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Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


Embarking On A New Journey - The 8th Part

Embarking On A New Journey - The 8th Part

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Mugdha was a bit nervous to enter the hall, where these girls were waiting for her. Kartik looked at Mugdha, held her hand and said, Let's do it together. Rakesh saw both of them and said to Pooja, "Aunty, I guess these two can take care of the matter, Can I get the tour of the orphanage.

Sensing the situation, Pooja understood and said, Yes, Rakesh, please come with me. Yes, they can take care of the matter.

While Pooja and Rakesh left for the tour, Mugdha and Kartik entered the hall to talk to the girls.


On the other side, Rohit came to know about how Mugdha was getting financial aid from various resources and were exploring the resources that too from some orphanage to support them for the fashion show. He decided to share this piece of information with his father so that they can come up with some plan to stop Mugdha from participating in the fashion show.

When Rohit told his father about the updates, his father laughed and said, " Oh, my dear son. You don't need to worry about anything. I am sure even if they are able to arrange the financial resources, do you really think that those orphanage girls would be able to support Mugdha on this fashion show. They are not even qualified or trained for such high-end requirement and even if somehow they are able to put up a show, it would be a disaster. 

On the other hand, we have high end trained and specialized resources who have already delivered the best in the past and let me remind you how happy Mr Lahiri was with the final output. So we really don't have to worry about anything.

Mugdha has absolutely no chance of either winning this fashion show nor the project and do I need to remind you she is still using crutches.

Poor girl, have some pity on her and I promise you we are going to have so much fun in the fashion show.

I would love to see the wave of disappointment on Mugdha's face and this failure would have such a lasting effect on her, that she would quit working altogether.

So, my boy just, you just focus on our project, rest I'll take care of it.

While Rohit and his father were pretty confident about their success, Mugdha and Kartik had a long chat with the girls. Mugdha told them their story and by the time she ended her story, girls were moved by their story, they all had tears in their eyes. Even before Mughda could ask their support one of the girls Naitra said, Di, I am with you. I know it must be so difficult for you to be in this condition, it pains a lot when you get cheated by someone you have extremely loved and not only this, these people are responsible for your current situation. They took away your company, the same company for which you have worked so hard which is rightfully yours.

Yet in spite of conditions not being in your favour, you decided to take up the challenge to get your company back instead of quitting.

It requires a lot of effort to stand up for yourself and where there is courage, there is always a way out. And I really look up to such people in my life, those who don't quit, instead, they walk on the difficult road of doing the impossible thing.

Kartik bhaiya is like a family to us, he has been always there for us and we were told you are his best friend. So in that case you are our friend too. And one thing that we have learnt here in an orphanage is you really don't need relationships to support each other, the emotional connection is sufficient to do so.

So, we all are there for you Mugdha Di, don't worry!! 

Though we are not a trained professional, we promise if you guide and support us, we'll do our best for this fashion show.

The remaining girls in the room also said, Yes Di, we all are with you. This fashion show would be a success.

Mugdha and Kartik were both so happy listening to the girls that they had tears in their eyes. 

Now, it was time for Kartik to address the girls, he said, "Thank you so girls for your support. We came here with high hopes from you all. Your support means a lot to me and Mugdha. You guys are the best.

Pooja and Rakesh also joined the group and were delighted to know that the girls agreed to support the fashion show.

Pooja said to the group, " Thank you, girls. You have all made me so proud today. I feel really blessed to have you people in my life.

Pooja then said to Mugdha, while talking to Rakesh I also understand you have a challenge in terms of getting a place to set up your work, if it's ok with you, we can use our hall for its purpose. It's a matter for few days, we all can adjust. And since girls are here, it would be easier to get the material here and start our operation in this place itself. This would save our time as well and girls don't have to travel daily for the same.

Mugdha hugged Pooja and said, "You are my life saviour Pooja aunty. How do I Thank you for all this?

Pooja said, Don't thank me, let's put all our energy into winning the fashion show. And post that we can all celebrate!!

