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Christmas is Here

Christmas is Here

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Once upon a time 

There was a girl 

Named Nancy 

It was night 

When she woke up 

She see the calendar 

And she goes downstairs 

And she Happily say 

Christmas is Here Mom 

Dad today is Christmas 

Yah sweaty today is Christmas let's 

Bake some cookie for Santa yah sweety you can make chocolate shake and I will bake some cookies 

Ok sweety but be careful yah mom I will be careful 

Mom can I go to buy 

Christmas tree with dad in evening 

Ok dear 

Mom see their is our Christmas tree 

Wow sweety that is very big 

Mom I am decorating the Christmas 

Tree ok sweety 

Ok mom 

See I have decorated 

My Christmas tree 

Wow sweety 

That is very nice 

I love it yah mom I know 

You like it mom it is almost dinner time what is in dinner 

Wow noodles with ice cream cake 

That is my favorite dinner 

I know you love it sweety 

Yah mom thanks mom now am going to sleep 

Good night mom 

Good night sweetheart 

Good night Dad Good night sweety 

Good morning mom good morning Dad Goodmorning sweety 

Mom see their is a gift for me wow 

That is a little live pet that I wish for 

That is so cute thank you Santa

The end

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