Her name is Kasturi, she used to came at my first office.'

‘What happened?’ I mean how is she lost? I asked. Varun was silent his face was turning red and his eyes was full in tears but miracle that one drop of tears can’t put in the table. Varun drink a glass of water and continue I found a job before this bank. They need a fresher person on their company. I was interviewed and luckily I get the job, he smiled. ‘ I became a supervisor in two year, I never guessed he held such sorrow in his life. ‘ I never knew you went thought such tough times. You never shared this with me or Abhipsha. I pointed out. Varun shrugged his shoulders, ‘you never asked me, ema, he said.

What does happen with Kasturi? Varun clean her eyes with his hanky, he round his yes around the café shop.. varun started again..the day of Christmas I never forgive in my life..that day the hole town was full in light but my life was in dark. I remember that day I was taken early leave from my office. You know why? That day I will marry with Kasturi. I smiled. We are both happy you know..after married we are visit to oriental bowl restaurant which was Ramada Plaza Palm Grove, Juhu Beach. We are planning for next program on that time a man came running towards Kasturi and in a few second there was a pathetic incidence was happen there. A man threw a liquid packets to kasturi's face and the bust of the packets her face was totally started burning..oh my god. Acid! I said and stop my mouth with my arms. Yes, Sulfuric acid Varun said very sad voice. Then, I asked curiously. Many people running and shouted with panic. I can’t catch the man because already I am also injure for acid attack. My half of left hand was totally burn. Kasturi was still lying on floor and shouted everybody will be busy for running, again a packet was bust on Kasturi heads..but who did they doing I can’t recognize, because too much crowd. I keep kasturi to my arm and try to leave this place. Immediately the police and ambulance came. Kasturi was senseless .Medical team was keep kasturi for ambulance..I never think this was my last see to kasturi. They admit her at sun ridges Speciality hospital after four hour fight they can’t save Kasturi. her face and ninety percent of body was burn. I can’t save her. Varun stop his conversation his eyes was full of tears. I fell The hole café shop was full silence and all air was listening the stories. ‘Your bill mam,’ the waiter gives a bill book in to the table. Varun took deep breath. I put my arm in toVvarun shoulder ‘I am sorry’ I apologize .

So, you met? Abhipsha asked without turn her face from the laptop. ’yes’ we met. I said. What did he say? ‘such a sorrow past’ I said softly.’I know’ Abhipsha said and took a bite and chewed. ‘what you know?’ I asked curiously , She cut the flesh with spoon before continuing her interrogation.’ Ruhi’ I know the past. You know?why are you not tel me? And how did you know? I asked her with little of arrogant. ‘tel you later now I am too tired ‘ she go to her room and shut her door. I fell confused that what can I do? If I accept varun then what was my future? and second scare from my dad. As my dad, he was an orthodox man in both appearance and action. If dad get the news that I was in relationship with varun he will not accept it. I was never imagine more I threw my mobile in to my bed and slept.

She sip in hot cuppasiano and said ‘.Ema ’ why didn’t call Varun to join with us I hope he rushed out office. Squeezing my eyes tight, I gave weak smile and I muttered in myself ‘why did she call Varun here?’ I try to avoid my uneasiness. I turn out my mobile and call varun. ‘His number was unreachable’ I said, Abhipsha’s face turing fade ‘call again’ she asked , I call again but same voice recording was playing. We decided to visit Varun’s apartment which was at Koliwada . Koliwada was an nice place, there temple, market and street were crowded day and night . Today was huge cold was in town, its was ten degree salacious the wind blowing very furiously ,fog was covered the road our cab headlight was unable to cut the fog of koliwada. I still try to reach Varun in phone but same recording was playing. After twenty five minutes we reach Varun’s apartment but Varun wasn’t there. The watchman said that varun still not came from office. We asked many question to the watchman but he didn’t get any answer. I decided to back to our home, tomorrow we get it. We can’t talk anymore in car my thought jump to another thought, There after we are on the way to the home. In midnight Abhipsha get a call from the police station, ‘what happen’ I asked, ‘varun is in hospital’ abhipsha’s voice was full of scare. ‘what’? how? I…. I can’t finish my words A0bhipsha shouted me ‘can you please stop your questioning and lets go to hospital. Varun was admitted at HBT medical college which was at gulmohar road, the hole street was slept our cab was running, cold wind was flowing my ears.

I was scared my hand fell away, the coldness of my fears weaving my shoulders. ‘well, did you know actually what happen with Varun? Abhipsha asked, her hand motion down the in cab window’s handle. After forty-five minutes we are reached at hospital, many police van and ambulance stay there and the sound of siren of police van was more try scare me. I get my hand to Abhipsha tightly and move toward the emergency ward. A man looks at us and come towards us ‘Hello’ mam, I am inspector Kabir Alawat and he moved his hand towards Abhipsha. Many constables are marching in to the gate. ‘Don’t worry he is out of danger,’ if you don’t mind we can interrogate to both you, ‘But what happen’ I asked curiously, ‘It’s attempt to murder and this is not a time to explain ’, please came with us at police station.’ Can me met him’ I asked my voice was breaking I fell I was scared and worried about Varun. ‘sorry mam’, inspector Tushar said putting his walky talky, he still was senseless’ my eyes was full of tears. ‘I will go’, Ruhi you sit here after my interrogation you will’, Abhipsha said strongly. My tears fell slower, after Abhipsha’s interrogation inspector Tushar call me in the interrogation room. Abhipsha hold my hand and said ‘don’t scared’.

I sat beside of inspector tushar, he started,

'So, Ema Sharma, are you warm ? can you take coffee or anything.’

‘No thanks. ‘ I close my eyes and taken a deep breath. The whole room drop of silence, I hear that few days ago you met varun, could you please tell me about more.

I don’t know about anything more’, we just met few month that’s all I said with sad voice my was shaking and I fell scared.

‘Sir’ Mr varun was came back his sense, doctor call you immediately, ‘ a constable came and give the news, we are get in to the police car and back to hospital. When we enter male ward, Varun’s head was full bandage, saline was running, Varun lying on his bed, ‘how is he doctor’, inspector kabir asked, ‘ now he out of danger, but his left leg was fractured and the more important thing his get a major injure in his head’, Dr Joy pointed out his finger toward varun bandage head. There after we rushed out at hospital with the inspector, ‘actually what happen can tell me’ I asked him with requesting voice, ‘There were in a car accident near breach candy, I think this was attempt to murder we are already start official investigation your are his friends that’s why I first start my enquiry to yours side, see you soon’, There will nobody found to suspect, but investigation still going, Varun was recover slowly but he still in hospital, his anyone relative was cant came to see him in hospital, after office me and Abhipsha was visit there, Varun still unable to talk, yesterday doctor asked he going in coma. Still there month left Varun cant response.

Me and Abhipsha was visit regular in hospital. Varun still in a coma.

I was transferred in Varanasi, Varanasi older than history, older than tradition, here religious feeling rings supreme and each ritual in Varanasi is almost a festival. I don’t know why my soul was shattering? I felt I was not happy somehow, but I can’t find the reason, when I am in office my my mind was in Varun,. I decided stop thinking about V0arun, not a single day had passed without my thinking about him. Somehow I fell that I was still crushed by Varun’s abrupt accident. I Picked my mobile from the table and flip the screen to find Abhipsha’s number, on that time a text messages was notify its Abhipsha, Varun was left. The news when I listen I'm not in me and i realised that i was in love with Varun and its was too late. I can't find the murderer and my love. One day I will find my love.

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