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Tribikram sahoo

Abstract Romance Fantasy


Tribikram sahoo

Abstract Romance Fantasy

DevAanshi - The Miraculous Destiny

DevAanshi - The Miraculous Destiny

9 mins 193 9 mins 193

Saturday, this day is becoming more venomous nowadays than ever before. City where once I had dreamed to build an empire feels oxygen-less to me these days. Every corner I look, every street I walk through and every hotel I step in are sniggering at me as if they are holding those placards of memories to hunt my emotions. This burgeoning pain is becoming excruciating. For the first time that calm and composed Mini-Me is restless, many odd thoughts and self-made questions are weighing up his supernatural mind. When a heart breaks, expectations break and when expectation breaks, dreams break. To see, my biggest dream of yesterday evaporating in front of me is injecting me an insufferable pain.

Yes! I have decided. Leaving this city full of her reminiscences would probably offer me a chance to rebuild my life again. Hope, a new climate, some strangers and some new breeze would bring me a healing touch. Anyhow, I need this Mini-Me to stop being restless. In past on a number of occasions when no one was there this Mini-Me helped every time and I am so indebted to him.

Time 10.30 AM, Probably I need to speak with someone. Maybe I am taking this decision being in a hurry with no second thought. Maybe I need to consult someone and seek an other-side point of view.

“Yes! You need to speak with someone and vomit your pain out once.” My mind commanded me out of empathy.

“Wait, do you have one who understands you the way you are?” the awful question that resonates quite often buzzed so loud.

As they say, “You don’t necessarily need to speak your feelings out. The one who understands you would read your silence and the one who does not understand you won’t leave a single lap to judge.”

“Let’s leave this to God again. If he has some plan for me would help me. Would at least send a hint.” I finally convinced my restless mind.

Out of all these chaotic thoughts, I picked up that red hoodie to fold and pack. A wire of images sparkled through my eyes with the touch of it. I remember probably I smiled and looked my best last time wearing this. Gawking at it for a moment my urge of leaving this city doubled.

(Ring) (Ring)  (Ring)  (Ring)

2 feet far from me, the phone buzzed with an incoming call. I stooped to sneak a peek. It was an unknown number flashing on the screen. 

“Who this might be?” I picked up the call with a crave to discover the person other side.

“Hello…” I hummed from deep throat.

“Payal…?” a soft yet sharp feminine voice questioned.

“Excuse me.” I hummed again astonishingly.

“Oh! I am sorry is this Mayur?” the girl other side asked uncertainly.

“I’m sorry! Who is Mayur?” with a bizarre tone I asked.

“Look, Mayur I know it’s you. I need to speak with Payal urgent. Can you please pass the phone to that bitch?” she sounded confident in her tone.

“Excuse me again. Who is Mayur? And what kind of language is this?” I asked with a bit annoyance.

“What an odd language did I use?” She sounded surprised.

“Bitch, for whoever that Payal is.” I resonated her previous statement.

“See Mayur, Payal is my childhood friend. You should thank God, this time I used Bitch, If I open more, you’ll be surprised how I address her.” With a strong voice, she defended her side.

“Again, I’m saying like a stuck gramophone, I am not Mayur. My name is Dev” I made my statement to prevent her from addressing me Mayur at least.

“Are you serious? Has that bitch broken up with Mayur now? Are you guys living together?” she sounded yet again surprisingly.

“Oh my God! Do you understand what I am saying? I am Dev, and I really don’t know who is that Payal. In fact, I am sure I had never been into a friendship with any girl named Payal.” I made a clear statement with a fuming voice.

“Hold on a minute.” She fidgeted.

“7 3 5…” she went on silent after these three numbers.

“This is the number that bitch gave me last time when I was in a hurry what number have I dialled?” I heard the voice a bit far from the phone.

“Oh! you there?” with a loud voice she asked.

“Yes! I am.” I whirred.

“I am so sorry Mr. hmmm…” she sounded insensate.

“Dev, I am Dev.” I helped her to recollect my name.

“Yeah. Dev. I am so sorry again. Actually, last time I was rushing to the office when that bitch, I mean Payal called to say she is changing her number from tomorrow and I just scribbled her number on the diary. My bad I failed to read my own writing and the call went to you.” She apologised with a possibly valid explanation.

“Oh! Let me guess. Are you a doctor?” with the comical voice I asked.

“Ahhh! Not so funny.” She replied with a smile.

“Ha-Ha, By the way, do you have a name?” my eagerness pushed me to ask this.

“Ohh! Hey! I am sorry, I go by the name Aanshi” with a fascinating voice, she whispered.

“This was your fourth Sorry to me, you say a lot sorry. Don’t you Aanshi?” I pulled humour.

“Yes probably, only when I am proven guilty. There’s nothing wrong in that, right?” with a lazy fading tone she commented.

“Agree, definitely there’s nothing wrong, in fact, this is the character of a generous person,” I said with a humble voice.

“Thanks.” She replied with no time.

