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Do Marriages Are Alliance?

Do Marriages Are Alliance?

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I recently watched the movie “Thappad” starring Tapsee Pannu whose husband slaps her once in a party and she filed a divorce. That movie leaves a deep impact on my mind and heart. There was one dialogue in a movie by a lawyer called “Netra”. She said “All marriages are deal, a contract between two peoples. It’s an unfair deal of some sense of authority and dignity. I was astonished to hear that...I felt that she read my mind; she was actually true. People always say "Marriages are made in heaven" but is it true? If it is so than the word DIVORCE wouldn't have existed in "a work of legal doctrine".

Perhaps womenkind have survived more than men. Take a look around and think for a while, even though we are in the 21st century with the latest gadgets in hands where is the society heading towards. 

A section of the society (womenkind) is still deprived of love, respect, dignity, and equality as a wife, daughter, sister, and many more. A woman is someone who brings warmth, love, compassion, and joy in a family in various roles. Here I am particularly trying to write about the marriage life of women, they compromise and sacrifice a lot in their marriages than men, leave their houses, parents, city, and sometimes career too. It is most arduous for women to adjust to different families, cities, maintain different relations, etc. Moreover, most women living in a marriage, where always a wife has to sacrifices her dreams, her passion, her goals, her career, and sometimes her self-respect. 

Even those women who are independent earning well, completely successful in their professions, can’t deny about significant sacrifices they make every day for their career aspirations. 

Women never think twice before sacrificing their needs for the contentment of their kids, män, and even in-laws. 

My neighbor who is a smart, highly educated lady, can earn more than her partner, sacrificed her career just because of her soulmate happiness, and that's really unacceptable decision. What is the use of such a soulmate who can't afford your independence and success and can't rise above his ego?

But now the time has been changed. It’s time to change yourself ladies, do not apprehend in relationships. Relationships are indispensable but your wishes, your dreams are also important. Be ambitious, follow your dreams, show your capabilities and talent, so that everyone can believe women are not weaker. Women should understand they have the power to make and break a society.

A line for all women. Do not tolerate disrespect not even from yourself. 

Last but not least .....

“Never respect opinions which disrespect or demoralize women".

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