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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Soulstar Universal

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Soulstar Universal

Abstract Drama Fantasy



9 mins

Earthy (Ear) ruled the earth and Skycap (Sky) ruled the sky. Although they stayed poles apart, they were very good friends. For years innumerable Earthy had seen generations of humans live on the earth for centuries and after their journey on the earth was over, it was Skycap who would take over their existence dwindling them between heaven and hell. Since the Covid pandemic started both of them were facing too many issues at their respective fronts and although both took much respite and pride in being able to solve their problems on their own, one-day Earthy decided to take a step back and start a conversation with Skycap. Even if it meant to vent his feelings, he was okay with it... So...

Earthy: I have been wearing this mask for more than four months now. Tired...

Skycap: I am feeling tired making space for the dead Earthy... Although... I must say the environment has become much cleaner during this pandemic, now that no one is abusively polluting it through the unnecessary use of vehicles and other amenities.

Earthy: It has been three months since the WHO declared an emergency in lieu of the pandemic. The virus has affected around 210 countries and has killed more than 2 lakh people. I am worried about the remaining 31 lakh who are still infected. Does God forbid if they are destined to die how are we going to manage?

Skycap: Learn to look at the positive side Ear... More than 10 lakh people have recovered and the upcoming plasma trials are yielding positive results. I am sure the number will reduce. If it doesn't, I am going to have a tough time making room for so many of them as well. In fact, I will be soon facing a shortage of staff in order to compartmentalize these people.

Earthy: Compartmentalize? What for?

Skycap: For deciding who goes to hell and who goes to heaven. Despite whatever... procedures need to be followed... right?

Earthy: Oh! I get that...The people in my province too are having problems burying the dead Sky. Unless the ritual is completed here respectfully and with much love it is very difficult for humans to leave my province and enter yours. I have had to deploy so many resources to help them come to terms with reality and accept it for what it is. But the pain of separation from their loved ones does not let their souls leave their bodies to become a part of your world. As a result, although you are happy that pollution is less now, it is concerning to me that there is too much air traffic even when domestic and international flights are not taking off. All these souls lurking in the midst of nowhere!

A child has lost his parents, a wife her husband, a lover his fiance, a youngster his dream to do something on the earth! Too many unfulfilled wishes... Too many disappointments... But I am amazed at the way those who are left behind are fighting the Covid pandemic... It's a very difficult thing Skycap to be here and face all this that is going on... I have never seen anything so devastating ever since the Second World War. Although, the pain that the World War had inflicted was beyond measure!

Skycap: Oh no no no... Don't even remind me of that Ear. I have had a tough time letting go of those memories. At the time there was immediate recruitment happening here. The number of corpses in your province was so high and the man-force here so less that the Almigodly council had passed an amendment to that effect.

Earthy: Ohh really! I didn't know about this...

Skycap: How would you Ear? We never got any time to speak about it. We both were so busy then.

Earthy: That's so true Sky... So what does the council say now? I mean what is its take on the current pandemic?

Skycap: As of now the council hasn't conducted a meeting. There is a lot of gossips that prevails amidst the higher-ups though... But... nothing official.

Earthy: Ahh... I get that. This power struggle is everywhere isn't it Sky? People hardly realize their duty and do it for the sake of it. It is in the power that their happiness prevails and that is the root cause of all problems. It's a commonplace in my province. I had thought your's would be devoid of this menace. But it doesn't look like...

Skycap: You are forgetting Ear... There was massive recruitment during the second world war in my province. We recruited a lot of them without thorough background checks. Souls of common man, war officials, soldiers, spies, teachers, politicians, journalists, students ... all at the same time! We are having a tough time dealing with them now. Up until that time it wasn't that everything was fine, but what is there now is definitely worse. Trust me you are better off than us Ear...

Earthy: I am not sure I can quite accept what you are saying. Every day is a new challenge for me and my province for the past few months. Just as you have a troubled past to deal with, my province is facing the brunt of a similar tragedy. Why do you think the numbers are not yet coming into control? There has to be some reason right. There is a lot of hatred and diplomatic behavior here also Ear. More than what you can imagine!

