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Snehal Bhushan

Drama Inspirational Children


Snehal Bhushan

Drama Inspirational Children

Dream to Rest

Dream to Rest

5 mins 265 5 mins 265

There was a moment in my life when I used to think of my future, and goes to daydream. I belonged from a middle class family, and we live a merry life. My parents given me every need of a school boy even they books, clothes, gadgets and also give me lesson of lifestyle. Its seems to be dream for us to get minted. But I was really devoted to my parents. I study hard, and don't give enough time to luxury which were provided by my parents cause I think, one day will come when I will have more luxurious items if I study hard now. "if I am thinking of my future, I need to prepare now".

Every night on the bed I think that I will have splendid personality; I will live on great heights, no dearth of items at my home. My parents will live happily together and forever. I would be an example for my brothers and also raise them from the financial condition. But gradually time goes and I was in +2 and I decided to study journalism, from an international university. During class 12th I prepared for my board exam as well for prepared for the university requirement. And my hard work worked I was successful in both.

When I get a letter from the university, my family celebrated that day as a festival. I got many wishes from far away family.

I started my preparation, and this time I was so enthusiastic cause I was the first person to go abroad. but as I said I belonged from a middle class family.

My dad took a heavy loan for my studies, and for my accessories. This time I really bought expensive items in my life. I bought a smart phone, trolley bags, laptop, and a first expensive item given by my dad was an I pad.

The day comes when I need to go and last night I was on the terrace with my parents, we all have sobbing eyes but we were not crying because my parents have faith on me.

Early morning flight I was a little bit afraid. I don't have any idea how to check in but my parents helped me and I hugged them and reached the plane, that day I was so emotional for my parents. But I can't change my decision on this situation.

I reached there; the whole flight was so disturbing. I even can't talk to a air hostess

Even having good control on English, I stammered every time when she came.

I booked a taxi and reached the university. I gave my attendance, and took the room key. I have a single room because I don't want to get disturbed from anyone.

I cleaned my room, and put my stuff in the room. I slept for a whole day to recover from the time lapse. I food woke late night and I was hungry, I ordered food.

And after meal I again go for sleep because I need to rise early to prepare my meal .

First day I was bit confused but I attend the class. It was clumsy moment for me to there but controlled my feelings.

It took nearly two months for me to adjust. And slowly my exam came and I study whole day and night. I use to renounce my walk and sometime I used to eat readymade items to give my best time to study. And like that my exam month gets over. Result day came my parents were worried. I called them my mom picked up the phone, I said her "mom I came 3rd" and in this she screamed and cut the phone and in next hour I get more than 25 calls and I received blessing from them everyone were extremely happy.

But I still know that this won't solve my family condition and in next year, few companies came for giving internship.

And once again I start preparing for it I passed in everything, but the most toughest moment was the interview. I bath for an hour, wear a newly bought suit, carry my file. It takes 2 hours for my turn. When my name was called, I panicked, sweat run over my body, but for my family I entered without fear. They asked me to introduce myself.

I said "good morning sir, my name is Shravan, I belong from India"

They asked me some semester questions and I answered wisely without showing my anxiety.

Then one of them said you are intellectual and we need your kind of person in our company because you are smooth in your work. And then he said we are offering you $41000 will you accept it.

I didn't believe that's my dad's 5 year salary in a month. But this didn't end here they said when your graduation get over it will be increased. I talk to myself is it for real? They gave an agreement, I signed it with energy and again after an hour I get more than 25 calls.

In a month I start working there it's a hard stuff for me when I see those working people in the office, I feel my dream it became true, and fear of people went forever. I start earning I helped my dad to first clear the loan and after that I became a rich person, I had everything.

But one thing I missed a lot my home. I talked to my manager and asked him for 3 months and for my great work he gave me. At the end of graduation, I came back home with a secure job. And when my parents saw me they were very happy, enthusiastic, energetic. I came home and from that everything changed I bought a flat for my parents but this time I wont gone alone my parents found a girl for me so that one day I could have grandchild` like you my every dream came true. Luxury cars, home at high place, no dearth of items but I did a lot work in my life. But now at this stage of my life I need to meet my parents and want to sleep with them as a child. Anwar will you take me for a walk in the garden, "yes dada ji".

Do you know, I don't have much time take care of your parents cause you are the new rising sun of our family, "will you promise me" Anwar cried " yes..." I need a seat please bring that and call your parents " dad –mom everyone dada ji is calling"

And when all reached there he has taken his last breath....

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