Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Prachi Raje

Abstract Fantasy


Prachi Raje

Abstract Fantasy

Did We See 'That' Coming

Did We See 'That' Coming

3 mins

The automated door opened as the visual sensor saw Laara approach. Laara sat on the couch as the tiny side-table moved towards her. A crystal glass jar full of ice-cold water was at her arm's distance. Laara quitely removed her oxygen mask and galloped the water. The excessive heat outside had almost dehydrated her after a long day at the university. 19 year old Laara was studying Art and Painting. She had always been fascinated by ancient paintings, sculptures and antiques. She had a collection of antique landscapes which she had proudly displayed on her bedroom wall. 

"How was your day Sweetie ?", Laara's mom entered the Living room. She was accompanied by 'Tena' who carried the dinner and placed it onto the dining table.

"Stressful... really hectic", Laara replied. "Mom, do you know the exact shade of the bark of the trees? I tried using a deeper shade of brown though. 

Helia, Laara's Mother replied "How would I know Honey? But I believe every bark had some different shade. Who knows !".

Laara spoke again, "Mom, you remember our last vacation to Neptune? Oh ! It's such a beautiful place. I was so mesmerised. I suggest we should explore some other planet this year where we would find trees". 

"They say there are none ! Earth was the only place with so much greenery. It is 4050 now; the trees perished some 500 years ago. The seas dried up, and all we are left with are these Oxygen Cylinders and artificial water. Hope the space researchers find some better planet than this 'good-for-nothing EARTH' ", Helia growled.

'TENA', the domestic help of the family interrupted them with its Robotic voice "Dinner is served Ma'am".

Helia replied, "Wait, you dumb machine". My Husband is yet to come".

Helia continued, "Also, these antiques that you have hung up on the walls, these were called curtains. They say, in ancient times, the houses had glass openings which were called Windows".

Laara laughed aloud, "What kind of a fantasy world was it? Why would anybody put Glass openings on the walls. There is simply dark grey dust outside".

Helia second her daughter.

 In no time Laara's father arrived. There was a panic on Kieth's face. He was breathing heavily, gasping for air. Helia rushed with a jar of water towards him. Kieth said, "I need a new oxygen cylinder; I guess mine needs some repair" as he turned The Oxygen Ventilation in the apartment to high speed.

Helia and Laara decided to sit for dinner. Suddenly they heard a noise - 'BOOM'.

Kieth turned to the Oxygen Ventilator. Due to its high speed, it's tube had come out. Kieth shouted, "Oh No.. the ventilator isn't working. We will choke. Put on your masks immediately." 

By the time Laara and Helia could realise what had happened, it was too late. The whole family was suffocating without oxygen. They grabbed each other's arms and lay down their heads on the floor forever, within a matter of a few seconds !

'Tena' repeated in its robotic voice, "Dinner is served, Ma'am" - standing still, lifeless; waiting for her masters to give her the next command. 

Little did Tena know, the humans created intelligent robots but could not do anything to save lives on this dark, dusky gas chamber, that was once called "EARTH".

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