Skycap: Oh god! I am sorry to hear that Ear. Just too preoccupied with my own things here that I hardly have any time to be updated about you and your region. I am becoming selfish I guess...

Earthy: I think you are for sure! (laughs) You know this stupid mask that I am wearing is defective. God alone knows how else is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) going to destroy me and my province?

Skycap: I agree with your Ear. There are just too many reports that have exposed the bad actions of the CCP. Not that the other countries are saints. Yet, what the CCP has done is grave.

Earthy: I couldn't agree with lesser Sky. Ever since I have understood that wet markets in China which had started during 1970 to allow for their survival after a drought have flourished since then only with an economic purpose and it has nothing to do with their livelihood, I have lost it. Currently, only 2 percent of the Chinese population avails of the products in those markets, and in the context of the Indian market, this 2 % in the Chinese province comprises the Tata's, Birla's, and the Ambani's. As in, 'THE CREAM'! It is clear that especially after the SARS and the MERS that had happened previously, they could have averted the prevalence of these markets. But they didn't. And see where it has brought us today!

Skycap: Shamelessly cruel acts of selfishness and self-propagation Ear... What else? I have also known reports that suggest the COVID - 19 virus is man-made and not a consequence of an accidental lab leak in Wuhan.

Earthy: What are you saying Sky? This is big... You mean all that news about the bat being killed accidentally was a hoax?

Skycap: Don't get excited Ear. It is still to be proved. Yet I feel there is some substance to this.

Earthy: And why do you feel so?

Skycap: That's because a renowned Nobel laureate without known political affiliations is making an accusation to that effect. You know ... he is the same person who had discovered HIV and ... according to him the current coronavirus which is causing such havoc is actually a combination of three viruses...

Earthy: On my God! Three viruses!!! But how does that prove his point that it is man-made?

Skycap: Listen to the whole story Ear... Don't interrupt me! (Gets irritated)

Earthy: Sorry... Continue.

Skycap: Ya... So I was saying that the scientist claims it to be man-made because it has similarities to the AIDS and Malaria causing organisms.

Earthy: You mean the current COVID-19 has similarities with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Plasmodium spps.?

Skycap: Yes...

Earthy: But still... How does it prove the point that the scientist is trying to make that COVID - 19 is man-made?

Skycap: That is because according to this man the possibility of the coming together of the genes of two such dangerously infectious organisms in nature all by itself is a next to impossible. The only reason the co-existence of the 'HIV' and the 'Plasmodium spps' like genes in the current Corona virus can be explained is if it has been engineered by humans.

Earthy: Oh my god!

Skycap: And there are many researchers around the world that are investigating this finding to come to a consensus. Needless to say that the United States of America (USA) which has suffered majorly because of the pandemic is investigating the Chinese labs aggressively.

Earthy: But what is the use of all of this Sky? The damage is done. Millions have suffered and are continuing to suffer. In the current situation, it is apparent that it will be some more time before life comes back to normal. The damage is really done!

Sky: True Sky. Very true. Ohh... By the way, why had you asked for an urgent call to be made by the angelospirito connexus (ACS). Did you want to convey something important? In the flow of this conversation, I completely forgot to ask you. It is better we speak business, else I cannot guarantee when next will you be able to get through me via the ACS portal...

Earthy: Oh Sky! I just love this ability of yours to remain present no matter what!

Sky: Thanks Ear! Tell me...

Earthy: I had actually called to ask for help. I need a few angels and good spirits from your province. Just as a backup! People in my province are dealing with the situation quite well, yet, there are some sparks of communal riots, attacks on workers and helpers, and some unwanted political propaganda that seem to negatively influence the COVID fight. I have observed that it might be difficult to make containment and peace arrangements at the last moment if there is a dire situation. So...

Sky: Okay Ear... I understand that. Actually we too are in a dire need of helpers and are facing a shortage of good spirits and angels. But I will try my best to help you... Just give me some time to respond. I will put forth your request to the Almigodly council and get back to you.

Earthy: Thanks Sky. Thanks a lot. Take care of yourself while you are doing everything to keep things in perspective and helping others. My best wishes to you!

Sky: Sure Earthy. Best wishes to you too... Take care!

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