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Harini Ganga Ashok

Children Stories Fantasy Children


Harini Ganga Ashok

Children Stories Fantasy Children

Magic of Colors

Magic of Colors

2 mins 257 2 mins 257

Nivi woke up that day and went straight to her mom, who was in the kitchen, and started telling about her last daydream.

"Mom, I had a dream last night. In that, a fairy was coloring all the lands. Why the colours are so important? Can you say to me about the colors?"

"Listen, Baby, Life is incomplete without colors. You wake up in the morning when the rays of the sun peep into the window. It brings you happiness. The color yellow is full of optimism and energy."

Oh, Mom!! so interesting continue...

"Sure, My dear. Do you know why I and dad painted your room lavender?"

Thinking for a while and replied, "No mom." 

Mom held Nivi's face in her hand and said, "It's because lavender symbolizes creativity." 

Nivi's eyes showed wonder and asked her mom "Really?"

"There's much more to say about colors. When I received you for the first time, you were pink. I felt peace and tenderness at that time."

"I started feeding you. The white milk which you sucked is of purity. I fed you innocence."

Nivi listened to her mom with enthusiasm.

"You are very fond of orange juices right. Do you know what it gives you?

Let me tell you. It always refreshes you."

"Mom, I have a doubt. Why do you always wear gold ornaments?"

Mom smiled and replied, "Silver may make me look elegant but this Gold shows the love of your dad towards me."

"Wowww super mom. Shall I say something now?"

"Sure, my dear."

"The green look in our garden brings freshness and good luck. Am I correct?" 

"Yeah, My baby." Nivi started to clap out of excitement.

"Then I have one more question also

What about our olive-colored home?"

"It's because olive brings harmony.", Mom replied.

"Well dear, Now what do you come to know?"

Express the words of your soul through colors 

Splash your thoughts into colors

Mom kissed Nivi on her forehead and said, "Well said, My baby"

"Mom, Is there any special day for colours?"

"Why not My dear, We celebrate Holi #RangBarse remembering all the colours."

"That's so nice to hear Mamma. I'm very eager for the celebration. "

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