Years After

Years After

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A few years from now , a time will come when I will be sleeping late till the sky turns orange by the sunset. Lying in my bed with my dog Stark, I will look at the cracks on the wall and relate them to the scars on my skin. I will just lie in my bed, morbidly thinking about stuff I have thought about 100 times. When Stark will snuggle in my lap in his usual manner to ask for his meal and I will check the time from the corner of my eye, I will decide to get up, wear some pants, feed Stark his favourite meal and go have a drink and a smoke all by myself, I won't even shave my overgrown beard. Neither will I cologne.

I will leave thinking whether to have my regular Whiskey today or try something new with this scenario in my mind, when the waitress will give me a shy smile as I complement her that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen with my usual charm.

Yeah, she will smile .

She will definitely smile .

A weather is acute chilly and brisk at the same time and I have forgotten to get my jacket as I walk down looking at my feet and feeling the cold breeze down my neck, I forget a lot of things nowadays. I can hardly remember names and dates but it has been like this for years now. With a little snipe of realization and better after taste memories , I head towards my favourite bar.

A beautiful brewery in Dublin, as I always imagined it to be. The untold attachment never left my senses. I enter the bar and gave a genuine smile to the friendly Bartender. I always sit at a same corner table , from where I can see everyone in the room through these years , certain parts of me would change. Silence and Wisdom will grow stronger.

Poet and lover will stay.

As I sat there, I smoke away a cigarette and sip my regular whiskey (again) and may be wait for you to somehow walk in, but I won't really be waiting for you. I hope the time would come when I don't see your shadow or chase your voice anymore. But I guess something's wouldn't change . It's like I always knew my life unravelling down the years.

How I will talk.

How I will walk.

How I will smile.

How I will cry.

How my wrinkles will show up when I smile.

How my tattoos will look on my wearing skin.

How I will write and express my thoughts.

How I will book holiday to Ibiza,

And travelled alone myself .

I will learn to see the universe beyond lines of our limits and I will seek for happiness in conversations with strangers. But Years After, I will still be waiting for that call you didn't make, after you left me at the wedding Altar.

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