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Afsana Wahid writes Wahid



Afsana Wahid writes Wahid




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(Story title childhood)

Since when he was sitting in his car, looking at that poor balloon man and his 4-5-year-old son, he repeatedly ballooned

He was stubborn, but every time he used to get boisterous and that cute little child would get frustrated.

He went back years after seeing this scene, he remembered a lot of those times, those moments were spent when all the children lived their childhood happily

And he used to stand outside a school with his father and sell balloons. It felt very good that the parents of the children outside that school

He would feel very ashamed of himself for taking his children on leave when he was standing in his car and he would hate

From Baba

Baba, I will not sell balloons like you. He angrily said with a hand placed on his cheek, very thick tears were on his cheeks.


Sir, his son had thrown his toy down from the car, Baba, I picked up his toy and gave it to him, he was crying a lot.

Having said that.

The child said to his father, he broke my toy, then his father slapped me very fast, why would I also one day

I will be rich, that little kid said, tears came in his Baba's eyes as well. He embraced him, what was that poor man at that time?

He only knew his heart, or his God was reading the words of that little child and heard him in his ears.

Where are you, father? His son had come out of school. When he called his father, he came back from his memories of yesterday. Today he

The little boy grew up and became very rich, he had everything, only one thing was not that childhood which is very important and beautiful in life

There is a part, he had only heard beating and vomiting from people, he had strangled his childhood, today he did not have a childhood.

And neither was he an important figure, he had no idea when his poor Baba thought that the rich man had tears in his eyes.

He opened the car gate and made his son sit in the car, son, you sit here, I come right now. He loved his son.

Hello son, he went to that smiling balloon and said that he was facing his child with an innocent hand.

Looked at which balloons you liked, he was leaning over and asking the child, as if all the happiness has come on the face of that child.

He started smiling. He told this uncle with a gesture, but Uncle immediately got all the happiness out of his face and that child became sad again.

But if the son puts his hand on the cheek of the child, if someone buys this balloon, my father will get money from it, which will be useful in the house.

Poverty teaches everything to a small child. The man with that balloon too bowed his neck as if he was not a poor thief.

Good thing, he took that child in his lap. Take this, I give you a gift from your side. He gave all the balloons he liked.

And that child became very happy again, he was looking for a dream of his own, in that company he gave that child's father with the balloon money in his company.

Give me a job offer, this is my card, if you want to work here, then call me and let me know.

Thank you very much, sir, for such great kindness, that poor person folded his hands in front of him.


He was very relieved today, his old wounds were filled with this happy smile on his lips.

(Writer Afsana Wahid)

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