“So yes, it was by mistake I called you. However, it’s such a pleasure speaking with you Dev.” After pausing for 5 seconds she said with a hushed voice.

“Dev, you there?” she uttered as found me silent.

“Yes. I am. So, before we hang up, I have a confession to make.” With a cloudy voice, I spoke.

“A confession?” with a surprising tone she asked.

“Yes! You heard me right Aanshi.” I confined my words.

“Dev, we are strangers. Neither you know me nor do I. It’s definitely not advisable to share any details with a stranger.” She advised with a humble tone.

“Yes! I know, but I don’t believe how I got your call just on the moment when I was needing someone badly.” With a miraculous surprised tone, I said.

“Are you fine?” She asked with a traumatic voice.

“Yes, I am. In fact, I’m trying to renovate this life again these days.” I assured back.

“Look Dev, I do not know what you have been going through, but yes, even being as a stranger sending my prayers for you.” She confronted.

“Thank you. Believe me on this when I say, just before you called, my mind was juggling hard within and I was going restless. My physical existence was on a battle with hidden soul and I was bleeding tears. I asked my God to give me a hint and that’s when I got your call” I wrapped up my thoughts quickly.

“Well, I am happy if I was that magical knock at your door. If a confession is what will make you feel relaxed then go ahead, I am listening.” She gladdened.

“Yes! Go for it. Vomit this cyanide from inside out.” My Mini-Me yelled loud within.

“You there again?” she asked as again found me silent.

“Yes! I am.” I popped my voice loud.

“So, I said if you wish, go ahead with your confession. I am listening.” She replicated her words.

“Yes. So, exactly 10 days from today I broke up with my Love. Since then I have been cursing my fate, my life and this whole cosmos. I live in Chennai for bread and butter and I do love this city more than my own native yet these days I am feeling being suffocated. When your dreams turn into ashes your soul feels the scorching pain. Due to all these agonies, I had decided to leave this city. I was packing my things and was questioning my mind constantly if I am taking the right decision? I was dying to speak with someone and share all these, before these feelings take my soul away but I never found the one who’d respect my emotions. And this is the reason all my emotions were unspoken and unheard.” I halted for seconds after vomiting everything out to her.

“I am so sorry to listen to this. I understand how painful this must be.” She sympathized.

“I am glad that you understand and moreover I am glad that finally, I succeeded to remove them out from my chest,” I commented with a smile.

“So, tell me, now you’re feeling relaxed.” With a husky voice, she said.

“Yes. To a great extent indeed.” I rushed to reply with no time.

“Great! Be happy.” She said with advisory tone.

“Thank you Aanshi, Miss stranger.” I buzzed.

“Ha - Ha. By the way, if you do not mind, can I say something?” with an innocence voice she asked.

“Yes please.” I permitted her with decency.

“Dev, I stay in Bhopal and I’ve never been to Chennai. In fact, I’ve never been to any southern part of India but I love them from movies and pictures. Look, all of us go through situations alike once in life and this is very common, at least for this generation. If you’re planning to leave the city, I don’t think that’s ever going to help you. By that way, you will add one more element to your missing list. Maybe, in the long run, it may help but in the short run I don’t see any benefit.” She sounded mature making these statements.

“Hmmm… Maybe you are correct.” I nodded with accordance.

“Yes, this universe is so big and the place we are living in is such big in itself. It’s not the place, people or any equipment that makes us happy or sad, it’s the time indeed. Maybe you need to wait for the earth to spin and pluck some good fortune for your hamper. Who knows? Right?” with a very reasonable tone she ended up.

“Well, I don’t know! but I am finding your words convincingly.” I stated in her favour.

“Great. So, let's wait until then.” She finished with a gushy voice.

“Yes! Thank you so much. Maybe you bumped to me by mistake but your call was in my destiny.” I said with a smile.

“Who knows after all this is a Miraculous Destiny.” She smiled with me.

“True! Must agree!” I nodded.

“Great. So, it’s already 25 mins we have been speaking and this is magical how all these happened from a wrong number call to your confession.” She summed up.

“Yes. Truly magical. I am smiling after all these days.” I expressed my tiny happiness.

“Cool! Awesome! Keep that smile on.” She commented with a deep voice.

“Ha-Ha-Ha” a laugh buzzed from both the sides at once.

“So, will catch you on some other time.” pausing her laugh she finally urged.

“Well, what does that mean? Would you call me again?” with a very tiny voice I asked.

“Well, who knows, let’s see if your destiny has my magical knock again.” She pulled the humour in self-appreciation.

“Ha-Ha-Ha” again a laugh buzzed from both sides.

“Ok, Thank you. Have a great day ahead.” I commented pausing my laugh.

“You too, bye…” and she hung up.

Her word “It’s not the place, people or any equipment that makes us happy or sad, it’s the time indeed.” was buzzing loud around me for a while. I unfolded the red hoodie, held it straight to me with both of my hands, gazed at it for a while and smiled.

I was convinced by God’s hint. After all, this is a “Miraculous Destiny”.

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