Fight For Dream!

Fight For Dream!

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It was Sunday evening, Vivek along with his beautiful wife, Kritika and a five years old adorable daughter, Shriya had gone for shopping. While Kritika was collecting stuff in the cart, Vivek was carrying the little kid in his arms worrying how much his shopaholic wife would spend on shopping. As they were moving towards the billing counter, Shriya eyed upon an expensive toy and started demanding for it with her miser father. He declined to purchase it telling her that he would buy her a better toy from another shop. But she didn't agree and kept demanding for the toy and started crying. Somehow they managed to come out of the mall and took her to another shop for buying a cheap toy. But she had made up her mind to buy that toy only and constantly kept demanding that. Vivek purchased a toy of his choice and they returned to their home. But neither did she touch the toy nor she ate dinner. Vivek thought that she would be okay by next morning and so he left her alone. But again, next morning she started annoying them for the toy and refused to take breakfast. Being sick of her stubbornness, Vivek took her to the mall and bought her the toy. Shriya was elated after getting the toy and instantly planted a kiss on her father's cheek.

After fifteen years...

Shriya was grown up to a beautiful intelligent girl. She had completed her graduation in BBA and passed each semester with flying colors.

'So, what is your plan ahead?' Vivek asked her.

'Papa, I want to start an NGO,' Shriya replied.

'And how much will you earn?'

'That's not the concern papa, I will be happy with whatever I will earn,' Shriya replied calmly.

'And for that, I have spent lakhs of money on your education!'

'Please, don't think your money will be wasted, I will use the knowledge in my organization. And moreover, I have always dreamt of working in an NGO.'

'I don't want to hear anything, you have scored well throughout your graduation so you will get a decent job with a handsome salary.' Vivek declared.

Shriya gave up her dream and took a decent job. For her entire life, she lived with the regret of not fighting for her dream.

Many of us give up on our dreams before fighting for them. Isn't it true that our life will be happier, if we fight for our dreams the way we used to fight for little things during our childhood?

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