Harini Ganga Ashok

Drama Romance


Harini Ganga Ashok

Drama Romance

Crazy Comrade

Crazy Comrade

10 mins

‘’Pratheeksha, you have a visitor.’’ Informed Gayathri. As soon as she heard she ran to the visitor’s hall. She knows who is it. Ninith was standing there with a warm smile. She reached out to him. He inquired about her studies and health and gave her a bag of chocolates that she loves to eat. Every Sunday he visits her in the academy and spends nearly a half day with her.

Pratheeksha, a 21 years old girl who craves love and affection. She is the only daughter of her parents and the pet one. When she was 8, she lost her father unexpectedly. Her mother left her all alone when she was 13. From the start of her teenage, she stays in the hostel. Ninith is her cousin who supports, advises, and takes care of her.

As Pratheeksha’s father wished, Ninith made her opt for IAS. She loves her as he loves his mother and sister. Moreover, he is the one spending money and taking care of her growth.

As usual, after his visit, Prathee’s friend teased her ''what did your boyfriend say? She doesn’t know why she likes the way they tell and why she automatically blushes. But she loves being like that.

Pratheeksha is a silent girl who would speak only with her two friends that too when they three are only in the room. Life had changed her a lot. Her last heartfelt smile was in her childhood.

She used to distance herself from her classmates. She is afraid of losing people in her life. Her world is quite calm and beautiful. She could feel that Ninith is the only one there for her, to think about her, care for her and even love her. Without her knowledge, she started loving him.


The ordered coffee appeared on their table. It was Rohin’s meeting with Harshini. He was making his efforts to make Pratheeksha happy. ‘’Okay, Harshini. I have some work, have to go. See you later.’’

Rohin left the café. But Harshini couldn’t get back from those memories. When her mobile rang, she picked up the call and moved to the parking.

When Rohin reached home, Prathee was lying down on the sofa seems to be dull. He shook her and gave her some fruit juice. She was alive but not living.

Prathee used to wonder I’m staying in his home. He is never questioning me am I just a joke to him. She wanted herself to be happy. But she fails every time.

Meanwhile, Rohin was lying on his bed thinking of the best chapters in his life. He knew Prathee for 18 years before. A little girl with tiny two braids walking like a princess on the streets with her gang. Among all, she looked different to him. He started admiring the activities of the girl. He would imagine that the eyes had magic.

There started his admiration for Prathee which eventually made him fall in love with her in his teen days.

Prathee was coming upstairs. Rohin collected his clothes from his room and gave them to Prathee and asked her to wash everything. She was shocked. Rohin was laughing inside. ‘’Why should I do?’’, asked Prathee. ‘’Okay fine than pay me to rent for your stay.’’ Prathee’s head shooked ‘’NOOO’’. She took the clothes and went for washing them.

Rohin was in a great decision to bring back Prathee normal. And this was his first step.

It was 10 days after Rohin and Prathee’s wedding. Yes. It happened. Rohin could not even express his happiness completely. On their wedding night, Rohin asked everyone to leave the home to be with Prathee. But Prathee didn’t even allow him inside the room. Rohin was shocked at first then he burst out his laughter looking at the childish behaviour of Prathee.

After Prathee came after drying the clothes, Rohin took her to the academy and made her rejoin the classes. Prathee neither accepted nor objected. She followed him like a doll. Even if Rohin questioned she won’t answer him.

Prathee started going to the academy regularly. She maintained herself to be normal. Rohin knows and can understand the pain Prathee is undergoing but he is very much disturbed because of her activities. He felt her even when she was far away. Now she is very near to him. Sharing the same roof, sleeping nearby, eating the same foods but not close to his heart.

Usually, Rohin comes home by 9 in the night. That day it was 9 40 already. Rohin has not returned home. Prathee had some fear within herself. For the very first time, she called him. But her call was not answered. It made her more afraid. She doesn’t know where he works. She realized how careless and how am I like this these many days. I should’ve known about it right? Tears started rolling out of her eyes.

She might have walked more than a thousand steps that day from the hall to the entrance. As soon as Rohin arrived, she rushed to him, held him tightly, and asked, ‘’Why were you late? Why do you make me suffer like this? Rohin doesn’t know how to handle her at that moment. She is almost successfully wetted his brand-new shirt.

On one side he was also enjoying the presence of Prathee near him. Her voice brought him back to the present. She was still holding him asking the same question again. Rohin made her sit on the sofa and started explaining.

See Prathee I was only 45 minutes late. It was totally my mistake that I didn’t inform you. But you are crying for more than half an hour now. Look tomorrow is your birthday right. So, I went to buy some gifts for you.

