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Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational


Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational

Embarking on a New Journey- ( The Third Part)

Embarking on a New Journey- ( The Third Part)

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 Recap: Embarking on a New Journey- The Second Part 

Mugdha's Father could very well interpret the call but was not in a position to say much and said Ok.

Post disconnecting the call, there were tears in his eyes as he looked at his daughter he was still trying to comprehend how to convey the bad news to her.


Mugdha knew that look on his father's face she immediately knew something was wrong and asked Father to share with her.

Her father knew she was not prepared to hear this news, hence just told her Rohit was leaving for London tomorrow since he had to visit his uncle who was sick and wanted to meet Rohit urgently.

Mughda listened carefully smiled and said, "It's OK, Papa, not to worry. And don't worry about me, I'll recover soon. Even before he could reply to her, there was a knock on the door. Maybe at the back of the mind, she had an idea about it 

but was too scared to admit it.

The nurse came and told them that Dr Sharma would be visiting to examine the patient in another 5 minutes. 

After 5 minutes, there was a knock on the door and entered Dr Sharma with a smile and said 'Hi, How is my patient doing? .A nurse also accompanied him behind him.

The doctor was going through all the test reports, the files that nursed handed him to go through it.

While the doctor was going through the file and was having some conversation with the nurse and Mugdha's father she noticed that doctor was a tall,handsome-looking guy, was wearing spectacles and had a very familiar voice. As soon as he entered the room, Mughda sensed a piece of happiness, as if she had some old connect with him. She was trying to read that face those facial features looked so familiar to her as if she knew him very well.

Breaking the silence, Mugdha bombarded the questions on the doctor and asked, "Doctor, what has happened to my legs, why I am not feeling any movement in the legs? What do my reports say? Will I be able to walk again?

Now it was Doctor's turn to look Mugdha. Even with all the bruise and accident post affects she still looked beautiful. His mother used to always say, "The most beautiful thing about any person is the soul, and the people with pure soul are the most beautiful person on this earth. And for him, she was one of them.

She still looked the same, that innocence in the eyes, the strong determination, not give up attitude was all intact in there.

How could he deliver the bad news to her, but again he was not here as a friend, but as a doctor.

He finally said, 'Miss Mugdha, I know you and your Father have a lot of questions for him. Well, I am sorry to share with you that the severe accident has affected your legs badly. Hence there is no movement in your legs, but again at this point, we cannot confirm if the movement will come back. There have been cases where patients lost their ability to walk again, but again there was a 1% case where patients started walking.

We'll suggest to you the medicines, exercises, physiotherapy, but again, it all depends on how your legs react to the treatment.

Mugdha and her Father were in tears for her the entire world had collapsed. Even being on the bed she felt as if something was dragging her into the deep hole.

Her head was spinning badly she started shouting, No, No, this cant happen. It seemed news had aggravated the pain in her whole body, so to calm her down nurse had to give her an injection to relax her and bring her to sleep.

When she opened her eyes, she got shocked seeing the same doctor sitting in front of her. The only difference was he was not his doctor coat. The smiled on his face looked so familiar.

Before she could say anything, he said, Hi, bestie! How are you? I know you are angry with me, but if allow me to share my side of the story, maybe you'll understand.

Wait, this can't be true why on earth would the doctor call her "bestie".And the word was associated with just one person, was "Kartik".

Kartik smiled and said, "Hi Mugdha, Yes, it's me. I had no idea that we are going to meet like this. And I am sorry for not telling you before that I was Kartik.

 I am really sorry for disappearing from your life, but bestie let me tell you I kept myself updated about the latest happening in your life. I even came to know you were getting married to your business partner "Rohit", your organisation won some awards and that you had really taken good care of your family post aunty's sudden demise. 

Well, I know you have a lot of questions for me, but let me tell you I came to meet you my bestie.

Even before she could react, he handed her a big beautiful red roses bouquet and gave her a hug. Kartik still remembered Mugdha loved red roses and got that for her.

It took some time for her to process it, she kept on looking at him as if still trying to search for the old Kartik she remembered.

She finally said 'Doctor, I mean Kartik, are you kidding me? In the afternoon you bombarded me with the news of my legs, and now you are here claiming that you are my bestie "Kartik".I know I am currently under medications, but let me tell you you are messing with the wrong person.

Please leave the room immediately and I would no longer prefer to get treatment from you.

Kartik was stunned, he never expected she would react this way. He was about to leave when he heard something

"True friends are never apart.Maybe in distance, but never in heart".Before Kartik left the city, on his last bday Mughda gifted a mug to him that had these lines craved on it.

He looked back and saw her smiling. She remembered him. After all these years, nothing changed between them. There was so much to catch up with between them and as expected Mugdha asked as to why he never connected to her again.

Why No letter, phone call, email in so many years? Mugdha asked. She said she was highly disappointed with Kartik and missed him badly especially after mom's sudden demise.

There were tears in Kartik's eyes, he told her, how moving to a different city changed his life upside down. It was not that he didn't miss her, but Life played a difficult game with him, and that he got trapped in it. After a few months of their shifting, while coming back from a wedding their car met with an accident, he lost his father and mother in the car accident on the spot. Since he was too young to be on his own, he was raised by his grandparents.

That accident has a deep impact on him not only physically, but mentally too.

You know I am still carrying the scars of that accident, would you like to know about it?

Not only did I lost my parents, but I also lost 1 of my leg. The accident was so severe that to save my life they had to remove my 1 leg.

There was nothing left for me in this life, in fact, I thought to commit suicide too, but I was blessed with the most wonderful grandparents who took care of me.

They taught me some very important lessons in life, that got deeply imbibed in me somewhere.

Life can not always be fair to you, but you need to play and keep your best game ON.

Today, I am proud to share that I am one of the renowned surgeons, and shouldering this responsibility with 1 artificial leg.

So, even difficult time brings along an opportunity for you, you just need to be open to that.

Well, my parents may not be with me today, but I am sure they would be proud of me. 

And Yes, I had planned to attend your wedding and give you a surprise.

But Destiny had something else, planned for us.

The day you were admitted to the ICU, I was called to the surgery. You were in such a bad condition that I didn't realise it was you. It was only after the operation, I saw uncle, Kiara, Rohit waiting in the lobby for you that I realised it was You.

Post your surgery, I got busy with some other critical back to back surgeries, hence couldn't come and meet either you or uncle.

I know you must be thinking why I didn't tell you about myself when I came on a visit. Well, I had to carry some critical information with you as your doctor, hence I didn't tell you nor uncle about myself.

But right now as your bestie, I am here to tell "This time you are not alone, I am there by your side"

And trust me, we'll definitely bring the best out of this trouble.

Mugdha was speechless, in tears, she just didn't know what to say. She felt sorry for misunderstanding Kartik. He underwent so many tragedies of Life, yet here he was supporting her.

In the meanwhile, Mugdha's father also came and was happy to see the reunion of the besties.

Yes, destiny had connected the besties again, but there was a difficult journey ahead.

On the other side, she was unaware Rohit took some decisions that would badly impact her.

To be continued...

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