Kartik too hugged Pooja and said, Aunty, you are the best!! You know that right.

Pooja said, guys, Let's work out the strategy and the execution part. We don't have much time for the show, let's wear our Thinking Hat and prepare for this fashion show.

Thus the brainstorming session started, Mugdha shared her plan with the group and the expectations for the fashion show. She told them Mr Lahiri had sent their theme for this fashion show and based on the same, they had to plan it up. The girls listened to her ideas and some really mind-blowing ideas came from their end too. She informed them they had just 15 days to prepare for the fashion show and hence they had to be well prepared for it.

Everyone was so actively engrossed in the discussion and sharing ideas, Rakesh and Kartik were really stunned seeing that. Since Rakesh and Kartik didn't have many inputs to share they were listening to the ideas and were taking the notes.

While this discussion was going on, Kartik was looking at Mugdha and was smiling, he always knew she was a strong girl, but today she seemed so confident about what she was doing. He was really impressed by how quickly she connected with the girls and won their hearts.No wonder she was the gem of a person. Even Kartik was unaware that his feelings towards Mugdha had changed. It was just a matter of time, that he realised it.

Rakesh was his best friend and could sense very well the thoughts Kartik was going through, however, he thought to wait for the right to come to talk to him. Mugdha was now like a sister to her and unfortunately, she was also unaware of her feeling towards Kartik. But he was determined to help them to realise what they were missing.

While he was busy in his thoughts, Pooja said, 'Rakesh, these two look so perfect together, as if they are made for each other. I can clearly see love in their eyes for each other. Do they know about it or are not aware of it. Mugdha is such a sweet girl, now I understand why Kartik doesn't stop talking about her.

Rakesh smiled and said, "Aunty, I was just thinking about the same. Let's finish this battle first and then we need to work on this. I feel they know about it, but don't want to initiate it. Mughda has undergone a lot and Kartik doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Destiny has brought them together for a purpose.

Our priority right now is to win the fashion show and help Mugdha to get her company back.

Pooja smiled and said, 'Yes, Rakesh. Very true. As long as you are there with them, I don't have to worry now.

Mughdha and the girls were working very hard, long hours but they had so many people supporting them. The financial issue was resolved due to Kartik and Rakesh and Pooja too supported them in whatever possible ways. Since the fashion show was due in 15 days, they even worked late at night. Rakesh and Kartik took care of the girls and Mugdha.

Not only this, Mughdha's sister Kiara and her father too joined the girls to extend their support.

The orphanage had literally got converted into a small office and everyone was working with the same goal. Observing the commitment and dedication from the girls Rakesh said, Kartik I am so impressed with these girls, even without a professional degree or training, the kind of commitment and dedication they have shown is really amazing.

One night while Kartik was dropping Mugdha at her home in his car, Mugdha seemed lost in her thoughts. Sensing this Kartik asked, Hey, what happened, you see lost.

Mugdha said, Nothing Kartik, I was just thinking about the fashion show. Now it's just 2 days left for the show. I know we all have done our best. The results are amazing, but I am just thinking what if I let everyone down.Girls, pooja aunty, Rakesh, my family and you?.

Kartik stopped the car and said, "Mugdha, you know we all love you and we are confident you'll nail this fashion show. So don't worry about our efforts, just smile, be happy and see everything would work in our favour.

Now the only thing you need to concentrate on is where would you give a party to Mr.Kartik and the team.

Mugdha smiled and said, Kartik, how do you do that? You make things look so simple and easy. And yes, don't worry Mr Kartik you and the team shall get a party wherever you want.

Kartik was happy seeing the smile on her face, her happiness is all that mattered to him. He was confident that she would not only win this fashion show but her company too.

While Mugdha and the team were working hard on the project, Rohit's father was a cunning man, he was not happy knowing that Mugdha was not only getting financial aid but also about the resources support from the orphanage. He knew he couldn't approach Mugdha directly so decided to call up Mr Lahiri to influence him...

To be continued.....

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