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Conquered soul

Conquered soul

1 min 176 1 min 176

“Dad, my teacher has told me to bring you school tomorrow.”, Rohan was gloomy.

“Cheer up. It's okay but what is the reason?”

“Today, during English class, teacher said to define our fathers in one sentence.”

“And what did come up in your heart as your brain is on the rocket paper you launched on that girl, your classmate, right?”, Rohan's dad winked.

“Will you please stop teasing me? Let me concentrate on this grave issue!!”

“Oh, oh, Otherwise aliens might attack our earth, right?” Rohan's dad winked.

“Dad…so I wrote that 'more than dad, he is my mom. Is that bad?”, Rohan asked with sheer innocence.

Rohan's words pierced the turbulence of thoughts in which he was caught in, making his bleeding and exhausted soul set in fire!!

The moments where he was left by his wife for another man, the moments he was supposed to be a man when all he wanted to do was, cry, whirled around him!!

He hugged him embracing his son's pure love, without uttering a word!!

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