Tribikram sahoo



Tribikram sahoo


A Heartfelt Note Of Gratitude.

A Heartfelt Note Of Gratitude.

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16th April 1994, Saturday evening 5:00, Carrying me within her she went inside Pooja room a bit earlier than usual to read some extra pages of “Bhagvat Puran” and the holy “Bhagvat Geeta”. This has been her practice ever since she married and started taking responsibilities of Lord Jagannath of our house. Every evening she completes all household works early, never waits a minute more to rest. It is not her love for God that makes her soul divine, I would rather say it is her thirst to know God better that makes her soul supremely pious.

She says, “I don’t feel like I’m serving an Idol, I feel like he is sitting here alive and listening to me with his eyes open.”

Time was about to hit 6:30 on the clock and she was rushing to arrange everything for evening Pooja before the Brahmin priest arrives. As a part of the ritual, a Brahmin Priest comes to our house every morning and evening to worship Lord Jagannath.

Ancestors say, “Brahmins are reflections of God, they study and practice Veda’s in their life and the one who studies Veda and practices them in life, God loves to take food from their hands.

Time was a quarter till seven, Brahmin priest had finished the evening Pooja and had left for the day. She was then cleaning Pooja room to let God sleep for the night. An unbearable pain made her knee down and scream, she went to her labour pain.

She says, “From a quarter till seven to quarter past one I was surviving a near-death pain.

She further adds, “Your head was so big and the local doctor was finding it very tough to bring you out from my womb. The moment you came out your whole head was filled with little scratches all over and you were bleeding from those tiny scratches.”

While I was in my Mother’s womb, my grandfather had decided to name me as “Tribikram”, He being a person who possesses incredibly vast knowledge in mythology and merely uncountable Slokas in his reminiscence had found this name “Tribikram”, one of the Avatar of Lord Vishnu ever since my mother was pregnant with one month.

Maa says, “The moment you were born, Bapa* started shouting as “My Tribikram arrived”.

(*Bapa – Meaning Father in Odia)

Birthday to me is the day to look back at that most precious moment when my tiny little pair of foot touched this holy motherland. To relive and rejoice the ecstasy of my Dad, Grandfather, Grandmother and relatives upon my arrival. To feel the essence that you make meaning in many lives. To accept the existence of the Supreme Lord and to realise no one is bigger than Mother.

Bowing down in front of Mother to apologies for all pain you have given her throughout your life is definitely an admiring way of celebrating birthday rather than bowing in front of the cake to blow candles as per western culture.

As the Hindu Hitopadesha says:

आपदामापन्तीनां हितोऽप्यायाति हेतुताम् ।

मातृजङ्घा हि वत्सस्य स्तम्भीभवति बन्धने ॥



When calamities befall, even a well-wisher becomes a cause of them.

It is the leg of the mother that serves as the pillar for tying the calf.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them."

O! Mother, the supreme almighty in disguise, I owe every visible and invisible element of this life to you.

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