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I was working at an International School in Gurgaon. A group of 12 teachers joined early to prepare the curriculum. We were accommodated at a 3-star hotel named the countryside located on Gurgaon-Sohna road. School buildings were not ready to accommodate us yet. We visit the building on Aravali hills. The school was located on Aravali hills. I can't say it was illegal, illegally encroached or nexus between politician and businessman. But they captured more than 30 acres of land and had constructed huge buildings and infrastructure.

It was the first job for me with a tag of International School. Yes, Our Headmaster was a European, few teachers from Europe and America were interviewed. We were interviewed for many rounds; Long-listing, Shortlisting, Telephonic Interview, background verification and then final round at Sainik Farms in Delhi. This place is known as Sainik Farm but there are no Sainiks only politicians and businessmen encroached that area.

I came for an interview on that day at Sainik Farm thinking of a corporate office. Just opposite, It was a full-fledged residence of Jains. I have to enter my details at the main gate of the residence. I saw many people roaming inside. They were govt. officials from the Income-tax department. They sealed many rooms but there was a room where the interview took place. They agreed to offer me a job and also to my wife.

My wife has neither come for an interview nor applied. Director said we can not pay you to interview expenses now as everything is sealed. We will manage this and you will be paid within three to five days. It was the first time when I came to know that even Income Tax raids can be managed or organized by these businessmen. So, I remember, on joining we were staying in a hotel sponsored by Saral Friday school trust. Free food, AC Bus for going to school for 6 to 8 hours. On fixed day school started, I am unable to describe a variety of cars parked in the parking area.

Every student was given IBM laptops and credit cards which they can use during weekends. It was not a school, nor a five-star hotel rather a status symbol for the parents. I had many friends in this school, I remember a few Howard, Hill, Mangar, Lalage, Taylor, Sharma, Chauhan, Singh and Chakraborty. Once, they left the school, our friendship got over. They call it professional relations.

One British Deputy was plotting against the British Head with the help of promoters. The school was not run by the Headmaster but by the father and son promoters. One day, I saw they locked the Headmaster officer from outside. The previous day, I heard there were hot discussions and arguments with the promoters and Headmaster Mr. Rhon Mayor. Mr. Mayor was very low. His office was locked from outside and I went and said Hello Sir! He replied, "Fine" although he was not at his best.

Same evening I along with my wife visited his bungalow near the school which he was offered by the promoters with a condition that non-veg food would not be used in any condition in the house, this bungalow was constructed on unauthorized or encroached land with the nexus of politician and businessmen, he offered us a place on a sofa and he sat on the carpet laid floor.

He narrated the whole incident and admired me for the courage I have by visiting him. So, I also assured him that we are going to have few more international schools in the coming days and I have already spoken to Mr. Pathak, Chairman of school in Doon and Kumar Mangalam, Chairman of school in Bangalore. Now he visited both the places within the next few days. He was barred to come to school but he was operating from his residence.

Mr. Pathak gave his feedback and found him unfit for his organization. But CEO of Bangalore school called me after a few days asking for whereabouts of Mr. Mayor. He got angry with me as Mr. Mayor was not taking his calls. After a month I got a call from Mr. Mayor that he has joined a world-class school in Sohna.

We visited him and within a few days, we were at the farmhouse of his owner where we had to remove our shoes outside and I was advised that I should be talking less in front of Chairman as he gets irritated easily and in anger, he can even kill or nobody can do any harm to him.

He had enough money. Dear readers, I want to inform you though I was thinking that my present employer is not aware of my connections, movements with Mr. Mayor, I was wrong. The next day when I reached school my salary was increased from 12k to 37k plus perks, more than 3 times increase.

I left the idea of joining Mr. Mayor's school at Sohna rather continue at the present place. But this did not continue long. It was 9 days wonder. I was invited to meet the Promoter of the school at Sainik Farm. I gave up this idea of meeting him and started my new journey in the South where a school was established on a scrupulous campus of 750-acre undisputed land was waiting for me.

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