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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Crime Series Part 1

Crime Series Part 1

3 mins

“He is following you, I think so.” Anarkali and Niti were walking to their hostel after their work as it was not too far.

“Here?” Asked Anarkali.

“No. It's about office.” Niti shrugged.

“Who? Our boss?” Anarkali asked, chuckling.

“Yeah. I have caught him staring at you several times. I think you know that too.”

“He was my senior. We were college mates but he tormented me by ragging and after that proposed me but I rejected. You didn't know all that as you newly joined here, nah.” Anarkali said, with cold eyes.

“Oh. But then why did you joined here?”

“Niti, my financial condition is weak. So I must have a job and also he is a good guy now.” Though a fear tickled her, Anarkali said firmly. Sweat beads made her pimples glow in the darkness by the rays of street light.

“Whatever. But hey, I heard a gossip that you had a tragic love story. Is that true?” Niti was curious.

“His name is Dhruv Rathod. Can I..Can I tell it some other time?” Anarkali was stuck with words.

“Ana, it's okay.”Nudging her shoulders, Niti said. Suddenly she turned back to see a shadow of a well built, tall man in black hoodie, following them from far.

“Mm, Ana, I guess someone is following us. Don't look back. Just walk fast.”

“Wh..What?” Anarkali halted with jerk, raising her voice but looked straight as per Niti's advice.

“Might be a creep.” Clenching her fists, Niti and Anarkali paced.

“Don't worry. You are black belt in karate, right?” Anarkali asked.

“I need to be conscious to perform karate, I will be the first one to faint.” Niti's heart pounded inside her rib cage threatening to explode as she her ears reverbrated with foot steps of that man. “Ana, I..I am not feeling good.”

“Yeah. Like I am enjoying being walking in front of an unknown danger,right?” Anarkali clenched Niti's hands tightly though sweat drops made the grip slippery.

“Okay, on the count of three, run.” Niti decided.

The man walked past them without even casting a glimpse at them.

“Ugh.. idiot. We doubted an innocent man.” Anarkali grunted in anger.

“Thank God. We have reached our hostel.”

“Ma'am, security guard and our boss asked you to come to CCTV room.” Peon informed Anarkali. She walked towards the room, to find out Niti standing with a pale face.

“Ana, sorry to interrupt you. Do you know this guy?” Her boss, Varun asked pointing a guy in black hoodie on the screen.

“No, sir. But why?”

“CCTVs showed that he has been following you since a week. And always found near the company, on the time when you arrive and leave.” Security guard explained.

“And Niti said same thing occurred yesterday night. Is everything alright?”

“Ugh..Ugh..I don't know.” Anarkali's forehead was etched with a deep frown.

“Ok. You can go.” Her boss told. Both walked towards there cabin.

Anarkali was shaken to the core as she heard Niti's words, in which a spray of fear drizzled her heavy chest.


Part 2 will come soon.

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