Prathee looked into his eyes and said,


“More than any gift I think I wish for you and I needed you.” Rohin couldn’t believe his ears. But Prathee fainted at that moment. He knew it was due to her mental stress. She made her sleep in the bed switched on the AC and came back to the hall.

With her for him everything is different. And he loves that way too. He knows she loves him but she finds it too difficult to accept the fact.

The next morning, she stood in front of Rohin as like nothing happened last night. When she was about to leave for the academy, she turned to him and asked ‘’Where do you work?’’ He gave her a smile and answered, ‘’Pink Health Hospitals.’’ As what asked Prathee. I work there as its founder. She was very shocked to hear it. She knows very well that it is the reputed hospital in the city.

Rohin left her in the academy and he never wished her on her birthday. Even Prathee forgot. She received a call from the office that Ninith has come to see her. ‘’Why should he come here now?’’ The steps she made to the office took her back to what happened in the past month.

One day Ninith introduced Nila to Prathee that they are in love for the past 4 years and going to get married soon. I asked her to wait until you complete her studies but now there is pressure from their home. So, I have to get married soon. Once if you start living on your own it's easy for me to get free from these, responsibilities. What did you say Prathee?

The last words made her world struck. So, these many days, I was just responsible for him. All that he does was only a name-sake not out of care and kindness. She left the place without uttering a word.

When this reached Ninith’s home they started blaming Prathee. Among all problems and arguments, the family was all set for Ninith’s marriage. In the mean period, Prathee didn’t make a try to speak Ninith. She felt ashamed on one side, she was deeply hurt she couldn’t express herself to anyone.

On the day of the wedding, Gayathri asked Ninith as if he betrayed Prathee. That created a big problem on both the family sides. Everyone was blaming and cursing Prathee. No one was there to speak for her.

Even Ninith didn’t open his mouth. He really didn’t expect things would go out of his hands. With tears, Prathee was about to leave the wedding hall. Rohin who just entered brought her to his house after registering his marriage with Prathee.

Yes, the founder of the city’s best hospital, Pink Heath got married without his parent’s knowledge. When they came to know about it, they were very much upset but never had an idea of spoiling Prathee’s life.

Ninith was there with Nila with a bouquet of flowers to wish her. When he was about to wish, Prathee stopped him and said, ’’I am expecting my first birthday wish from my husband and not from someone else.” Ninith stood there stuck. Prathee left the place immediately. Nila consoled Ninith and brought him back home. He also made him understand that ‘’You always wanted Prathee to be happy see now she is she accepted Rohin as his husband Trust me her life will be okay soon. This is what you actually wanted right. So, try to accept the reality. She will soon understand you.’’

Sometimes all we need is a shoulder to rest us for a while. Ninith has got Nila for him.

When Prathee returned home, the door was locked there was a car waiting for her. The driver came to her and informed her that Rohin have asked him to come. The car lifted Prathee to a majestic bungalow. She was stunned by its appearance. It would be approximately 5 times bigger than the one she lives with Rohin now. When she reached the entrance, Rohin came well dressed smiled at her eyes and holding her shoulder and took her to their home. Yes, it was his home. Rohin’s mom, dad, and his naughty sister were waiting for the new member but the most precious member of their family. The family welcomed her with a whole heart.

There Rohin wished her for her birthday followed by the family members. After all happy tears and fun, Prathee was taken their room, Prathee asked him, ‘’Why?’’ Rohin sat next to her held her hands in him and looked into her eyes and said, ‘Because you always wanted a family, a shoulder to lean, a hand to hold, a pillar for support, a heart to care for you. That’s why I assure you I can afford it to your lifetime.”

 Prathee out of tears hugged him tightly he was a little afraid that his bones would be broken today. ‘’I really don’t know whether I loved Ninith or not but I’m sure that I wished he should be there for me because he was the only soul who took care of me …’’ Words couldn’t come out of her. Rohin understood that.

He continued, ‘’Listen Prathee as I said you always looked for a person to care for you deeply, unfortunately, Ninith was not the one he considered you just as a responsibility. But see God has given you a beautiful family for you. And believe I would be your comrade in the entire journey.”

Prathee with a smile asked him, “You are going to be my comrade? ‘’Yes, but with lots of craziness’’


“Yeah. In the beginning, I was crazy about you and now I wish to be your comrade. May I?

“You are already there’’ replied Prathee with a little shy and happy tears.

‘’Yes I’m” said Rohin drawing his love on her forehead.

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