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Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational


Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational

Embarking on A New Journey -The Fourth Part

Embarking on A New Journey -The Fourth Part

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In the meanwhile, Mugdha's father also came and was happy to see the reunion of the besties. Yes, destiny had connected the besties again, but there was a difficult journey ahead. On the other side, she was unaware Rohit took some decisions that would badly impact her.


Well, while the two besties got united, on the other side, Rohit was brainwashed by his father to throw Mugdha out of the company. Rohit's father had such evil plans for Mugdha that he was ready to go to any extent to destroy her. But they say,' When God is with you, no evil plans can touch you, no matter how hard someone tries".

Mugdha was so fortunate to find his best friend at such a correct time. Though there still was no movement in her legs but seeing Kartik by his side was no less than a ray of sunshine for her, as if it was a promise, everything is going to be okay. After a few days of treatment in the hospital, she got discharged to go home.

Everyone was so optimistic that with Kartik being there, everything would be alright. His entry into their life was such bliss everyone seemed happy with his presence. Mughdha's father was extremely happy to see that smile on her face that disappeared long back, Kiara was also happy to see her sister get better, and Kartik was on cloud nine to meet Mughda.

Somewhere back of the mind, she still had her fears regarding the movement in her legs, but somehow she was at peace.

To make her comfortable, she got suggested to use a self-regulatory wheelchair not only this Kartik but also deputed a nurse 24*7 to take care of her. Mughdha could see the care and concern in his eyes for her that made her realise what she missed in these past few years.

Surprisingly, she had not seen that level of care, warmth and love in Rohit's eyes, though they supposed to be in love with each other. 

She felt weird to have this kind of thought since her family told her how Rohit was there for her in the hospital to take care of her and get her the best treatment. It was unfortunate that he had to leave for London in a hurry to take care of his uncle.

Mughdha did understand the gravity of the situation for Rohit but her instinct suggested something was going on with him. It was weird she didn't receive any call from Rohit nor his family regarding her condition.

She was elated to share the news with Rohit that her best friend was back, she tried calling her up a couple of times, his mobile was switched off.

Mugdha started adapting to her new life condition, it was frustrating, but she was the rock of the family and wanted to be that way. She did not want to burden her family with her problems and have decided to deal with her problems in the best way.

The treatment for her legs also started though it was a painful process she had no choice but to go through it. After all, she wanted to get rid of the wheelchair as soon as possible.

Even Mughda's father tried reaching Rohit and his father but couldn't get through. They decided to allow his family sometime to reconnect with them. Mughdha's father went to their place to check but was informed by the servant that the entire family went to London. In the best interest, he decided to keep this information to himself.

Mughda wanted to join the office, but she was suggested bed rest for a few more weeks to recover completely. So she was stuck at home.

 Kartik started coming home to meet Mugdha daily to check on her. They started spending more and more time with each other, remembering childhood memories, school, friends they had so much to share.

Mughda also told Kartik about her dream, where she saw her mother. She asked about him, her passion and how she is going to embark on a new journey.

Kartik listened to her dream very carefully and told her she should not worry, together they'll cross the bridge.

He also missed Aunty a lot since he was very close to her and had amazing memories of her.

It so happened that one day Kartik noticed that Mughdha's father was looking worried and was sitting by himself in the drawing-room. He decided to talk about the Elephant in the room since post her accident there was no news about Rohit.

Kartik went to him and said, "Uncle, what happened you are looking worried. Did you get any news about Rohit? When is he coming back? Any updates from them?

He looked and Kartik and replied, 'Beta, I don't know what's happening? It's been more than a month since her accident there is no news from Rohit nor his family. I don't even know if they still want to get this marriage done. If they have any concerns they should talk about it instead, they have shunned us down.

Kartik, you know she is already struggling with her legs, I don't want to bombard her with this issue again. It's just I feel like a helpless father who is not able to do anything, he was almost in tears as he shared this with Kartik.

Kartik listened to him patiently and said, "Don't worry, Uncle. I'll do something about it. Let me try to find out what's happening. You just take care of yourself and Mughda she needs your love and support to overcome this. Rest, you leave on to me, I will ll try to find answers to these questions.

When Kartik reached back to his flat, he couldn't sleep. He was worried about Mughdha, but more than that seeing Uncle in this situation moved him. It so happened he was browsing the social media platform to check on Rohit's update. He searched for Rohit's page and what he next saw was unbelievable.

It was a new profile he had created however there were no pictures of Mugdha in his profile instead there were numerous pictures of another girl in his post named 'Piya" who was some industrialist Murthy's daughter and his relationship status showed "Committed".Wait, this can't be true, he checked again and again, but it showed the same result.

Rohit was supposed to be in London taking care of his uncle, how come he got engaged to this girl there?

His head was spinning badly this can't be true, how and why Rohit got engaged to some another girl when he had Mughda in his life.

Rohit loved Mughda, how could he do this to her? Just because she was suffering from some physical ailment in her life, was this reason sufficient to dump her? What if this accident had taken place post their marriage? Would Rohit have left Mughda so easily? What kind of love was this?

Here Mugdha and her family are waiting for Rohit to return from London so that they could discuss their marriage, and Rohit already got engaged to some other girl.

Things were not that simple the way they looked Liked. There was more to this story than he could see and connect.

He wanted answers to these questions but before sharing them with Mughda and her family. This was very devastating news and hence he wanted to ensure that he got the information right.

He also remembered that Mughdha told him initially Rohit's parents were reluctant for this marriage but later accepted it. He also knew Rohit's father was a big and influential industrialist and Mugdha did not belong to such rich strata of the society. So, what happened that he got convinced for this marriage and now post Mughda's accident they all disappeared together.

Is there any possibility they might be involved in Mughda's accident? he thought.

He needed some detail information about Rohit, his family and this new girl he knew the perfect guy to call, his friend Rakesh.

Rakesh was his childhood friend and was currently running a detective agency. Without wasting time, he called up and told him about the complete scenario including the accident. Kartik was like family to Rakesh, since Kartik had done his father's Operation and today because of him, he was able to walk again.

He assured Kartik, he'll dig up all the information and shall revert soon.

Before ending the call Rakesh said, "Kartik, I know how much you love Mugdha, she is your life and she is blessed to have someone like you in her life. I am sure she'll recover soon, as she has the best doctor around her.

Kartik smiled and said, 'Rakesh, Thank you. I don't know about that but yes she means a lot to me, and if these people have hurt her, I'll leave no stone unturned to get the justice done.

Post Kartik disconnected the call, he decided to put in all the efforts to help Mugdha to recover. But most importantly he'll help her to embark on that beautiful journey and shall help her to fulfil her passion.

The next day he received a call from Kiara asking him to immediately come and meet Mugdha. He asked what happened, but all she could say 'It was something serious".

To be continued.....

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