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Tushar Mandhan

Drama Fantasy Others


Tushar Mandhan

Drama Fantasy Others

Cinque - the origin

Cinque - the origin

4 mins 24.7K 4 mins 24.7K

sono... Il Re... Del Mon-do...

I was trying to decode the verses written on a tree bark that was found by The Department of Archaeology in a cave that was untouched by humans for nearly two thousand years. The cave was hidden behind a waterfall but due to an unexpected drought, it came into light.

Non...gio-care...con il...fuoco

The branch that had the most leaves read. I was really bored. The language was far more difficult to read than any language I ever encountered. Only the thought of decoding it was giving me anxiety attack. I was supposed to be with my girlfriend, watching 'The Notebook' but no, I was reading a dead language that even if I decode will change nothing except for the museum's revenue. 

Ora...sarai tu

Read the only branch with a flower. I wondered who had written it. But again, it is none of my business. I kept on reading whatever I could read and then noting it on paper. Sign-ore...salvaci..Ti alzi..

It was not the

first time that the department had came up with some eerie discovery. For the last five weeks, somehow they were coming across new discoveries and yeah, all of them had dead languages written on them. I being, the head of the language department was responsible for decoding all of them but I was not able to do so, not even a word. 

Signore, ti faccio piovere i miei poteri 

Read the only branch with a fruit. But as completed reading it, my nerves started popping out. I was levitating in the air. It seemed as if every part of my body as being destroyed and then somehow was restored. I curled my arm to hold my head as my head was about to burst bad but as soon as my arm reached the level of my chest, a flame burst from my hand. I lost control over my body and 'Distruggere tutto' slipped out of my mouth. As I said these words, the pain started to decrease. 

My feet touched the ground. I started to feel normal except an aura was surrounding me. I looked up and there was a man wearing a shroud. I was gasping but then automatically, my knees bent and I vowed the man. He came towards me and then entered my body. 

Suddenly, everything was normal. It seemed as if I had an horrible dream and then I passed out. 

When I woke up, I was lying in a glass box. I looked at my reflection but I couldn't see my face as my body was completely covered in a shroud. 

"Devil's awake!" I heard someone saying from the outside.

Everyone gathered around the glass box. They had mixed expressions of anger and curiosity. 

"So, it was true. The villagers were right." said Mr. Tom Henry, who had discovered the tree.

"What did they say, sir?" asked his assistant who can do anything only to be in Tom's good book but he was not loyal to him. 

"The Devil! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a creature that disappeared thousands of years ago; Cinque." he told everyone.

"Cinque?" everyone repeated in a curious tone. I was trying to listen his words but the glass walls were very thick and hence it was quite difficult for me to understand but I could interpret it.

 "Cinque. A creature who has the power to control five elements of life; air, fire, soil, water and sky. But for me, just a little pest." Tom said, being proud of...capturing a creature. Wait...Ohh...I was Cinque! I realised it as I saw my reflection again.

I touched the glass with both of my hands. They were burning and hence the glass melted. I was free.

"Devil's ou!"' a woman screamed from the crowd.

Her words gave me a headache. I felt as if her voice was supersonic in nture. Tom started shooting me with his gun but as before, I again lost control of my body and black wings appeared on my back. I was again surrounded by an aura and as soon as my lips said 'Vola uccellino', I started flying with Tom having a tight grip on my feet.

Weird. When did he get there? What the hell was I doing? Why I was not able to control myself. 

I was flying in the grey sky when I realised that I had turned into an eagle. Tom somehow managed to climb up my back and then whisper," Sii mio!" in my ears and passed out.

When I again got back to my senses, I was in a cave tied to tree. 

"Now, I can have the world!" said Tom, holding a scythe in his hand.

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