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Snehal Bhushan

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Snehal Bhushan

Abstract Drama Fantasy

The New World

The New World

7 mins 296 7 mins 296

This was my first year at my medical university. I chose medical because you know, I was decided to have my own research over the human body, like and how and why chemical reacts to give emotion. I can choose engineering also cause I had scored great marks in my high school but yet I chose medical. When I was selected to medical college, I start thinking of a college lifestyle and about how they arrange their own room, It makes me feel mature, but maturity pissed off when it's all about living alone. I was a fainthearted kid and get easily scared but this doesn't matter I had to do, everyone do and so I had to do,

I was a person who has not full control over his mind, I used to express with voice and face while sleeping and sometimes if I study too much I will emit the words while sleeping and yes I had very common influence of sleep paralyzes over my body, all during sleeping. It's creepy act for my family.

That's why I chose medicine, it's interesting.

But when I was shifting there, it was freezing night and I had to bring my all luggage to my room. I checked to the hostel, have my room 67 key, which was at the corner of the top floor. I carried my whole stuff to the room all alone cause it's 1st year and I arrived there two weeks earlier before the session can begin, so you can understand that there were not more than fifty unfamiliar students in my hostel. I was so exhausted of the journey and vexed by heavy luggage that I only arranged the bed with a new bed-sheet and blanket in place of those cold sheets and blankets for my complacency. I laid my tired body on the bed with my private pillow having pairs of short and loose tee over my body and go into the deep inside of the brain, where the whole activity of the day and the memories of my home were roaming. I was lost in my mind and then a sensation of untouchability from the bed run over my body. It seems that my body is floating. My sleep also over, now I am no more tired, so I just opened my eyes and saw myself sleeping on the bed. I observed myself as a form of energy, I am detached from my body, now I am a soul but as soon as I panic my actual body which was on the bed, it starts taking deep breath and sweat run over it.

This all happened with a soul neural wire. It was a part of my body and my soul which were attached and whatever my soul thinks in order to that my actual body acts. So basically I had two brains now with soul and one with the body that are connected by soul neural wire.


 But, when I was detached with my body, I was floating up and up, I saw a cloud over my room and as I crossed the cloud I saw myself in space, it was a place where everything of the universe re-unite, every colour, organism, thoughts, energy, etc which are unexplainable were present at a single small point and I was a tiny creature watching that cause I saw many more such points even larger in size which was contained by the dark space. I was now more terrified and dare to move my body, my body it was lighter than a baby. I was surrounded by a white aura and yes, I can fly now. So I decided to check my room, I don't know how this cloud came again I thought I was lost but however it came so I went down through the cloud but there was no room and I was at an airport. I went up and again came down, now I was a hotel room in Paris, actually, I was at the hotel room but I decided to check out the place. Now I panicked more than ever and I screamed.

I saw many Cartesian plane over the world these were very tiny and thin having equidistant points on it, which were twinkling. I touched one of the points which were near me and I entered the point and thrown out to another place from another point to which were connected. this place was large and I saw many lines were crossing which were having peristaltic movement in them. I was standing at a stage where no more Cartesian plane exists only the points on screen can be seen from which transferring of energy is being done. I was standing on a stage and astonished by watching those and then a man come and asked me " where and in what form do you want to live?"

I was sort of confused and replied " what form? I am a human"

He replied me annoyingly " have your hand on the navel and your head on this board."

When I kept my head over it I saw every living being of the earth to aliens of other planet and it didn't take a minute to access that information and when it's over he said " imagine one of those and change your form"

I thought of a horse and I incredibly transformed into a horse and then I think of a human and I became normal.

I noticed that when I was talking to the man he didn't move his lip but I did to talk to him.

I told that small alien man about this incident and now I wanna go home back normally. He replied," you are in your astral form and you need some education about it , follow me".

While following him I kept changing my body from Xerophoba to a Salmandrite. And watching me acting like a kid he said " that Salmandrite used to feed over their regenerating body parts like hands or legs"

I furiously changed my body back to humans.

We reached a room of books and every book and every book were of metal having nerves in them of which all were connected to each other to single nerve and that single nerve is joined with a metal cap and he made me wore that. On wearing that I feel jolts of current on my brain which is getting filled furiously with unidentified knowledge. Knowledge of time, those points which are actually sela, about the universe, and how to travel through those sela.The most important thing is that when I am in the astral form I can imagine the sela to know about their location.

I said him " Thank you" and ran away to the stage of sela and touched the 24 A sela to my planet Earth. Now I am at the cloud and can see the Earth but it can be other time period so I need to enter the cloud to reach my time period. The sela inside cloud contain electric current and it works differently if you don't know at what time you are in astral form and leave the earth you can lost and that what I did. I need to find my time sela, so according to knowledge I gain, I had to touch e24vA sela to reach my time sela. while travelling through it I remembered that API will at my body to investigate about me but I need to go back to my body. Now I am at my time period and had to touch the red sela which means someone is missing. I touched that and now I am at Earth and then I imagined 256BdE sela which leads me to my city and then I searched for EB4 sela which leads me to my college.

Now, I was so furious that I don't go for sela and reached my room by floating in the air and on reaching API's were investigating and one of them said you have two option don't emit a word and enjoy the astral world or we will remove your memory and don't get stressed.

I went for the first option[cause I was so curious about this new world and so quickly I got attached to my body who was sleeping on the bed and someone whispered yela-sho and I woke up.

Till it was all night but now it suddenly daytime, I went outside of the room and have some earthly air and sunlight.

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