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Republic Day Sale: Grab up to 40% discount on all our books, use the code “REPUBLIC40” to avail of this limited-time offer!!

Chitraksh Mandal

Drama Horror


Chitraksh Mandal

Drama Horror

Dreadful Beauty

Dreadful Beauty

4 mins

'Isn't it beautiful?', we exclaimed when the wrapping was removed. 'Yes, now you all cannot tell that I don't have a good choice', told Amit. I told, ' Yes, you really have a very good choice, but from where have you got this?'

Amit sat on a chair. Pouring some water from the bottle in a glass, he told , ' There's a small old antique shop on the way to my college. So yesterday while returning home, I entered the shop. It's a very old shop overloaded with various items. I found an old man sitting at a corner of the shop. He's the owner. I straight away asked him to show me something that is best for a drawing room. He also straight away showed me this box and I also liked it. It's an Old Chinese Junk Box.' 

As Amit narrated the Old Chinese Box's tale, we four Raj, Dev, Avi and I fascinatingly looked at it. It was not more than the size of my palm, but filled with beautiful wooden carvings, covered with white leather inside. 

 Finally Raj said, ' Hope Vivek likes it.'

'Why not? I know what he likes', said Amit. 

Avi told, ' Ok, so who will keep the box. I cannot at all. My younger brother will not let it be alive for a second!'

 After we all denied to keep the box, only Amit was left out. He excitedly exclaimed, 'No problem at all. I can keep the box with me this week until Vivek arrives on coming Sunday!' After our small discussion in our club house we all returned home. It was already half past four, and my tummy was craving for some food.

 Returning home, after having a hearty meal, I jumped into my bed to have a nap. Waking up, had some tea and went to watch the Manchester Derby at the Old Trafford. I returned home so tired that I didn't have lunch and directly targeted my bed.

My mobile's loud ringing woke me up next morning. It was Amit on the other side. He asked me to visit him as soon as possible in a trembling voice.

 So I put on a pyjama and shirt and went out hastily. Amit lives near to our house so it took just a few minutes for me to reach his house. I found him roaming tensed. As soo as he found me, he just grabbed and pulled me in his house. 'What happen tell me', I asked him. Amit told, ' Just look at the box!'

 I looked at the box and was just speechless. The box was opened, and on the white leather were drops of blood!

'How did this happen?', I asked Amit.

Amit just was left to cry and said in a trembling ferocious voice, ' I really don't know anything. I woke up this morning and was about to go out for morning walk. What struck my mind I opened the box and found this.'

 'Listen please don't tell anything about this ok? I am taking this with me', I assured Amit.

The entire day passed completing my college projects, and I almost forgot about the box. In the evening I entered my room after having tea with my family at the drawing room. My eyes caught the box on my shelf. 

I sat with it and looked very carefully. I removed the blood drops and it was looking as simple now. But in the morning only it was a dreadful beauty. I was only thinking how can this happen. is it a practical joke by Amit? 

 I was feeling very unmindful. So had dinner early and made arrangements for bed. Before I closed my eyes, I took a glance at the box kept on the book shelf.

I was suddenly awakened. On my night watch the time struck to 2.30AM. The fan was still. Is it a power cut?

The room was dark though some moonlight entered through the window. Suddenly I heard some strange noises coming from the Junk Box's direction. 

 I looked at it. And, what is that? A cold stream blew down me. I could see not so clear but in the moonlight two hands coming towards me to grasp me! I suddenly felt suffocating and meanwhile the hands were a few inches away from me.

I remember I.....

So, how am I writing now, am I still alive, or.......... 


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